Monday, August 3, 2009

Commute Chat 8 - Season Two Begins

Dear You:

Hello, again.

Today (Monday) marked day one of Season Two of Commute Chat. I can't believe that summer is essentially over for the Goldens. This past weekend was a perfect ending to the season of fun, a term which I use lightly here. On Friday night, we attended a book signing and reading and recording of the Georgia Public Broadcasting program Cover to Cover at our local library. While there, I met author Lauretta Hannon aka The Cracker Queen.

Garbo also pushed her way to the front and had her picture taken with Lauretta. Garbo is a CQ in training.

Later, she tried to read The Cracker Queen while Georgia author Terry Kay spoke about his writing career and his various novels.

But Mr. Kay proved just a bit too interesting for her. She gave up trying to read during the event and listened instead. At the end of the taping, Lauretta drew the name for the winner of the Georgia Public Broadcasting raffle. And what do you know? She drew my name. I responded with a very clever "No Way!"

But it was true and I have the swag to prove it. See?

After the event, we hung around for a while because Lauretta had a special goody bag for me. It was full of some really cool things. (See top picture.) I was especially grateful for the nerve pills. I can use them these days! (Thank you, Lauretta! You are too kind!)

While we milled around, nibbling on cookies and sucking the cream out of petit fours, I spied John Sepulvado. I sidled up next to him and purred "I take a shower with you every day."

What a smoothie. He simply smiled indulgently at me. I realize that this wasn't the first time he'd heard this line. "Well, my girlfriend is in there so don't let her hear that."

John later introduced us to Suzanne Capelouto, another GPB staffer. They wanted to talk to to MathMan about his connection to Torey Malatia, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Chicago Public Radio. It's an interesting story about how MathMan knows the Man Who is the Model Public Radio CEO, but let's just say that the conversation included a moment where we actually got MathMan to sing a song once crooned by Mr. Malatia in the dark days before he got on the staff of WBEZ in Chicago.

One of the evening's highlights was having Lauretta brag on my writing. I knew she read the blog some, but when she met my husband and said in her perfect Southern drawl, "You must be MathMan," it was clear that she had, in fact, read it and remembered some of it. That was a very cool moment for me. And for MathMan, too.

And as if that weren't enough, MathMan, The Dancer and I finished off the weekend by having dinner? breakfast? hot fudge sundaes? with some complete strangers we found sitting in some rocking chairs along I20.

But you know all this already, don't you?
Because the first thing you did was click on the video, that's why.

With fond fondles of fondling,



  1. wow, that was a long little chat and it sounds like so much fun was had by all[well, the food, not so much perhaps]'s so cool what you were saying about garbo and encouraging her to go right for her dream, no sidetracks "just in case" ... love that as it makes such a difference to hear, especially at her age but really for anyone at any age!

    loved watching you two sex symbols on camera's been such a long separation since the last time! I can hardly believe YOU won, you CQ in disguise!

    hope MM has a good group of kids that didn't eat him up and spit him up on the first sad that would be for those of us who like watching him be your straight man :)


  2. La vida es esto. Prestémosle atención a los
    detalles. Al calorcito humeante del pis, a sacar la basura, a viajar apretados
    en colectivo. Si no disfrutamos eso, ¿qué nos queda?

  3. Wow. That is so cool that Lauretta brought you a goodies bag.

  4. Sounds like a fun evening. I love winning prizes. Congrats for your score. I am sad also to know that we are in the downhill swing of summer. I love fall, but, you know what lays beyond that...I don't dare say.

    Have a cool Wednesday.

  5. I love Loretta. So sorry I didn't get to make it there to see the broadcast. Happy commute with MathMan.

  6. YEA! God, I missed this.

    "You're looking at my boobs, aren't you." Too funny.

    Getting encouragement to do something you love, from someone who also does what you love and does it well is priceless.

    Kudos to Doug for the fathering bit. Not a diss to you, Lisa, but, hey, c'mon. . . Us guys gotta stick together, right?

    I hope you keep these up. It's nice to have a face and voice to put to the words on screen.

  7. Public broadcasting, always trying to hawk something, filthy capitalists.

  8. Hooray for Mathman. If Garbo just can't help but write, she will write and find a way. If it's not writing, it could be something else.

    There was a lot packed in this post! It was such a great read and the video discussion.

    I don't know who John Sepulvado is or why you'd want to take a shower with him but I love how you can boldly say things like that. I am so celebrity shy, it's almost rude.

  9. Your weekend sounds fantastic - so interesting and varied and full of creativity!

  10. How cool that you could meet the real "Cracker Queen!" What a fun evening and you got to share it with Garbo, too.

    I love the seasoning opening of "Chat." What a great way to start my attempt at my semi-daily blog read session...

    Have a great week, and tell Mathman that I wish him well with his new round of students.

    Love, V.

  11. Hey; you said "Boobs!"


  12. I squealed like a school girl when I saw that the new Commute Chat was up. I have missed these this summer.

    I am such a nerd.

    BTW, MathMan checks out your boobs ALL THE TIME. I think that's cool; he grins like a little kid EVERY TIME.

  13. Sounds like the perfect evening. Well-deserved.

  14. That music segway into the commute chat is a kick.

    All good stuff.

  15. Nicely done! Good energy, Lisa and MathMan. I don't usually view embedded videos because I can read so much faster - but I really enjoyed the Commute Chat. (I'm not sure of the advice from the Great Male Writers about copying down someone else's stuff, though - doesn't feel like quite the way to find your own rhythm and voice. But then - wouldn't hurt to try as an exercise, I s'pose.)

  16. Hooray, Commute Chat is back! Your videos always seem like long-form Sonic ads, but without the food. ;-)

    Whether Garbo wants to do something else as well as writing, or be a full time author, I'll suggest that she needs to learn about something more than writing. While the skill is important, the material is even more important.

    The best advice I ever heard is that someone who wants to be on TV should get their college degree in something other than broadcasting, such as poli sci. Talking on TV was described as the smaller part of the task. Having something to say is more important.

    Lisa, you know that all of your life experiences have given you rich material to draw from. Your voice and stories that no one else could tell will make your books great. Encourage Garbo to fly high and explore all of her interests. You never know what will provide the subject for her best seller!

  17. You need a link that we can all post for your new business venture. Steve's mail vlog was a hoot. I need to make an order too.
    Have a groovy Wednesday.

  18. *BUMP*
    loved that part!
    what a great day I left the house feeling pretty, managed not to get fired, talked to my Dad and got to see (albeit late) Season 2 of Commute Chat
    i can sleep a happy man this evening!

  19. First cup of tea of the day, and I'm joining you for commute chat.
    As I read this post, I realized that Facebook is giving me a false sense of being in "communication" with you -- but it is the far inferior abridged version. I really enjoyed filling in the details of your weekend.

    Everything -- author chats, blog visitations, authorial aspirations -- sounds great. I'm sad for you, though, that there is a need for commute chat again. (School starts already? UGH.)


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