Sunday, February 28, 2010

Adventures in Real Parenting: The Things We Do for Love or Hate

You know, when you're trying to breathe when you're supposed to and not push when you're not supposed to and there's nothing between you and your pride but the twenty-seven people who've been viewing and discussing your birth canal and a desperate desire to have that baby out already, it never occurs to you that you'll one day find yourself helping that darling bundle of joy produce a language arts project that requires you to google pictures of Aryan symbols and Nazis in America.

But there you are.

Life ain't nothin' if it ain't unpredictable.

A White Power parade float miniature? Super.

Next time, he won't be picking something like Nazis in America as his research topic until after he knows what the tangible presentation project is.


  1. Wow.

    Just wow.

    and also "uff da" which is Minnesotan for Oy.

  2. Oh my gosh, craziness! I hope to God that I'll never have to help my "someday kid" with a project like this. :)

  3. See that? Reasons I Never Became A Parent # 4,321

  4. Well, at least it was for a school project and not because he was looking for a design for a tattoo he wanted to get. There's that, no?

  5. I know, not. It's, um.......interesting.

    MHP - Just remind them from birth to stick to the easy topics that make for pretty visuals. Problem solved.

    Braja - A wise choice, my friend. A very wise choice.

  6. gmb - Yes, you're very right about that. We had a BLAST looking through the stormfrunt website. Need some white power poetry? They've got you covered.

  7. I hope you're not on a list somewhere now.

  8. Did you use it as a lesson in 'how to not be a complete douche'?

  9. A little knowledge goes a long way toward not having history repeat itself. The project may have been unpleasant but I'm inclined to think it was a good choice.

  10. Hire Me - you mean another list, right?
    Grant Miller - But oh so enlightening.
    Rebecca - Yes, knowledge is power.
    susan - I agree. There's a lot of fear-based hate out there. The more it's exposed for conversation, the better.

  11. Did you find any neighbors on those websites?? Now that would be scary!!

  12. Ew, did you take a shower immediately after and spray down the keyboard with Lysol?
    The things we'll do for them indeed.

  13. Oh come on, Nazis are funny or have you forgotten all about the Blues Brothers?

  14. I'm sure you have no plans to fly anywhere for the next few years, right?



  15. well there go your chances for any Govt job, they'll research your search engine and find out!!!


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