Friday, January 8, 2010


I can't believe I missed my blog's anniversary. I'd say blogiversary, but I'm never sure how to spell it. Bloggaversary? Bloggiversary? Anyway, it's been a year since I switched to writing in this one place because I was overloaded with blog commitments. And what do you think I've noticed today? Of course, the commitments have piled on again. But now it's more of the twitter, facebook variety, which are quicker and to the point. Much easier to see a lot in a shorter amount of time. Still a major source of time gone missing.

Because too much is never enough, I've added two new places where I'm tracking my lifestyle changes, but I'm only going to use one. It's here. I'm going to stop using the first one I started. I like the tracking better on this one. I've spent a good part of the day setting things up on that fitness website and it reminds me a bit of the old days when we would spend two hours setting up our Barbie houses and fifteen minutes actually playing. Nevertheless, I'm going to do what I can to use the available and free technology on my quest for fitness.

It felt just a bit hypocritical as I set up the pages today while I ate things like birthday cake, potato chips and Kraft Dinner warmed over. Alternately sucking some Betty Crocker frosting straight from the tube and taking my measurements seemed just a bit over the top, but I won't let the shame of it stop me from getting up tomorrow and trying to eat things that won't make me sorry later.

Since I started paying attention, I've lost 2 pounds. It's a good start and I'm trying hard not to freak out about what a setback today might have been. I know it's counterproductive and will only lead to me doing the old "might as well have that bowl of ice cream now that I've already blown the day" attitude. To tell you the truth, though, a day of being completely sedentary and consuming mostly refined sugar has left me feeling sluggish and yawning. It's 6:30 in the evening and I'm ready for bed. I need to remember this feeling and the knowledge that it's a direct result of my wicked, wicked ways.

Until then, well, you know......

My kind of veggie plate! Mac and cheese, mashed potatoes and a sweet potato.
At least the beans were green.


  1. Well happy blog-a-versary (sp?).
    It's fun to read your ongoing adventures, and cool you are working through your changes.

    Admire your hutzpah to take the bull by the horns & deal with the weighty issue.
    It has haunted & plagued me for some time.... so I can relate & appreciate any tips & tricks you have to offer.

  2. I can't believe it's been a year!


  4. Happy Blogaversary! I've enjoyed the ride. Another year please? But please don't give up on Facebook and Twitter too. I would miss your posts.

    Ok if you stick to this Spark People thing then I promise to try and stick to it too. Deal?

    Have a great evening. I'm full of salad bar and ready for bed too.

  5. Happy Anniversary to you blog!

    BTW, I have to get that at Cracker Barrel, since its the only veggie plate they have, LOL.

  6. Happy Anniversary. Today, indulge. Tomorrow is another day. Have to note that veggie platters by your way look a lot different than what you get in NYC. For example, mac 'n cheese isn't considered a vegetable. That said, I wouldn't turn down a plate of that.

  7. happy blogday....
    (there did not have to spell it phew)

    what a year eh?

    I hope 2010 is better for everyone...all of us...

    many hugs...

    ( I am pretty sure mac&chez is a veggie...yup...
    U R on twitter right? find me @watergatesummer)

  8. Happy Blogaversary. That year went quickly

  9. Happy Blog-o-versary! I wish you many more!

  10. And here I was thinking my two extra Weight Watchers points last night were a splurge!

    I try so hard to psych myself up for rabbit food but it's going to be hard. What's harder is getting the fitness in. I hate the gym environment yet creating my own fitness space and routine at home is proving to be a challenge.

    Sorry about the boring comment, all about me. :-/

    Wishing you staying-power in the new year. Happy one year of That's Why!


  11. P.S. I love, love the voluptuous ladies loading up on lard! hehehe

  12. Happy blogaversary, Lisa. On the eating, don't kick yourself. That will only frustrate you. Just move on.

  13. Does this mean I have to join and follow you at yet another place in the innertubes????????????? No, no I will not. Can't I just taunt you from the places I already lurk?! And you can update us here? ;-)

    I'm with you on the journey, though. You know it girlfriend!

  14. Happy blogaversary! I think I missed mine too, but truth is I might as well close the damn thing up since only three or four nice people visit me anymore. Feeling guilty.

    I see you on twitter so rarely, but when I do it gives me a thrill. You are very hit and run on twitter. Last night I had a conversation about literature with four people lasting at least three hours. It was grand, it was intense, but I swear sometime durning that last hour someone sucked my brains out as I'm so hungover feeling today.

    Hi Fran, glad you still like me now and then. Wish the rest of you did. I know it's a two way street, but of the 132 followers I have on the blog maybe four of you still visit me. But in the year I've been on twitter 1500 people follow me and at least a hundred of them are brave enough to actually engage me in conversation. Now the blog seems useful to flesh out something I want to share on twitter. Well, time moves on and times change. I should stop morning the loss of so many of you and move on as well.

    I for one am happy to see that Dcup still lives if only in the archives. May she rise again one day. Maybe on twitter? You know you can have more than one identity on twitter.

  15. Happy blogiversary (?)! I think the spelling is as you wish, personally. Hugs to you!

  16. First, I love the naked people picture. I grabbed my cheaters post haste just to see if there was any sex going on. I know, sad. Not about me -- sad that there was no sex going on . . .

    Today was Miss America's birthday and not only did I have cake and ice cream, but the snackage of chips and dips. Passed the veggie tray right by. I had intended to make a salad before the party started, but it was too cold and I put it off and, well, out came the chips and out the window when my resolve.

    Good for you for chronicling your fitness and foodie efforts. That's like keeping a food diary, which always works for me when trying to lose a few.

    And now, happy blogiversary. Seems like a large number started blogging about the same time. Cheers to another year of happy blogging!

  17. I can't tell you how delighted I am that you found Beryl Cook. You see she was a favorite artist of mine when I first discovered her around 1980 and I bought a book of all of her published paintings. Then it got packed away and left behind with a lot of other stuff in RI. Worse still, I forgot her name! But I recognized her style (more slick now than then) as soon as I saw it. Did you see 'Granny Drives the Bus'?

    Some people just aren't meant to strive on exercise machines nor starve on low carb diets - not all the time anyway. Love yourself for who you are and the fun you bring to the party. Tomorrow is another day.

  18. Wow; another year already!

    I'm just glad that you continue to share your life in such an honest and humorous way. It's kind of like peeking into your favorite neighbor's window--but hey, they left the curtains open! ;)

    Hope you're around for many more anniversaries.

  19. Is it the anniversary this blog or since you started blogging?? In any case Congrats.

  20. wow, that plate looks good to me more sweets for me either, damn, i love sweets which is why i am now where i am...ah well, lisa, your page looks like it took 4 days to make over daughter has done it twice but then she gets mad at the people and quits! but i wish she would stick with it, it was lots of help in helping her to see her "wicked ways" ;)

  21. Happy blog anniversaryyyy! and that food look amazing.

  22. Happy Blog-o-versary (my chosen spelling)! :) I'm so glad to have found your blog--and found you & Mathman--you two are so fun! :)

    Now to the diet thing--I have started on the "yoga diet"--where I can eat almost anything I want, as long as I do buttloads of yoga. It's working so far--I'll let you know how it is in a couple of weeks. :)

  23. I'm with Pagan Sphinx, the Chubbies chowing on Lard-Coated Ca-ca are truly sweet!


    Happy anniversary on your move to this abode, and hang in there. Focus on won't power, and learn to love being physical (standing positions are a plus.)

    I just joined a gym myself, $10/month, in a desperate attempt to get in touch with my [presently deeply buried] former physical self. I want my waistline back, dammit, and wish the same for you. ;)


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