Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What in the Hell Is SHE Talking About?

So it comes to pass that this woman, this transplanted woman, initially a Hoosier - a resident of Indiana, then a domestic foreigner trying not to be called out as the fraud small town hick she is, living and working in Chicago and its environs, with stops along the way in the home of Ball Jar and Dijon Mustard, and let us not forget that young adult stint in the coolest town in all of Indiana - and there when Bobby Knight lived and won there, too. Now settled, even if briefly, in the hills of Northwest Georgia, U.S.A.

This woman. Me.

I am done for now. My heart's not here. It's somewhere else scribbling madly, writing bits and pieces of stories, dictating to myself and transcrib
ing in the in-between times when I don't have other things tugging at me. Devouring books of all kinds. Looking at faces and places and things and thinking about how to describe them so that you can see them, too.

There is so much unfinished business. And then there is business. Which demands my attention to be done properly. The Royal Pains think they need food, shelter and stylish clothing. Selfish gits.

There's the fact that I hate being a bad friend and if I cannot reciprocate and come visit you, then I feel it's rude for me to expect you to come visit me. There's so much good stuff out there, you don't need to be wasting your time po
pping in here to see if I've said something goofy or done something boneheaded.

So here's the deal - I'm going to post once a week on Wednesdays. The best way to know if I've done something embarrassing or have something irrelevant to say is to grab the rss feed. Then your reader will tell you when I've posted. If you don't use rss feeds, but want to start, this article explains how to use them. (Scroll down when you get there.)

Since I am actually producing something, I will be p
osting bits of the work here (maybe?) or telling you about how the process is going (maybe?) or I'll just be blowing off steam. Or pushing skin care products that YOU MUST HAVE. You guys know me. Anything is possible. Except outright sanity.

Until then, thank you. Thank you for being here with me when I laughed, cried, ranted and raved. When I swung from plucky political pundit to purveyo
r of plucked chicken porn. When I took gratuitous pictures of the now gone garden. Thank you for not shaming me when I ran away from home for a day. For not abandoning me when I was broke, losing my house and running out of gas.

Thank you for not calling the Department of Children and Family Services to report me for founding and promoting The School of Benign Neglect. Thank you for not calling the Humane Society about the way I make the Pussies for Peace ears bleed when I screech at them in the high kitty voice. Thank you for not submitting my name to What Not to Wear. That, in and of itself, is HUGE.

But most importantly, thank you for being my friends. Every
one should be so lucky as to have such a swell posse in their corner. You guys rock.


  1. Once a week is fine, as long as you aren't going away for good! I read you on your blog and FB, but don't always comment.

  2. And thank you for never pointing sanity at us.

    That would be wrong.

  3. Lisa, you know how I feel......and if you don't, let me say again I understand and applaud your choices! I'll be by as often as you pop up on the reader and I'll be looking for any FB "stuff" you drop! Wishing you the best, you are a creative wonder......and you are not going to waste it or hold it all in..........go woman!

  4. Blogging is often smoke and mirrors. As a blogger you feel there are people 'out there' who somehow have found your blog and in someway connect to it. Possibly because of your personality or the stories you weave or the photos you show ... yet it is so etherial.

    There are lurkers who read every word but never respond. There are the wise asses, glib as can be and there are the tea and cookie Hallmark card commenters...

    And the show goes on, another blog entry for today, forgotten in several days and then you do it all again - and again. Ain't it fun!

  5. I'll be here when you post because I love your writing style.

  6. I know exactly how you feel.
    Write when you want to or need to. You know we will all still come by to check on you.

  7. Lazy bum. See if I buy any skin care products now.

  8. Well, as much as I love the blow-by-blows (so many multiple meanings there, huh?) I DO want you to pursue your other writing dreams. Good luck, and I'll see you Wednesdays! xx

  9. We should maybe writing prompt sometimes. Like describe the best food you've never eaten. Or some such. Then it is part of "real" writing and not "just" blogging. Hey, Summer, use "quotes" again. "Lisa is awesome."

  10. Get out there and write that book and then write many more! I'm so excited for you, but I have to admit I'll probably suffer from Lisa-withdrawal.

    Please know that I will miss stopping by, so any morsel will be savoured!

    Now go! Don't look at me! ;)

  11. I'll check in on Wed for sure.

    Best of luck with your other writing!


  12. it would be so wrong for one insane woman to point fingers at another, you KNOW that!

    sigh...please, you know I will follow you whenever and wherever you go.

    and know I love you.

  13. hurry up and write those books so I can order them for the library!

    see ya on Wednesdays...

  14. You scared me, I thought that this was a permanent sign-off. Not that I'd believe you even if you threatened to stop blogging altogether, but still.

