Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh what the hell.....The Return of DCup

Holy cats, look who's escaped from her box. It's my old alter ego DCup. And guess what she's writing about? Not her sorry ass children, I can tell you that. Nope, she just tore the head off a co-worker who was bitching about paying taxes. As anyone who knows her would expect, DCup hurled invectives and suggested the co-worker and anyone who hates government and thinks we should have a world with no taxes move to Somalia where there are no taxes nor evil government nor the silly-ass services provided by said evil government with its neck-stomping regulations. "After about two weeks there, try to send us a postcard or email and let us know how you're faring, okay?" DCup chuckled and then ducked as her co-worker hurled her own invectives and a heavy paperweight to make her point.

So what does DCup have to say? Let's find out.....

Hello, again. Long time no cleavage peeking. Want to have a little fun? And no, I don't mean that kind of fun.

Although I am not into the preachin' to the choir so much anymore, there are moments when I am so fed up with the bullshit nonsense coming from the Right that I can't just sit on my hands. Besides, in my current state of mind, sitting on my hands might prove to be too stimulating, if you know what I mean....Anyway, I have two things for y'all, especially those who are still blogging the political:

(1) PLEASE stop portraying white southerners as crazy. We may celebrate our crazies down here instead of locking them in the basement, attic or back bedroom with the flea-ridden cats like we did in the Midwest, but not all southern whites are racists, idiots or crazy.

If they, as a group, support Republicans and dumbass Republican ideology, even though they don't really know what that entails, it has much more to do with the fact that they are pumped full of rightwing propaganda all day long. There is no escaping it.

You can't swing a cat without hitting a television blaring Fox News. (Apologies to the cat.) All the local radio is of a rightwing nature and they carry Beck, O'Reilly, Hannity, Boortz, etc. Heck, MathMan and I got a good laugh over a billboard for a recently-launched talk radio channel that has the words "Tired of Boortz" emblazoned in gigantic letters across it...except, and this is the funny part, the picture of the "new" talker is (drumroll, please!) Don Imus!!!!!!!!! I'll wait while you finish rolling around on the floor, laughing your ass off.

You mean to tell me, DCup, that in the huge Atlanta radio market, the antidote to listening to the extended play version of the Fox News Channel "talent" is Dr. Laura, Don Imus, and Mancow Mueller? Oh, I shit you not. And if that isn't enough diversity of thought for you - how about some Laura Ingraham, Dennis Miller and some doof named Lou Dobbs?!?!? Makes you all tingly with the spirit of free thought, dudnit?

And it's not just the mass media. The propaganda is delivered in other places, as well. Nevermind the ravings of the misinformed in every beauty shop, autobody place, farm and feed store, lumberyard and senior center. I'm talking about another organized group.

The preachers preach the right wing propaganda from their pulpits. The reason they do this is two fold, but mostly hinges on their need to grow their flocks and keep them tossing their coins into the passed plate.

Listen - sex sells, even in church. Who the fuck wants to go listen to some cross-eyed minister rambling on incessantly about charitable works and following Jesus? Let's hear about how he isn't supposed to be putting his dick in her. If there's no pussy and dick shaming in church, then what's the point? If all anyone wants is good works, they can stay home and watch Feed the Children commercials on Sunday morning.

I kid. Mostly. The point is, if it all comes down to money, the churches need butts in pews. Sex and shaming does indeed sell because you can sit and repent for lusting after your neighbor's teenage son (not that I would know) or for getting a boner while watching the woman run her sexy red fingernails over the toffee colored Berber in the carpet commercial. And you know, there's plenty of repenting to be done for all that porn surfing. Hell, I'm amazed that no one has figured out yet that we can cut out the middle man by putting a donate button for your choice of the mega churches on YouPorn or Pornhub. Now that's efficient and soul saving!

If you think about it, the government is in direct conflict with organized religion. They compete for the same audience and customers. Lately, again not that I would know because I don't attend church, but not knowing about something isn't about to stop me from having an opinion on it now, I would bet (if I had any money) that there are houses of worship that would like to take the place of government when it comes to delivering all kinds of services.

