Thursday, May 27, 2010

Experimentation Is Good for the Soul

I'm taking a brief vacation from ze blog until after the long weekend.  There will be plenty of reading, some writing and some good old fashioned fun with friends, board games and alcohol.  I'm going to be experimenting with language, too.  I think I'll start every with sentence with the word Bitches and end every sentence with ya dig?

And when that gets old (10 minutes), I'll go back to responding to everything with "Jolly good."  That's been a huge hit.

So here's the real experiment:  I'm putting together a word list to use as I write.  If you're here, please leave a comment - your favorite word or words, what you like the sound of, how if feels when you say it, the meaning, the combination of letters, whatever.  Or tell us what you're doing for the long weekend.

The deal is I would love to hear from all of you.  Even those of you who never make a peep.  Please.  And thank you.

May you enjoy your long weekend and let us all remember those who served.

Until Tuesday,



  1. Uluwatu

    Buzz Kill and I visited Uluwatu on our honeymoon. Some years later, we went to Kathmandu which is also fun to say. So is Abu Dhabi but I've never been there.

    For the weekend, I am mostly writing the end of the year reports on my three year old students. I'm also enjoying a few days of quiet since my kid is away.

    You have fun, Bitch!

  2. Okay, let's see.

    First of all, it's "puta" in Spanish.

    Favorite words currently include "arduous", "sycophant" and "slag".

  3. well, I just bought some 'bitchin' kitchin' soap and I'm having fun telling everyone.
    Other than that...I'll have to get back at ya.

  4. 'Among.' It sounds foreign, even though it means, in a larger sense, 'together.'

  5. I started liking "perspicacious" when I used it to describe a friend's husband, and then she always tried to remember it. "What's that word you said about J?"

    I'll have to ask Goobs for another word. She collects 'em, too.

    Enjoy your weekend, Sisterfriend! (Hey, there's another one!)

  6. Bitches, my favorites are servile, enigmatic, obtuse, ya dig?

    Hmm, all adjectives, guess I'm a bit opinionated.

  7. Bitches? Copacetic (I pulled the dictionary out to look smart in spelling it correctly!) and serendipitous. Ya dig? (I begged for "hellos" at my place and got not a peep. Took the post down. Glad to see you are more successful. Time for me to give up the blog or get really busy.)
    Have a great weekend. Enjoy the jolly good fuckery.

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  9. I hope you enjoy the long holiday weekend. One of my closest friends is getting married on Saturday so I will be busy with all things Wedding~

  10. Experimentation is good for mad scientists, too.

    Dammit, such a simple question whose answer I wish to give justice to.

    Here's one to start: lunatic. Luna, commencing with a lilting, alluring L sound, then glowy smoothness before the tic of tic, madness always perched in the nooks and crannies of our subconscious.

  11. Baffled and confounded.

    those are the words I like.

  12. "Concomitant" because it sounds dirty even though it isn't.

    Oh, and here's a game that might help you and Math Man with sexy stuff. At work, a young woman said as I walked by, apropos of nothing, "penis". So, obviously, I turned to her and said "vagina". We ended the game this morning with me saying to her, "Because you are going on vacation, let me leave you with this thought - tongue-fucking."

    Yeah, we have unacceptable fun at work. Is this oversharing?

  13. Bitches, let my favorite word contribution be Teabuggery, ya dig?

  14. Confetti, pink, pickle, tickle, shhhhh.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. ok, so that 'fuck me' thing is not meant to sound like a demand, more like a 'oh fuck' kind of thing.

    just saying.

  16. Have you noticed that "fuck" pops up a lot here? Just fucking saying . . .

  17. I've always liked the word serendipitous. It can mean finding by accident or something that's beneficial.

    Abstruse is another good one to remember in these frequently unfathomable times.

  18. I, too, enjoy the word serendipitous, but mostly because I love its meaning.

    I also love the sound of the word periwinkle (it's also a favorite color of mine).

    I love non-words that my kids make up like piratescope (telescope), rainbrella (both of them made this up on their own at around age 3), nuggle (cuddle).

    I love embrace and the French embrasser (to kiss) which are similar, yet not so much.

    Fancy is another favorite.

    I seem to like the simpler words, but often there are words I like to hear spoken in specific accents or by specific people.

    Like the way Gordon Ramsay pronounces "filet" by pronouncing the e and t at the end.

    Ya dig?

  19. I just couldn't leave that there for all eternity...

  20. I am rather fond of the word unseemly. I just like the sound of it... a bit affected, yet it communicates politely.

    "Not to be unseemly but..." You can fill in the blanks!

    Ya dig?

  21. hmmm favorite word "hats" (at least tonight)
    great scene from MP meaning of life (they are british you know) where that comes into play
    well a weekend I think you know what i am doing and until much later Sunday night it does not involve throwing empty beer cans and yelling "HEY YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN"
    i've been practicing you see?

    hope you and the fam have a great weekend

  22. My husband has taken to saying Yo bitches all too frequently to which I reply that I will smack him if he says it again. So that doesn't play around here.

    I like sun, scent, swoon and create these days...

  23. I have an old skool oatmeal container full of my favorite words. Then I pull them out at random and make funny combinations that I annoy people with all day. duplicitous fungus is what I just pulled, for you.

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  25. I like the term "snafu".
    It is a military acronym for situation normal, all fucked up.
    It is a perfect word because it kind of allows you to swear without actually swearing, per se.

    Working at a call center, out of sheer boredom sometimes we pick a "word of the day", then keep hashmark scores of the number of times they used the word when talking w customers.

    One day we just kept track of how many times we had to say "I'm sorry" for something the company screwed up.... a snafu if you will.

    As for what i am doing this weekend--
    the effing hedge. Oh sure it looked cool to have a waist high boxwood green border along the house we bought, but the damned thing needs to be trimmed & we have a looooong corner lot. That damned hedge goes on forever. I actually have to bring out a second super long extension cord to get to the end of it.

    Well at least we have the 18 inch electric trimmer. No way I'm doing that sucker buy hand.

    If this were not enough, the back yard has a 6 foot laurel hedge. It requires a ladder & is a bitch. We don;t fertilize it, water it or in any way encourage it to grow, but I swear it would take over the world if left alone.

    My next house will have a strict *no hedge* mandate.

  26. In honor of you this weekend, Iwanski and I have attempted to start some sentences with the word Bitches and end with ya dig?

    LOL! :) That really cracked me up. You have a great sense of humor, and are a great writer, as well!--two awesome things that work well together! :)

  27. I had a work buddy who liked the word beverages. He particularly liked it coupled with the word "adult." Personally, I've been using the word mooks a lot (check it out at Urban Dictionary). At work, natch.

  28. Lilting

    It's the way these words sound and the images that float through my head...


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