Monday, June 28, 2010

Put Away My Gun

You don't come here to hear how busy I am as I sit on my spreading butt and read, right?  Well, that's what I'm doing.  I'm reading and reading and then doing a little light reading.

Well, there's reading and then there's reading.  What I'm doing today is more like studying.  I'm actually taking notes.  In a notebook!  I'm not writing on my hand, the back of a receipt or in the margins of my mind.  I'm even using pen instead of a crayon.

This will help me to write a first person perspective of a historical event.  Or so I tell myself.  Sure, the story is fiction and the event itself is pretty fantastical, but I want to at least have some of the detail correct.  That's why I'm reading Voices of Valor and listening to the cd of it on itunes.  Fascinating.  Gut wrenching and fascinating.

It's reading with a purpose.  I'm not writing, but I'm doing research and not the kind that typically finds me skating away, link after link, until I'm looking at photos of old manor houses and watching videos of Peep Show on hulu.  I am forever tripping over my own obsessive qualities.  I don't need enemies as long as I have myself, I'm afraid.

When I get a little war weary, I take breaks to read a few blogs and studies about self-abuse (thanks, Joe the Cop!).

It's been kind of an odd day.  Even for a Monday.  A librarian yelled at me this morning.  Okay, she didn't actually yell at me, but she spoke rather sternly to me as I checked out four Elizabeth Berg books plus two more novels from other authors.  I don't know why the Berg books got her crinkled.  I also checked out three Inspector Morse dvds and a Midsomer Murder.  She didn't critique my dvd choices.  Maybe she doesn't like Berg, but was too nice to say.  She voiced concern that I might burn myself out by reading too much of one author.  She may have a point.  Now I feel bad about making her worry.  And for shouting "Who are you, my mother?" at her as I stomped away from the counter.

This general loopiness is probably a result of the fact that I'm back on the low glycemic lifestyle change called The Belly Fat Cure.  That could win an award for least charming title.  I know it works. I knocked off four pounds by doing it half-assed for three days a few weeks ago.  Now I'm serious about it.  I know, you've heard that one before.  But really, I can't stand myself.  I've been mainlining confectioners sugar when I'm home alone.  Remember when I used to amuse myself by surfing internet porn?  Now I look at dessert recipes.  Listen, when you go from porn to puddings, you've got a problem.  Looking like a pudding is one of them.

What are you reading or getting yelled at about these days?


  1. You mean you went to a librarian to check out a book? I thought all one needed was a backpack or a big purse.

    I just finished reading, "Wolf, The Lives of Jack London" by James Haley
    and I'm half way through: "Winston's War, Churchill 1940-1945" by Max Hastings.

    And no one is yelling at me.

  2. I'm reading a book set in 8th century China. The authors apparently have written a number of nonfiction books about this time period, including translations of T'ang dynasty records, and decided it would be fun to speculate and fill in some of the blanks in a work of fiction. I have no way of judging just how accurate the descriptions of the society and culture for that time period are, but it's a fascinating novel.

    I checked it out of a library. No one yelled at me.

  3. if only we could somehow combine porn AND pudding!!!11!231

    not reading anything right now. Marjories new books comes out in July so that will probably be next on the list (although reading a book on how not to golf like crap probably wouldn't hurt)

  4. I'm reading After by Amy Efaw. For class I should add as this wouldn't be something I'd voluntarily pick up. No one should be yelling at you in the library that's for damn sure. You can tell them I said so ;~)

  5. The Ideology of the Aesthetic by Terry Eagleton. It was thought lost then discovered in a box in the basement, a Marxist reading of the history of aesthetics, am about to embark on a chapter considering Friederich Schiller. A real page turner, let me tell you.

  6. No one yelled at me today. But yesterday I was ready to scream trying to get back to my apartment as the police blocked off many routes for crowd control due to the Pride parade. Way to make the day special, assholes. And tomorrow I get to go for my annual mammogram. Oi. That said, I'm rereading Candide. It's fabulous.

  7. "It's reading with a purpose. I'm not writing, but I'm doing research "

    And usually the RESEARCH is just as if not more important!

  8. Hmm... the only thing I got yelled at for lately was "being too intense" when I made the mistake of asking my husband which of two options he'd prefer for our dinner -- after he'd done two all-nighters in a row before presenting the next installment of the-dissertation-that-will-not-end. In fairness, though, I was kind of pissed off at the thought of fish again and wishing that we could go to a Chinese restaurant instead. Food can make me intense, even without a diet.

    Four pounds off in three days would make me so intense I'd yell at librarians, too. But I kinda agree with her: four books by the same author would be tough to take -- unless we're talking Diana Gabaldon when I first discovered the Outlander series. That's different. It was like a drug. ;)

  9. Unfortunately I've been reading bills and instructions from a Microsoft tech rep more than anything else. :-(

  10. The getting yelled at/sterly talked to by a librarian for your choices is just weird. You should get yelled at for photocopying your boobs or your butt on their machines. But for your books? Cripes!

  11. Oh, and also, not reading anything. Started Cloud Atlas but just couldn't get into it.

  12. I just finished "Sizzlin' Sixteen" by Janet Evanovich. It's beach book season around here. I have a few "heavier" books on order, and they are scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

    One of them involves avoiding burnout...

    I am also still reading a couple of other books, but they just really aren't grabbing my attention.

    No one yelled at me today (that I remember), but there's still time. Midnight isn't here yet...

  13. Soccer Empire: The World Cup and the future of France by Laurent Dubois.

    Don't listen to that hippie Liberality, sometimes you patrons deserve a good yelling. Customer service my ass!

  14. I finished the Conroy last night and picked up the Larry McMurtry memoir "Books" this morning. The only person who yells at me is my very difficult to live with husband, but I have not been to the library lately.

    Let me know how that new diet goes - I am irritated that I am on a plateau that won't end...

  15. DO all real writers have to do research? I hope not. If so, I'm going to have to write a BritCom. Now that I've gotten you on the Peep Show sauce, check out Shameless. (Cast TV has it.) Lovin' it.

    I agree with Liberality (as usual). It's completely unwarranted for a librarian to judge or try to manage the reading habits of his or her library's patrons. What kind of security guard would I be if I razzed the people coming in and out the door about going outside to smoke? A fired one.


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