Monday, August 17, 2009

Doing Stuff

Like this.

Back soon.


  1. Hey, kiddo. Just dropped by to see what you've been up to lately. Wow! You have a plateful of stuff going on.

    Best wishes for your latest venture, Lisa.


  2. I love doing stuff. See you when you return.

  3. Doing stuff means sitting on the couch eating Funyuns. What you're doing is work exchanged for goods and/or services and/or currency.

  4. my plan (and you know what a great planner I am lol) is to do a vlog reviewing my skin strategies for men purchase.
    you still have time to bribe me before i post
    just saying :)

  5. I used to be doing stuff which is why my fingertips have traces of silk dye but now I'm not doing anything so came by to say 'hello'. Hello ^_^

  6. I hope it's going well. I could use a facial right now . . . wouldn't it be nice to be able to blog and get a glowing complexion, all at the same time?

  7. I totally need a facial too. I haven't ordered yet but I'll soon be by to order! Things have been hectic around here too for different reasons. I hope your business is doing well!


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