Saturday, August 22, 2009

Commute Chat No. 9 21 Years and Counting

On August 21, 1988 MathMan and I got married.

You can tell by this video that our world is still rocking....

When it was all said and done, we replaced "getting drunk" with "getting crazy with the lactose intolerance." McDonalds on our wedding night and Dairy Queen twenty-one years later.

Come to think of it, I should have titled this post Foodies in Love.....


  1. Happy Anniversary, Lisa and Doug :-)

    May they keep on getting better.

  2. happy anniversary

    you know this car chat is better than anything on the teevee

  3. 21 years. That's a lot. Time to be moving on from fast food, people!

  4. Congratulations! Happy Anniversary!!

  5. Happy Anniversary! You both look adorable.

  6. I say it every time, but "Look! It's my favorite show!"

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Doug grins like a little boy over the double entendres related to the ice cream.

    It's so, I dunno...Mike Rowe "Dirty Boy".


  7. i have three things to say and i may say all three of them.

    1. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!
    2. It is *never* to early for Dairy Queen
    3. Happy Anniversary!

  8. Aww, Happy Anniversary! :) Personally, I prefer Culver's frozen custard--but Dairy Queen is pretty damn good, too. :)

  9. Happy Anniversary! I find it really interesting that you went to McDonalds on your wedding night, because Cecilia and I also went there on our wedding night. After we left our reception, and we were headed out of town, we both realized that we were starving. Quarter pounders, fries and cokes for a first meal as man and wife. That's ptobably why I am overweight today.

  10. Happy Anniversary. KFC for the 25th?

  11. I have a geeky friend who suggests that the gift for each anniversary should correspond with the periodical table of the elements. Let's see, that would make this be the year for gifts of Scandium! Having trouble finding it? Well, sources tell me that it is far more abundant in the Sun and certain stars than on earth. But hey, you always told your loved one that you'd give them the sun, moon and stars, right? It also is the cause of the blue color in beryl.

    Happy happy anniversary. I forgive you that you didn't make it to my birthday party 21 years ago -- I know now that you were otherwise engaged!


  12. You guys should combine McDonald's AND Dairy Queen next year. Now that's a sexy anniversary.

  13. belated anniversary wishes ( have been away)

  14. happy anny, just a few days late but you're still celebrating right?



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