Friday, September 17, 2010

Everyday Heroes Otherwise Known as Blog Readers

Today looks better.


To just ask was one of the hardest things I've had to do in a while.  And you guys did not let me down.

Thank you.  Thank you for your donations, your comments, emails and suggestions. Thank you for showing up here to read my words, to follow the story, to play, to be part of this community.

It really does take a village. So many times I think I'm an island.  I'm bloody Ebetha!  Except, I'm really not.  And I don't want to be.

On behalf of the Goldens, thank you.

See - I'd scheduled our electric payment for the very last minute to make sure that my unemployment money would be there.  But I forgot a quarterly payment for my life insurance.  It came out of our bank account, leaving us short.  Which meant that the electric payment would bounce, triggering our disconnect the next day, a whole mess of reconnect fees, the bounced check fee at the bank....because when you're in the hole, you get punished and punished some more.  Not the good kind of punishment with the safe word, but the kind that makes you want to disappear, to just not exist anymore because how is it ever going to get better?

If you live on the edge, you know the feeling.  It's like panic with a side order of self-loathing.

"So the electricity won't be shut off?"  It was Sophie's first question as she dropped her backpack next to the sofa.  I'd had to prep her for the possibility in case she came home while I was out picking up Nate from baseball workouts.  I didn't want her to come home and freak out when the lights wouldn't come on.

"Yep, thanks to the blog readers, we got enough donations to pay the bill."



She stared at me. "Wow.  That's amazing."

"They are amazing."

With gratitude,

The Goldens


  1. "Not the good kind of punishment with the safe word..."

    Comments like this are one of many reasons we love you.

  2. That is amazing.. I'm very happy for you in your family.

    Thanks for sharing that moment

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  4. Yay blogisphere!

    But seriously Lisa, have you considered writing an Erma Bombeck style book about hard times in the 21st century recession America?
    You could tell it in 3rd person format, change the names to protect the innocent & all, but proved a window into the *bootstrap life* @ this time in US history. Just a thought.

    It's hard & it is no joke, stress up the yin yang... but with your style of narrative I think it could be a hit.

    I hope things turn the corner & soon, for you & yours & the country in general.

    In our homefront, we just sent the 20 plus pages of documentation to the regional hospital financial people to ask for them to excuse my son's hospital bill.

    He is 22 & uninsured. They charged him $3850 a day to be in the hospital on an IV antibiotic.
    When you are broke $7700 looks like an awful lot- and he is a "starving student".

    We added a clause in the application cover letter about how much more he would need to make this year, just to reach Federal poverty level.

    I thought that should be clear & up front.
    They asked us to include our (parents) tax info.

    No way! He is an adult & his own household.
    The pisser is he had health insurance up until last year when he dipped below full time credit hours.

    Hard times all around.

    He had no surgery or invasive procedures. Nurses hooked him up to an IV & they did labwork. That's it!

    No wonder most bankruptcies are medical bankruptcies in this country.
    What working class people have that kind of money in reserve?


  5. Oh, Lisa, I am so glad to know this helped you stave off the bank! Having been in that place before, I know exactly what you mean, and you expressed it perfectly, as Ranger Bob noted.

    The Census numbers on the number of Americans living in poverty and also the number without insurance are no news to many of us.

  6. Excuse me, but there's a reason reconnection fees are so high, it takes a lot of time and manpower to flip a switch and I was right happy to pay mine. You're all a bunch of socialists!

  7. I've been on the edge - lots. It's like a festering little monster that eats away and your confidence and self-worth. I'm just at the corner of not living on the edge, in fact - although it's been a rough month after an expensive summer.

    So I get it pal. And this whole thing just warmed my heart.

    One step in front of the other.

  8. It will get better (it already is).

    Glad you asked! :)

  9. I was in need of a smile today and this has done it for me. Thanks. :)

  10. Wonderful!

    But it makes me wonder if I should be nicer to my readers.


  11. You made me sniffly. I'm so glad everything came through. I keep waiting for money stuff to not be lousy, but it just keeps being that way.

    Really wonderful though, to have people to call on and realize how fabulous this community is.

    (had to giggle with the punishment and safe word, as I just reread something old of mine because there'd been a visit to it after ages, and it included 'like S&M but without the safe word' *snicker*

  12. So glad you were able to pay the bill! Isn't the internet community amazing? I love the 21st century!

  13. I actually figured out how to comment..DUH! I thought I needed a google account! But all kidding aside - I wish you a rainbow! Your blogs are priceless and so close to those aspects we all go thru that make us all part of the human race...the lows as well as the highs...bless you!

  14. Bloggers are wonderful people. Sorry I missed your need -- I don't get a chance to get here every day and am sorry I missed it.


  15. What?? I miss one post and miss a chance to help you?
    You know I'm walking that road with you sister. We overdrew last night to buy youngest some shoes. And I don't mean to supplement her others. I'm talking the kids had nothing but flip flops to wear and it's getting cold outside.

    Last week we had the most bizarre meals because we had no money for groceries. Literally. NO.MONEY. If the car breaks we are SOL.

    Never thought I'd be here, at this age. Weren't we supposed to be enjoying the fruits of our labors and resting on our laurels and all that stuff?????

  16. I missed this, and our CC is maxed (sound familiar?) or I would have tossed you a couple bucks.

    See, a couple years ago, we found ourselves in a moment of panic - it was Christmas time, and suddenly we needed to pay for new brakes or something for the car. I wrote the same kind of post, with the same feeling of yuck in my gut, and my readers, all three of them, came through.

    Sorry I didn't/couldn't contribute. In the future, email me and my Lisa and I will help out as much as we can. I, and even my wife a little, love you, although she doesn't in a way that makes for interesting conversations late at night.

  17. I didn't get here in time to hear about your situation. However, I can totally relate to your circumstance. Having be unemployed 3 times during this whole "recession" I know how hard it is to stretch the $$.

    I'm glad it worked out for you.

    Take care.

  18. Lisa, I don't have a cent to give right now 'cause I'm in a similar situation, as you know ... but you have all my joy for you and your family that your rich cultivation of family and friendship bears a bountiful harvest. I'm with Fran that you could write a smashing book (or several!) about what so many of us are going through ...

    What an amazing gift this worldwide web is ... In so many ways, we help one another to stay afloat ...

    Love to you and your family xoxo

  19. Glad everything worked out. During these times, all of us are at the precipice of being one step in this situation; if we are not already there. I look at it as a barter. Your writing is your art/craft. It is the gift you bring to the village. It was time in the harvesting of the crops for you and your family to receive your share. Happy Thanksgiving.

  20. I apoligize that, by thwe time I saw your previous post, the crisis was past.

  21. It's still hard for me to keep up with the news but I'm glad to know it all worked out.

    I hope you're preparing to shop that book because I know it has to be good.

  22. I missed this crisis, too. Never fear, though, I'll be around for the next one. That's how it is out here on the edge. Very nerve wracking especially when the kids are aware.

  23. It sucks to be broke but it's great to have friends.

    I am helping out several people right now or I'd pitch something in for you. Glad there are others who can come through for you.

  24. I've always liked the line, I'm so broke I can't afford to pay attention.

  25. This is some righteous news. So glad for you, sweetie.

    (I like this Randall Graves person.)

  26. Sorry I haven't even had a chance to use your Donate button yet. (I am on island time.) So happy more organized people are around! xx

  27. Nice photo Lisa. Thank you for your words of support. I'm going to take both your's and Vikki's advise. Take care and have a nice weekend. Linda


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