Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Never Fear

Vintage Pussies for Peace

Dear People of the Internets,

Lisa hasn't died. She hasn't stopped writing. We're holding her hostage until she finishes editing her manuscript. She's on page 99 after a whirlwind of editing yesterday. In the meantime, we are struggling to get her to focus. Those of you who've met her, know what we mean.

As it is, we cannot turn our collective backs on her because the minute we do, she's vacuuming or screwing around on Facebook or scrubbing and organizing. We understand that this is how she processes things, but it's damned annoying. The book is almost there.

As you may know, we can't continue our advocacy work and lying about in patches of sun without the financial support of Lisa. Left to MathMan alone, we would be out on our ten ears or sold off to be made into catgut strings for violins. We understand that we are here at Golden Manor through the begging of children and the beneficence of Lisa, so we understand the gravity of this situation. That sweet, but insane woman (have you heard that voice she uses when she talks to us?) must finish this book and find an agent and get the book published in order for us to continue to have the kibble and shelter we so richly deserve for being so heartbreakingly adorable and peace loving.

So please forgive Lisa her absence from this blog and yours. You know she's on a desktop computer now that she's lost her job. That it so our advantage. We've figured out that the thing she calls a "mouse," but is NOT(duh! daft woman!) is critical to her ability to sit at the computer and waste precious time. As long as she can't find her "mouse," we have a better chance of "encouraging" her to read and edit.

Wishing you peace and Fancy Feast for 2010, we are,

The Pussies for Peace

P.S. We've remained silent on the activities of the Obama Administration vis a vis Afghanistan, etc. because we have not achieved a consensus among ourselves. It's a little like herding cats, you know.....


  1. Sometimes the best times are those spent alone between our two ears. That's why cats disdain conversation.

  2. Cats disdain everything until you forget to feed them.

  3. Ah cats...they are pretty smart you know.

  4. Somebody has to take you in hand. And how do you have time to take dictation from a bunch of cats?

  5. I love it when the Pussies for Peace are in charge. They should write all your blog posts for you, now that you're too busy to do it. I ask the tweeters to yell at me and tell me to go back to work editing, but they are a bunch of enablers. I only wish cleaning and organizing and ironing was the way I processed stuff in my head. All I can think of when I finally get around to cleaning is "why do I have to do this shit?"

  6. Pussies are truly wondrous creations. The ones who own Lisa are particularly blessed.

  7. Well Lisa, if it is any comfort, I have a job, but they just changed me to shitty hours.I will till 8 pm EVERY weekday & hate it.
    Just started this crappy shift yesterday & you KNOW it's bad when the highlight of the day is a briefing where they tell you about the new attendance policy that now allows them to impose multiple infractions for the same day of absence!
    7 infractions & you are fired.
    They bullshit not..... I have seen top producers etc, get 7 infractions get kicked to the curb- fired. Gone.

    I HATE the corporate world.
    These kinds of unbending policies are what fosters people coming in to work sick, in fear of losing their job.

    So there is the corporate world Happy New Year.... one absence can give you multiple points against you & then you are screwed royal.
    We had to sign two documents saying we understand & agree to the policy.

    Have a nice day.

    Why do I put up with this shit???

    My oldest son gets married this year & I have earned 3 weeks vacation pay.
    I need those 3 weeks for the trip to the midwest to visit family & attend the wedding.

    That & there is not squat in the classifieds.....
    believe me, I'm looking!

  8. Baxter sends his regards to the Pussies for Peace. He too is somewhat Worried about financial situations given the large amount of Kibble he consumes.

    I am sending good wishes to Lisa to finish and publish her book! I will be one of the first purchasers!

  9. Dear Pussies,

    Take good care of your master. Gently yet insistantly nudge her to complete her editing and keep her way from FB and other distractions. (Although I miss her there, too....)

    I expect you will be well rewarded when she is finished.

  10. I'm glad your cats are keeping you in line! *hee hee* Mine just lie around all day and do absolutely nothing and have no opinions except "Meow!" (which, roughly translated, means "Yes, I'm hungry!")...

    Anyway, keep up the writing! You ROCK! :)

  11. giggles: "Take good care of your master."

    Master? Cats don't have masters. Never will.

  12. So it was the 8th? Well, then it's spelled Blagoversary because I believe that was the same day Rod Blagojevich got busted for trying to sell Obama's Senate seat.

  13. Good luck with the editing.

  14. Editing is the important part. Just like the frosting on the cake. Take your time and do it right.

    Happy Wednesday!

  15. Jeez, would you hurry up with the book already? I need something new to read. Lazy bum.

  16. Maybe the Pussies for Peace can do the Introduction/Foreword? That might be a hoot!

  17. Hey ho. Lisa, I should put you in touch with my friend Jacqueline who is about to have her first book published! In 6 weeks!! http://jhoutman.com/pages/edisonThomas.html

  18. Very nice blog you have here. I like reading political blogs for some reason. Anyway, I have a site myself where people from around the world come and debate on popular issues. I feel as if this will give citizens some form of power, letting their voices be heard.

    I'd like to exchange links with you to help spread some traffic around between each other. If you'd like to, please leave a comment under our "Compadres" page when you've added our link and we'll return the favor.

    Until then, keep up the good work.


  19. Cats are liars.
    I know you're there, Lisa...

  20. I don't know if anyone else has said it, so I will. If I had five pussies keeping an eye on me, I couldn't get a damn thing done. Even if they were pussies for peace.

  21. Whatever it takes - we'll be here. Now get back to work!

  22. I was wondering if you Pussies for Peace are available for speaking engagements. We do compensate well.

  23. Dear Pussies,

    Thanks for letting us know what happened to Lisa. Sit on that phony mouse until the book is finished. And tell her we want a sneak preview, but remind her that posting even a part of it on the web might compromise getting an agent or a publisher to take it... so get her to e-mail it to some of us. You know which of us can be trusted. Get your claws into that e-mail contact list.

  24. Hear that? That is my foot tapping. I am waiting for an update on the editing gig. How's it coming, girl?


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