Now, I don't mean to bash the religions for providing services, but don't kid us - there is an ulterior motive. Just like I'm significantly nicer to my parents when I owe them money, if you've done good works for someone, they are likely to look upon you favorably. And being looked upon favorably is much better than be disrespectd, dismissed or, worse, ignored. And then there's that whole motivation of wanting to get into heaven. Now that's motivation!

So - did you get all that? The white South is Republican, in large part, because they aren't exposed to other thought. It's pretty damned simple. And what's more, they are exposed to thought that not only pumps up selected portions of the rightwing agenda through continuous and gratuitous propaganda. But that same propaganda and the noise machine that produces and distributes it also has the dual goal of tearing down liberals and progressive ideas. You don't have one without the other. Down here, liberal is still a dirty word. And why? Because for years and years, Southerners have been told that liberal is bad. And not just bad, but kicking puppies bad. Kitten skinning bad. Baby-killing and fricasseeing bad. Jesus hating bad.


Get the picture? Good. Now sally forth with your good arguments, but stop assuming that white Southerners vote against their best interests because they are crazy. They are not crazy. They are ill-informed, or worse, actively and constantly mis-informed. Painting them with the crazy brush and deriding them isn't going to win them over. Saying "fuck them nutters" isn't going to do any good either because enough of them vote and tell their cousins how to vote to keep this country from ever moving forward. We don't need that. Liberals and progressives have good ideas. They just need to get them out there, despite the rightwing seizure of the media. Don't make the mistake of starting out with a sucker punch to your audience because this fight is about winning in the long run, not in the short one.

Okay, next item on the agenda is this - a perfect example of exactly why we should stay vigilant, not against the crazy, but against the mis-informed. I got this from a blazing rightwinger contact of mine. It's a survey that claims to be "unbiased" except if you look carefully at the intro email, it refers to our President by one word - Obama. Now, I wonder if the person who put this together would have been one who would have been quick to point out that when addressing former President George W. Bush, one should use his proper title, at least in the first mention of him. Unbiased must mean different things to different people.

So go ahead, vote in this unbiased poll (you'll see why I want you to as soon as you click on the link, vote and see the current results.) Ultimately, it's neither here nor there and I'm about to go back to my hole in the ground and pretend that everyone is crazy and I'm bored with it, but please, political bloggers, remember what I said here. And all of you go vote. And then, if you're so inclined, pass on this little "unbiased" poll. You know, for shits and giggles only.

Thank you for your time.


Thank you, DCup. It's been too long.........


  1. I would hope that DCup shared this (found via Dr. Zaius) with the co-worker.

  2. Yay! D-Cup is back for a bit. Please let her out more often. Pretty please?

  3. I have missed D-Cup.

    Your point is well taken, but being that I am a redneck from the south who has taken the time to enlighten himself, I consider all these other rednecks who are tainted as "brainwashed'.

    It means the same thing and happened precisely the way you list.

    But my tact (hell, I have no tact) is to grab them up by their curlies and scream sense into them. Not that it works, per se, but it makes me feel a whole lot better.

    On another nutty subject: I posted about sex at my blog today (ok, its not about sex, but about gonad-like vegetables). I think you may appreciate it.

  4. Aw, DCup, I've missed you. Welcome back.

  5. I know I will be whole in the eyes of others when FB and C are one in the same. Dcup is Lisa. Can't fool me. Well, those tits can, but that's another beautiful story....

    I forgot that Mimi loves Dr. Laura. I'm so glad you brought that feminist cunt up.

    Does this mean Mags will be coming out of rehab soon? ;)

  6. Oh Seester -

    Sadly the mis-information party has leaked north across the Mason-Dixon and we have much the same problem up here more and more.

    I've even been toying with the idea of starting to write political posts again but working for da man is only getting worse. Another pile was added on today and I don't know when I'll be conscious and cogent enough to take it up.

    On the brighter side, I ran across a new blog: http: pleasecutthecrap (dot) com --tried to post the link but blogger blocked the comment -- that has quite a lot of details to fight the lies and mis-information of the wing-nuts. The layout is a little busy what with all the adds but the content seems good. Anyway, I've been passing the link out like Pez...

    Rock on.

  7. My!

    I think I encountered you shortly before you jettisoned politics, so I missed out on your earlier work.

