Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What Will Make You Believe Me?

I keep dreaming of tornadoes.  I'm not quite sure what to make of that.

Last night, I didn't dream of tornadoes, but at one point I did rest in that in-between state - not awake exactly, not quite gone.
And I thought about how lately I see an abundance of the Chevy trucks like the one I lost my virginity in all those years ago.
Having your cherry popped in the bed of a truck does not make for a great romantic tale.
Except there were stars overhead somewhere, I suppose.
I couldn't see them though because my eyes were probably squeezed shut and the camper shell would have made it impossible anyway.
Those were the days.
When I thought Micelob beer was the height of sophistication.
And he was pretty special.  Or, at the very least, convincing.  No, he didn't have to get me drunk or marry me first.  Yes, I'm now friends with him on Facebook.  I mean, how else would I have a complete set?  He's key to the Old Boyfriend Buffet, right?
So now I see those trucks all over town and here's the thing that causes me to notice:
Those Chevy trucks are adorned with those Antique Vehicle license plates and since it's all about me, I conclude:  My virginity is an antique.


  1. You say you lost something. I once lost a pocketknife somewhere in the car but I went looking for it and eventually found it. Do you go back and look for what you lost?

  2. There is nothing like Nekko Case when you are in one of those moods - phases - stages - what have you's.

  3. If you were like me at that age, virginity was over-rated. Sex was too, for that matter! So much better now that we know what to do with it!


  4. Oh, Lisa... seems there are some things the same all over... it was a Bronco, but I'm sure equally romantic, and we are also friends. Ya just gotta say, at least you were wise enough to choose somebody worth knowing all these years later, yeah? Definitely could have been worse (and on a few occasions was). Ever get tempted to write a note on FB and TAG just that 'complete set' and see if they can figure out what they have in common? *snort* Just me then.

  5. I remember those Michelob TV commercials, adults seemed so sophisticated. Then I became one and knew better.

  6. LOL, antique virginity, that is good. If it makes you feel any better, I lost mine in the front of my parents' 1968 Ford Galaxy 500 (which has been antique-plate-worthy now for 17 years). At least you had some room to move around without hitting your head on the steering wheel!

  7. A tornado of activity coming your way perhaps?

  8. Hmm... the tornadoes seem so symbolic. Are you feeling threatened by impending disaster?

    I like antiques. Especially ones that have acquired a patina. Now that's sophistication. ;)

  9. The problem with losing your virginity is, at that point, you don't know anything about sex, so it isn't nearly as much fun as you heard. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to actually learn about sex, then go through with it?

  10. Damn. You've reminded me of an Adventure I haven't got around to drawing yet. I still see the 64 Mustang convertible parked on a country hillside with the glow of Toronto in the distance and stars overhead. He was 23, 6 years older than me and very good, if you know what I mean, but he was also very bad. The story has a not so happy ending and, no, we're not friends. Now who the hell packed all my art supplies?

  11. After my virginity was gone, I remember thinking "Wha'ha? That was IT?" Glad to report it's much better story now.

    They don't make back seats like they used to. What are today's teens gonna use???

  12. Antique plates? Ouch, that's a reality check. Still, better than the alternative of not being here at all, I suppose.

  13. I love Neko. :)

    "A complete set"... He he!

  14. I would love to hear the tornado dream. I can't be of much help if I don't know the context of the tornado. I do think that at first blush that there is a lot of energy *up in the air*.
    You might want to take a look at this: http://www.marthablake.com/tornado.html

    I also have to tell you that I wondered if this dream didn't relate to a masculine ( inner masculine) that may have some destructive impulses. The synchronicity of those trucks paired with tornadoes can't help but put me into a Freudian frame of mind. Feel free to delete my comment.

  15. Yah, I love the complete set! :) I have a very incomplete set. A couple I don't see the point and the one big one I'm not mature enough to handle the regular knowing.

  16. Will - I don't really want to go back. Okay, that's a lie. I do want to go back to being a skinny-ish thing with a future. Good news on your knife!

