Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Perhaps a Plot Idea for My Next Story?

I sat down to write about the fact that I've finished draft one of the manuscript. But since it's 10:00 p.m. and there was a poo on the floor of the second stall of the bathroom in the 5th grade hall at Sophia's school, I have to listen to all the nuances surrounding the mystery of who did it, and why (an intriguing question, I admit), who reported it and who finally cleaned it up. Sophie just got home after spending the afternoon with one of her girlfriends. We're now playing catch up on how her day went. The poop features prominently.

Sadly, I'm antsy and not using my best active listening skills. I've worked all day on the manuscript and it's finished! Draft one that is. I'm anxious to overshare and blow off some steam. She's still giving me the fine details about someone's indiscriminate use of the bathroom floor.

"Perhaps you could go tell Daddy about it? I'm just trying to write a little piece."

"Daddy doesn't appreciate a good poop story like you do."

Ah. Well, thank goodness I bring something unique to the parenting table.


  1. Awesome, you finished the first draft! I'd been waiting for all the poop on it, but this is ridiculous!

  2. Ahh; we all have talents...

    On another note, I can't wait to see your book when it's ready!


  3. That is the most classic parenting praise EVER!

    And on the same day you finished the first draft!

    A Red Letter day indeed. Congrats, sister.

  4. A close friend was invited to a business dinner and so was his wife. During the meal the wife was chatting away with people at the table and suddenly realized she was too deep in motherhood when she found herself cutting meat into tiny bite sized pieces - on the plate of the person next to her.

    So, no, it isn't a good plot idea for your next story.

  5. Hah, while you were finishing your edit I could have told her about the sign a housekeeper posted in one of the bathrooms at work asking the person who stuck boogers on the wall to please stop.

  6. I once saw on the wall of a stall the following; "Flush twice it's a long way to the Nite Owl Cafe".

  7. OY... but she is sure getting to be a cutie ;) just like her mom!

    congrats on that draft, wow, that's an amazing accomplishment and I look forward to hear about your successes with it...

    hoping you get some uninterrupted time without poop stories today... you always make me realize how nice it is that my kids are grown and "mostly" gone!

  8. Poop is interesting.

    WOW on the book draft - you are doing well on that!

  9. Poop stories are fascinating, but yay, you!! You finished your draft. Stupendous.

  10. Way to go on the first draft! Congrats!

    I have to laugh at the poop story, though. My partner once worked a contract job where she went into the ladies room once and found a poop on the floor next to the toilet. Turns out there is a lot to discuss regarding said turd. Disgust at such a thing knows no age, I guess. I mean, how DOES one miss the toilet when doing such a thing? Did they take "S*%T or get off the pot" a little too seriously, and got off the pot too soon?

    Depending on the age range (actual or emotional) of your audience for the next story, the lone turd on the bathroom floor could definitely find its way into the plotline! ;)

  11. Yeah, yeah, wonderful, etc. Now, get cracking on having that thing published so when you go on your whirlwind book tour, we can heckle you. Then you'll really know you've arrived.

  12. Congrats!
    And it's always good for any book to weave in a good poop story. The world needs more interesting poo tales.

  13. Congratulations to you! I will absolutely read it when it comes out. I won't even cheap out and get it from the library.
    Seriously, though, you should be proud. Go writer!

  14. Ahhh, the virtues of a good poop story. She needs to call Nick,he would be all engrossed...........pun intended!

  15. That girl has your number.

  16. I find the visual of bringing poop to the parenting table sufficiently disturbing to imagine it as a plot element in a book about a parent who is losing it.

    Too bad you don't know enough about that to write about it, eh?


    And WOO-HOO on the first draft!!!

  17. I've finished draft one of the manuscript.


    Relax this weekend so that you can be all rested for the next phase: Editing and Revising.

  18. In HS, something similar happened to me. I shared it only with the principal, who happened to be walking down the hall as I came out trying not to throw up.

    I didn't go in to detail. Perhaps because you weren't around.

  19. I should add, I wanted to say something about symbolism there but was afraid you would take it the wrong way.

    Changed my mind apparently.

  20. Obviously, some boy snuck in and did it.

  21. Lisa -

    Right after I met you, I said to Dr. Zaius, "Now there's a woman who appreciates a good poop story."

    True story.

    Take your praise where'ere it comes from, I have learned. You get so little of it in life.



  22. LOL! I love that you appreciate a good poop story--that's the kind of parent I think I'll be, too. :)

  23.'ve got me waking up the sleeping giant with my guffaws. Too funny!

    I will miss your humor!


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