    It's good to give your political side an airing every so often!

    (But I can see why you gave it up. Sounds like trying to counteract systemic poison with a shower.)

  8. Man, you white southerners are crazy.

  9. It's a shame there's not something to counteract crazy radio. Until an antidote is found, Nutjobs who can jabber hate will rule the impressionable via the airwaves. Woe to the rest of us.

  10. Much sick shit is done in the service of priests and kings, everywhere. Both control by guilt and fear, just as salespeople and fundraisers do. And priests have the advantage of appealling to the basic human trait that fears termination of existence.

    Things are tough? No prob, your reward's in the hereafter. Unless you don't conform to our self-serving agenda. Then it's the Eternal Owie for you!

    It's not easy competing with that. Hell, it's not easy convincing any religious person that an atheist or agnostic can be perfectly good and aren't agents of the Big Scary Firebreathing Asshole (and no, I don't mean the back end of a habanero pepper addiction).

    And being a Yankee agnostic in the Suthin hinterlands is an even surer sign of Lucyfur's woeful hand. Just as it is in the rural Noeth. Didja see the PA Senator at his town hall meeting yesterday? Paranoid, cowardly, assertive nuts. They breed everywhere.

    's best to live liberal, talk liberal and laugh liberal, oozing it from every pore. I'm never certain if it convinces a single soul, but it sure makes life a little more fun and indypendent and tolerable.

    Just keep reminding them that conservatives and priests and kings are all selling the very same product - misery - with the cure post-life where it's hard to get anyone to redeem your guarantys.

  11. You go D-cup. You know as a white Southerner, I'm right there with ya.

  12. Southerners aren't crazy? Obviously you've never met my in-laws from Alabama.

  13. It's nice to see DCup peeking out (pun intended) once in a while. This is a great post and as one who lived albeit sort of briefly, only five years, in the South, you are right. Southerners are not crazy, just misinformed.

  14. Aw, DCup, yall aren't crazy! The last time I was in the South I fell in love with a man whose sultry drawl and gentle manners drove me to rapturous distraction ... He drove me one night, in his car with an open roof, through an oak-laden inland road with huuuge estates, deer, and flora I'd never seen or scented before. Mind you, this poor man was being stalked by a VERY crazy ex-girlfriend, but that didn't stop us from having one divine evening toodling about the weird and wondrous back roads ... There was also the courtly old gent at the airport who handed me a hanky (yes, a real, white -- crazy? -- hanky!) as he mournfully asked me all those silly questions like "Has anyone else handled your luggage since you packed it?" -- I was crying so hard that my newly wed little brother, whom I'd been visiting, had to answer for me ... I was leaving that new love of my life and I was going home to my miserable, single, unemployed existence (wah!) ... and then there was the sweet, portly gent who sat beside me on the plane and cooed at me about Jesus while I bawled all the way home ... and THEN there were the white rocking chairs scattered throughout the Raleigh airport!! ... There was the leather-skinned old dame who wandered about the beach every day in a saggy yellow bikini with a super-gulp tumber, loaded with booze, in her hand ... and the old, old blues hound whose guitar never left his side ... and the newly-divorced 50ish lady who left her home in the Northeast to drive a horse-drawn sightseeing carriage through downtown Charleston on the weekends -- and she spent her weekdays bobbing in the surf with her dog ... I fell madly in love with the South ... still am ... Those airport rocking chairs BLEW MY MIND ... :-)

  15. Nice to see you 'round, DCup. You've been missed.

    That said, GOP-Southerners are full-tilt, bat shit, barking at the moon, crazy. You don't need to be their apologist.



  16. hi Lisa. I must disagree with someone who knows more than me. if we can identify the entire republican party with the crazy white southern rump of it, we win, and we win for a long time. southern style rightwing politics and ssrw religion have merged. good evidence based arguments need not apply. that's a line that is marketed inwardly and outwardly continuously. not much fussy around that bright line for peeling off. once logic is rejected for faith, that's pretty much the ball game for me. how do you go after, or perhaps better, why would one want to go after those votes, the 'we have Christian faith in our lies, evidence can go fuck itself' crowd. aren't there much easier votes to be had elsewhere? and why would one want to compromise with the irrational when it comes to the actual running of government? seems that the crazy white southern republican works best, serves its higher purpose, as an object of ridicule. ridiculing the ridiculous is what is done so that the ridiculous is identified. if we perhaps tar a few innocent white southern non-crazy republicans or crazy non-republicans with our broad brush, seems a small price to pay for the most excellent job of branding the republican party as not so smart and violent and racist and immoral and authoritarian and irrational and backward thinking, etcetera.

