Friday, August 13, 2010

Room Service

I call this Make Your Own Vacation
Taking a break to sit in my lawn chair and read that pile of books and Harpers magazines that keeps toppling over and getting underfoot.  It's so hot and buggy out that I've moved the lawn chair to my bedroom.  Luckily, it works with the decor.  Lately, I can't go outside without an encounter with aggressive stinging things.

Before I go, I want to remind you to check out my sidebar.  There's Lola's contest (click the sexy bunny) and lots of great stuff on the blogroll.

Also, a special wish for a safe and wonderful move to susan who has recently retired and will be leaving the Pacific Northwest to go to her new home in Nova Scotia.  That's a lot of change and I can't wait to see what art and stories come from it.

Thanks for the supportive and encouraging comments about the weight gain and IUD.  I called to make an appointment to have the IUD removed and was informed that it would take up to a week to check my insurance benefits.  After that, they'd make an appointment for the simple procedure.  Good thing we don't have that vile socialized medicine.  While I wait a week just to be able to make an appointment because the private bureaucrats have to decide if I'm "approved" or not, I noticed on one of the Mirena message boards that the posting Brits would be on in the morning writing about their symptoms and their decision to go through with the removal and then they'd be back later the same day to about their appointment scheduled in the next day or two to have their IUD removed.  Oh yes, our system is superior.

While I wait for word from the doctor's office, I suggested to MathMan that we do a DIY.  His miner's hat with the light on top (don't ask), some clamps and a pair of needle nose pliers from his tool box and we're all set, right?  Sadly, he declined.  I don't know what he's worried about.  It's not his birth canal.

Oh, BTW, Que.  I mentioned to him how you'd busted me on the sex drive ruse.  You were right.  He knew he was being taken for a ride. Metaphorically.  He responded with a choice one-liner.

"Who am I to get in the way of you and your uterus?"

Indeed.  Tell that to the insurance company.

Have a great weekend, lovers.

Love this guy's lyrics.


  1. MathMan is a good man. (Mental Note: I must remember the uterus line.)

  2. How can you be feeling "la sexy" if you are PMSing all the damn time? Ask the doctor that too. I mean, they care so much about men being able to get and keep that erection and I think we women deserve just as much consideration to keep those juices flowing ;~)

  3. Mistake #1: not telling the beancounters that the procedure wasn't an IUD removal, but a prescription for a lifetime supply of Viagra. They probably would have given you the pills *and* cut you a sizable check.

  4. Enjoy a great weekend, Lisa. :-)

  5. Oy vey, the medical world. Thanks for the song and have a nice weekend.

  6. Room service ... oh, Garçon, please send a bottle of very chilled 1995 Krug Clos Du Mesnil Champagne to our suite. And wheat bread toast, not buttered and lightly toasted and cut into one inch squares.

    That will be all for now but stay close to the phone, we may want other things soonish.

    And by the way, if you have plumbing problems, just call a plumber.

  7. I'm under attack by wobbly Japanese beetles, but at least they don't have stingers.

  8. I've imagined a possible interview if I ever tried to get a job in medicine in Canada:

    'What is your experience in the medical field, Ms. Mills?'
    'For the past 20 years I've been getting medical insurance authorizations so patients can see doctors.'

    Thanks for the link and the good wishes :-)

  9. (don't ask)
    but i must I must LOL
    surely a trip the field clinic at home depot would have solved this.
    thats where i go for my "conditions"

  10. Is it wrong that I imagined your husband with Mandy Patinkin's voice? [Circa 1980s]

  11. I just hate how an insurance company decides our health issues...ugh!!!
    Cracking up on Mathman's least he knows what is yours!!

  12. If one thing don't kill ya, another thing will- I'd be more worried about getting pregnant, than getting fat--- but both those ships have already sailed in my life. Still, after we had 2 kids, we waited a few years, then decided if we had more kids, we'd be outnumbered & they could mutiny.
    The decision was made for the husband to have a vasectomy. Our parental cup had runneth over.
    No more kids for us!
    Also for the record- I need to declare that the statute of limitations for using the "birth weight gain" as an excuse is seriously no longer valid when the "baby" turns 22 years old.
    Now I am forced to go with the "big boned" excuse. But seriously-- have you ever seen a fat skeleton???

  13. A big stack of magazine sounds very inviting! ENJOY!
    Cheers, jj

  14. Oh, the pleasures of dealing with insurance companies.

  15. Break a leg on the Lola contest. I hope you win the perfume.

  16. Wow. . good luck!

  17. MathMan has some good one liners! :)

    It's been blistering hot and humid here as well, but the bugs aren't bad. (In Maine we were under heavy attack.)

    I like the visual of you hanging out in your bedroom, on your lawn chair, reading. It's climate controlled and for me.

    I hope they okay your IUD removal...can't your Dr. tell them it's medically necessary, due to the negative side effects?

    Thanks for the pimpage, my friend. Here's hoping you win!


  18. Enjoy your books! And yes, STAY INDOORS! It's way too hot and humid to go outside!

  19. I am happily catching up on all your recent posts and just wanted to add my two cents to the rest of the comments. Good luck with that IUD removal, and isn't it ridiculous that our medical system is so annoying? As for the weight gain thing, we are in this together - I no longer can lose what I have regained and I realize I probably have to stop drinking alcohol in order to do it. I just can't face it yet... Oh, and yes, exercise. Can't face that either. Maybe next year...


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