Wednesday, August 5, 2009

He Feels Pretty

Oh so pretty! He feels pretty and witty and....well you get the idea. And if pretty is as pretty does, Steve of Steve Denies Any Wrongdoing is as beautiful through and through.

Just look what he went and did now. I mean, can a guy get any nicer? Or funnier? And how lucky am I to be showered with this kind of love and support? I could lick the cream off his kitten toes, he's so wonderful.

Just watch. And try not to focus too much on the thought of me licking the cream off his kitten toes. I mean, MathMan banned me from that kind of extracurricular activity. Again. Sheesh! (The prude.)

Thank you, Steve, for the order, the links, the support for my new business and for understanding why my tongue isn't.........well, you get the idea.

Now the rest of you go tell Steve how fabulous his skin looks!


  1. How very sweet!! Best wishes and lots of success. I'd buy some if I had any extra dough.

  2. That was hilarious. I almost didn't recognize him without the glasses and cap.

  3. So if we buy your product we'll get ladies to lick ice cream off our toes? The free market sure is naughty.

  4. Heh. I first thought this was about the guy who shot up a health club because he couldn't get laid.

  5. I'm laughing at Comrade's comment too much to think of one myself :))))))

  6. I think Randal may have given you a fabulous suggestion for nailing those sales, Lisa. Sex sells.

  7. He is pretty, pretty stinking funny. And now I am ready to buy, too.

  8. this is what i get for being a day late!
    thanks for the links. unofficial review i love all of the "product" so far but as my highest step into high society in the cleaning area has been a bar of dial soap and some cheap shampoo i am still adjusting to just how pretty i look now :)
    thanks to you of course!

  9. I went I saw and to tell you the truth he looked so good I thought he'd hired a handsome younger actor to play him. He looked like he'd had his toes licked.


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