Monday, July 13, 2009

Home Movie Summer 2009

I really hope that the candy of my youth has restorative powers, otherwise, I have no business sitting here consuming massive amounts of Charms, candy cigarettes, Clark bars, French Chews, Slo Pokes, and, of course, M&Ms. Now, M&Ms are hardly exotic, but I'm convinced that life without M&Ms would not be worth living.

Anyway, the only reason I've removed the wax lips from my face is to pop another yummy sweet morsel of candy into my mouth. It's all part of my long work-week recovery plan. Some people do retail therapy, I do Sugar Therapy.

I wanted to tell you about last week - my family joined me on a business trip to the North Georgia mountains and about what a fun summer we're having, but it's easier to show you.

There's more to come, like how I got to meet Dawn and her incredibly talented husband Scott who provided music for the people attending our work function last Thursday evening (not an easy gig, I can tell you).

But for now, I have to go......I'm still trying to figure out how to add more hours to the 24 we get each day and failing.........


  1. Love the video and thanks for inviting us to travel with you.

  2. It was a lovely journey to share. Thank you for it.

    As for youth candies, I've always found restorative powers (though mainly psychological) in the sugar-packed punch of Necco Wafers.

  3. Oh I forgot about those wax lips. I need to get me some of those.

    Great flower pics.

  4. Love the lips! Angelina Jolie is envious...

    How did you make such a cool slide show and load it here? Lovely.

  5. Where did you find candy cigarettes?!? Life without M&M's . . .

    When I was in seminary, I told someone my idea of the eschatological banquet (you know, where all us saved people get to go when all the sinners are disposed of) is peanut M&M's and Guiness Stout. I got horrified looks, but what can I say?

  6. I had candy cigarettes at a kids' party a few weeks ago...they were the good crumbly kind. And Ricky Shambles is a person after my own heart...

  7. I drove through Georgia once on the I95 and particularly liked North Georgia

  8. that was just lovely.
    wow is all i can say
    (other than I hope you disinfected those lips as you passed them around!)
    glad your summer is off to a good start

  9. Lisa, there is a store in NYC called Economy Candy....all old favorites (and nuts and dried fruit). The have a web site. Just saying.

  10. I wish I could write well enough to describe the smile on my face after experiencing this post. It's beautiful :-)

  11. how wonderfully fortunate you are, dear is wonderful to see your family and your trip through what looks like Norman Rockwell land [well, except the electrical parade]....I think your kids are simply adorable and so willing to pose for you, how'd you ever train them so well??

    and as for that candy, where are candy cigs...I haven't seen them in years and years and I wonder if it's because of living out here on the left coast where of course NOBODY smokes EVER! I used to love those things and the lips.... those lips have greatly increased over the years and I don't recommend chewing on them the way I used to...they'd probably poison you...

    thanks for the memories!

  12. Best ever photo montage/music video. I watched twice and now want to steal it. Loved every image and the song was perfect. Great editing. You;re getting really good at the videos. New career in your future I'm thinking.

  13. The frontier of bedroom fetishes: wax lips. Just think of the craze you and Mathman will have started.

  14. I am THRILLED to know that I'm not alone in my love for the Necco's!

  15. Well that was very nice Lisa. I liked those flowers, especially the sunflowers, and the pictures of your family. Those candy lips are wonderful props. Nice song too!


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