  15. not sure how many times i have to say this but i will say it again

    i come here becuase i like readng what you have to say not to get my hit count up to 7 or maybe(if I'm lucky) 8 hits this year.

    you are a good freind period!

    now go do your stuff that youdo so well or some such thing!

  16. mmmmmmmwwwwwaaaaaah!

    You go, girlfriend. I'll be here (and there)

  17. But Lisa...I will miss you!

    Thank God I've got your hilarious Facebook posts to keep me going... *smiles*

  18. Right then-- Wednesdays it is.

    Of course we look forward to the fruits of your labor.

  19. ya, what Randal said.

    Hey, by-the-by, do you carry 'beard care' products? My skin is fine, but lately I have noticed more and more of these funny kinda strange colored hairs in my beard.... they are sorta, I dunno, grey?

    What do you reccmnd?

  20. you are in the rss feed already so I will know when you have posted.

    Have loved reading about you. I'll get you on face book
    and good read updates.
    See you Wednesday then

  21. Oh nooooooooo, say it ain't soooooooooo??

    OK, I'll settle for Wednesdays...and Facebook....

    You're just starting a new chapter, something we can all look forward to....

    Keep up the great work, Lisa... Know we're all here cheering you on. And you WILL keep us posted!!!

  22. Yes, I must have those skin care products!

    (By the way, your writing style, it is SO creative!)


    Eat Well. Live Well.

  23. It's on my calendar. Wednesdays with my favorite transplanted wit.

    May you channel your excess writing energy into a published work!

  24. "Parce que nous ne parlons pas la meme langue."

    Sorry, it was driving me crazy and as you know, I don't have far to go. Good luck with the book writing.

  25. As if we'd ever stop reading your posts.

    Silly woman.

  26. I know the feeling - so much to do and so little time. Be well, take care and keep smiling.

    Auf Wiedersehen bis folgendes Mal

  27. and I should say too - thank you for trusting us so much. you may be a transplanted one but you're a true Georgia Peach :-)

  28. I can deal with once a week. Time is so fleeting, grab all you can. Your friends will aren't going away.

  29. Okay, now I'm worried. I thought you were "sanity"....don't wander far, okay?

  30. I don't understand your computer talk but that's ok. As for skin care products, nothing is going to make a 56-year-old face (mine) return to its 16-year-old glory (honest, I wasn't bad!)...but you must come over to my blog where I'm talking about HICKIES! :-)

  31. I have you on the feed. Sorry if I have been MIA, but I'm screaming my outrage at the stupidity of this idiot nation in it's unwillingness to realize that our healthcare system is broken and that all of you are one paycheck, one serious illness from uninsurability and thus disaster. Is that just one sentence? I'm going as Randal as I can today. Typing as fast as my fingers will take me.

    I'm so glad to hear that you are doing some serious writing. I too am trying to whip the novel into shape and get it out of my hands so I can write the next one which will be a lot more fun since it will be all about the MEN in my life. Oh yes, I do kiss and tell.

    I love you like a sister and miss you terribly. Time and distance are twin bastards, evil to the core. I feel as if I might run out of time, as I am old and my best friend who is my age is dying right before my eyes. She was the one who live the healthy life. I'm the chain smoking eat-whatever-I-feel-like whenever I feel like it sort of savage. Sausage and eggs and fried potatoes for dinner last night. Z would run in horror at the sight of me eating sausage and moaning in pleasure.

    As you can tell, I could go on and on. Did I say I miss you?

  32. I thought I had commented Wednesday. Apparently my memory lives in an alternate universe in which I am typing this from the Riviera.

    Anyhow, Best of Luck! or as we also say, "Do Well and Shame the Devil, assuming the Devil can be bothered to be shamed, considering the politicians."

    I look forward to your book. Drop an occasional hint, please.

  33. Lisa, whenever you post, we'll be here. I understand what you mean, it's hard to keep focused on things when so much is going on.

    And there is still Facebook too of course!

  34. How did I miss this? Not that it is a complete surprise.

    Go be you baby, go do what you have to.

    Love you!

  35. Judging by the number of responses, you have plenty of folks that will miss you in the blogosphere.

    Take care chica and know that I love you and your wonderful hubby! ;)

  36. Do what 'ya gotta do.
    Be Happy, my friend

  37. Yowza - lots of responses already! Probably won't even see this! But we're here, we love you, and we wish you the best in your creative endeavors and your new business venture. Kick some ass - you know how.

  38. Dear What Not to Wear:

    ... Lisa Golden...Georgia...attach YouTube videos of daily commutes... push send...

    THERE. done.

  39. I am a member of your adoring flock. I guess once a week is better than nothing.

    See you, then.

  40. we live in a stupid country

    and selfish

    health care is a human rights issue
    and should not be a profit center to make money off a the dying and infirmed

    and i know where to find you!


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