Friday, January 29, 2010

Take Your Pick

5:14 a.m., the alarm goes off
MathMan: I had a dream that I ran for Congress and won.
Me: That's cool. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

5:30 a.m., the alarm goes off again
Me: So in this dream, you were going to be a congressman?
MathMan: Uh huh, I was talking to Phil Gingrey about it.
Me: I see. So he was still a congressman, too?
MathMan: know, it was only after I won that I thought about the skeleton in the closet?
Me: Jesus Christ! Which one?


  1. Heh. And never show the brontosaurus bones!

    (The difference between real people and politicians is that we know about our skeletons and have them catalogued, whereas politicians apparently hope they've put up enough "Beware of the leopard!" stickers.)

  2. Maybe Gingrey comes to mind because I met him last year when the band went to DC. I did manage to have 2 or 3 three conversation with him that day but he did tell me how he failed a math class once. Please don't tell the Mathman how you failed his loved topic.

  3. LOL. I could never run for public office. I'm way too sure someone could dig up something

  4. let's make up stories about your skeletons...

  5. If you run and if you win could you run up to every republican and just slap them?

    I would feel so much better. Just think of the crazy ride you could give them.

  6. I could totally run for office...

    As a Libertarian or Green party member.

    I'm pretty sure I'd be one of the tamer ones in those groups. [And since I'm affiliated with one of those groups, perhaps it's just a matter of time?]

  7. At least Mathman didn't say he had become a Republican't to run for office. If he had, he would have woken up screaming from the nightmare.

    I thought all your skeletons were out in the blogosphere!!

  8. Everyone has skeletons. Especially the folks who vehemently deny the fact.... (Can you say John Edwards? I think he must be a sociopath....)

    I would never vote for someone who had none either..... They haven't lived enough life if they didn't have many! Experience is a fine teacher....

  9. i had a dream i was LEvi Johnston and Sarah Palin was in my apt.

    only kidding

  10. As long as Mathman isn't into diaper play or secret manlove, it should all be good. As long as he runs as a republican, that is. I choose the second one, by the way.

  11. I'll make no bones about hating to hear an alarm clock any earlier than 9am and then only because somebody will soon be arriving with my breakfast on a nice tray.

  12. Oh that is funny!!!! I was never a Newt fan so that makes it even funnier to me.

    Hope your weekend is good!

  13. That was a scary dream! I could never run for political office, though I have thought about it many times, precisely because of the skeletal remains in my closets.


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