    MommyL - There's a Neko for every mood.

    kkryno - I agree. Now that I have a better idea of how the whole thing can feel, I realize how much I didn't know.

    Hart - A Bronco, oh yes. And I love that tagging idea. I am so freewheeling with my info though, they'd figure it out pretty quickly, I suspect.

    I do have an FB lists titled Old Boyfriend Buffet. It's quite a mix of characters.

    Randal - Now we know, don't we? Sophistication is wine and potato chips while we sit around wearing nothing but underwear in front of C-SPAN.

    Maui - We had a Galaxy 500!!! All I ever did in it was throw up in the back seat once.

    Liberality - A tornado of activity? Could be. Let's hope it's all good.

    Meredith - I'm not sure about the disaster. I feel like I avert it in small ways every day.

    And your antique comment made me smile. Thank you for that.

    Geoffrey - "Some might say" that I spent a lot of time practicing with the boys of my youth so I would be decent at it now. It's not true. Sexually, I'm a total slacker.

    susan - Aren't you itching to unpack some of those supplies and get busy on your story? You've made a good start already.

    MNMom - Oy, what I didn't know back then. In response to your question about today's teens, all I can say is it better not be my sofa.

    kirby - Now I'm thinking I should ask the Bradford Exchange to make me a set of commemorative plates!

    Lola - Me, too. And yes, I'm all about the complete set. Just don't check my china cabinet.

    LBR - I am keeping your comment there. Here's the context in a nutshell - I'm in an open courtyard with my kids and we see a tornado coming. I throw myself over them (worrying about the cats who will have to fend for themselves) and try to hold them down as the tornado approaches. There's usually more than one tornado in the distance. The last time I had this dream was a couple of nights ago and I remember looking up and seeing the tornado pass overhead with all kinds of stuff swirling around. We were tugged by it, but remained safe.

    And I would not disagree with the idea that I have a side that is destructive and self-destructive. I used to think it was part of my charm. It is not. It's just destructive.

  17. i'm still friends with Theresa who "took" my virginity all those years ago in Shirley dorm.
    Michele LOVED her and even after we broke up Michele would come to town to see her!
    The nerve of my sister lol

    But the best, and I mean the best thing about it was here I am all of 20 (i'm guessing) and after it was all said and done (and it took me longer to write that then do it) she looked at me and said" So feel any different?"

    and for some reason that has stuck with me all these years.

    i think she may have been trying to tell me something but being young and now owning the world 'cause I finally gots me some I didn't listen until much later to what she was trying to say

  18. Lemon Gloria - Well, in that regard, there is one glaring omission in my list, as well. I think it's best for everyone. Oh and my long-term high school boyfriend who isn't on Facebook. The cad. Doesn't he know he's messing with my symmetry?

  19. Steve - That wicked woman T. I love that line. Feel any different? I won't tell you what I may have answered had I been asked the question.

    And are you going to tell us how many Old Boyfriend Buffets you're a part of?

  20. I've decided to run with the theory that if I have to wait long enough for sex again, which seems to be a good possibility...I will be a born-again virgin. And the next time I lose it it will not be in the front seat (front seat? what was I thinking?) of my boyfriend's brother's blue pinto. And it will be who somebody who at least has a clue. I love second chances.

  21. You write about virginity and tornadoes, and I look at the Michelob ad and remember how back in the 70s there never seemed to be a shortage of those bottles for kids in Girl School troops and Sunday school classes to use to make vases using randomly placed masking tape and brown shoe polish to disguise the vases' origins as beer bottles. I still have one of them gathering dust on the bookcase, although I can no longer remember which of the little barracudas brought it home.

  22. I tend to interpret disaster dreams as general anxiety about being prepared for the unexpected, which by definition we can't prepare for because we don't know what will happen or when.

    Your virginity can't be antique if it's less than 100 years old.

  23. Thanks a hell of a lot. I guess my virginity is antique too.
    (In a musty smelling basement with the family's old black and white tv and their worn old brown "hunting scene" sofa and avocado green shag rug and the sounds of water running down pipes everytime a person upstairs flushed a toilet.)


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