  17. Dude. You should hear some of the fights that *I* have been in (with pastors!) over some of this stuff.

    The fights generally end with them telling me that I "don't fully comprehend the covenants as intended" as written in the Bible.

    My parting comment is generally "Oh? Well, I'm not too stupid to understand 'Thou shalt NOT KILL!'"

    Everyone has a problem with abortion, but no one has a problem with the electric chair, torture, or going to foreign lands and killing random people.

    Most pastors don't like me very much.

    I'm pretty okay with that.

  18. well i like Lisa but must admit I missed D-Cup as well!

  19. You are the tits, DCup! Not just a little flash-of-lacey-bra re-entry for you, oh no. It was always gonna be an ankles-around-your-ears "here it is boys, come and get it while it's hot" slice of raging Politits.

    Justt he thing for the long cold winter ahead.


  20. What Tengrain said. That said, southerners who fight back, refuse to drink the koolaid and try to change things. Heroes. Every last fucking one. Because that takes real courage. It's easy being progressive/liberal in NYC.

  21. Well hells bells. That survey was missing the title of the #1 guy-- oversight or intentional disrespect... you decide.

    I looked for the answer that said:

    OMG!!!! I can't believe the guy even agreed to take the job.... He deserves an award for just showing up.

    So I chose excellent instead.

    P.S.: I liked your answer re taxes! Right on Sistah!

  22. I guess I was correct in leaving d-cup as my link to you on my blog :-)

    Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

  23. What a LOVELY surprise. I so agree with every point you made. Every single one. Are you related to Margaret and Helen? Y'all rock!

  24. Hi There D cup. I have missed you.

    we have right wing press here who everyone believes talks the gospel truth. The dangerous newspapers are the middleclass ones not the gutterpress tabloids.

    I am having some difficulty with people in US believeing that free at pointof entry medical care is not a good thing. Our NHS may have its faults but we dont have to argue at reception about whether we can afford the treatment

  25. You are so right, DCup, I mean Lisa, I mean...DCup?

    Regarding southern yahoos, it's such a convenient stereotype to launch into that just the faintest hint of suggestion immediately draws that image in the minds of many. It offends me too, but as a liberal, I am torn. I often don't like them much, either, but many of them are well-meaning conservatives.

    I don't know how to beat that stereotype.

  26. I don't discuss politics.
    Mr.Man and I seem to be quite lonely in our views on politics where we live but we're ok with that.
    My live and let live attitude has rubbed off on my husband and he is probably as liberal as I am now..well maybe not QUITE as liberal but pretty damn close.
    We are also alone in the fact that we don't go to church.
    I haven't found a church I can embrace the beliefs of yet. So what?
    Anyway, thanks for posting this. It is well written and I enjoyed it, as I always do when I come read your blog.

  27. I like your soapbox, D Cup. I like it a lot.

  28. Welcome back D-cup!
    The photo cracked me up on my blogroll :-)

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  30. Well, damn, I missed her :))

  31. DCup brings the big guns to bear on target.


  32. I think DCup should run for office! I can just see the giant cleavage on the billboards now...makes me smile just thinking about it. I'll start working on the press package now.


  33. I would agree that apologies are indeed owed to the cat. Swinging it at the television, indeed!

  34. Welcome back D-cup! I am with Ten Grain on this-I know that there are good progressive forces out there in the South. (and I also know that there are some Southerners who are on the extreme far right just because that's what they believe and don't know any better or have been taught since day one. I just wish the progressive people would seen more than the Southern overbearing extreme right that we hear about all the time.

  35. Very well argued, D-Cup. There is a lot of room for your voice, hon. All of that Fox TV etc. must be absolutely exhausting.


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