Thursday, July 15, 2010

Unemployment Diary: The Day Has Come

Two assignments for you:

1.  My post at Black Magpie Theory

2. This


  1. There's an expression I like, "(Fill in the blank) is like herding cats."

    Our woes are diverse, often complex, and the tools for making repairs are not always available.

    Our complaints mean little ... mainly because we are not in social/econ repair business and congress doesn't respond to individuals - they respond to well funded pressure groups.

    Couple that with the power corporations have over government and the circle of woes for workers simple gets worse.

  2. :[
    All I can say is I hope things will turn up for you -- hundreds of thousands of people are losing hope and faith and jobs, and I'm so glad that you have something to hold on to: write your stories. Find joy and hope in them, and don't give up.

  3. The problem is that Wall Street and politicians aren't afraid of us. I'm not saying people need to be violent to get their attention. I bet a nation-wide strike, or targeted strikes/boycotts would work. We need to learn from the French, Greeks, Portugese, Icelanders....

  4. I went to an "open interview" for the first time today. They held 6 of them this week for the 1 job. There were 17 people there. It felt like it was just an opportunity to be looked over before they decided who to call back for an individual intervew.

    It felt worse (or at least more tacky) than sending out the resume and cover letter and just never hearing anything at all, which is what usually happens... so now it is getting humiliating in addition to depressing.

  5. Okay, you paged Freud, here I am. I am the unemployed-Smith lovers Freud.
    1. I find it interesting that you go from paging Freud to taking about how you are like Math Man's mother.
    Oedipus, much?
    2. You are dreaming that you are giving birth to something that you aren't expecting. This seems like a VERY positive dream. Pregnancy in dreams( babies too) are symbols of giving birth to something new. There is a creation that you aren't expecting. The IUD in the head seems to say to me that there is something in your *thinking* that is trying to block this creative birth. There is a *weight* that comes with this creation. I wonder if there is a *wait* too. Dreams love homonyms.
    3. I love it when you go passive aggressive. Way to get the guy to stop sending you unwanted email.
    4. I am crossing my fingers and toes that you soon find a job that is worthy of you.
    p.s. Oops, I think that you haven't actually posted the piece that I am responding to. Feel free to delete this comment.

  6. Will - yes, yes and more yes. And oy vey.

    Lia - Thank you for your kind comment. I followed you back to your blog. You're very funny and talented!

    gmb - I think a strike would be great, then while all those suckers are out drinking their $6 coffees and waving stenciled signs, I can swoop in and take their jobs.

    Susan - Oh dear. That sounds dreadful. I mean, really, really dreadful.

    LBR - I knew you'd take the Freud bait. Actually, I didn't know, but I hoped you would. You're good with dream interpretation and all that.

    Okay, I'm listening. And waiting or weighting.

    Thanks for your kind, funny and insightful comment.

    O.R.'s wife

  7. I skipped one assignment.
    But I read the other. Just like this is a buyers market because people are not buying houses like they used to (or is that lenders are not being as sloppy as they had been- the sub prime-- (they have a pulse give them a loan they will be sure to default on program). This is an "employers market"- and they are taking full advantage.
    I noticed that when after we had a 2 year pay freeze ( on an already low low wage)... they gave us an .18 cent raise. Which comes out to be a.09 cent per year raise.
    Why not just slap us in the face & kick us in the ass? College tuition went from $6200 a year to $8190 this year. Hell even my garbage bill went up more than this raise will cover.
    But in these times-- I am lucky to have a job- with heath insurance. Even though the plan now only covers 80% of the bill.
    This lucky to have a job thing is starting to wear thin- and just to put me in my place my already meager & laughable 401k just lost a grand last quarter. I could not last 1 year on what I have saved for retirement.
    but yet......


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