Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Didn't Even Mention the Dentist's Office

This is the book I've been anxious to read.  It's finally here. (
Sophia can play some of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance on her clarinet.
Chloe is home for Fall Break which means we'll be having a marathon viewing of British murder mysteries and costume dramas.  Halfway through we'll be speaking in foreign tongues.  She does a beautiful Queen's English, I sound like someone out of East Enders.  Or West Side Story.  I can never keep them straight.
MathMan High School's Girls' Softball team didn't do so hot in their state tournament so he's now turning his focus to basketball.  That means he'll stop calling balls and strikes on me.  Finally.  Instead he'll be calling me for traveling and for being all elbowy under the basket.  Nuts.
You wanna know what else comes from doing an hour on the elliptical several days a week? Everything hurts.  This getting fit thing is a joker.
The UPS guy escaped the place where I hid him, but that's okay.  I installed a GPS chip in his neck before the knock out drops wore off.
Nathan has a baseball game tonight.  Whatever happened to the boys of summer?  I'm taking my Hello Kitty Snuggie.  It's supposed to drop down into the 60s here.  For us thin-blooded Southerners, that's practically arctic.


  1. Ooh ... do tell what you think of this book ... I've had it on one of my countless to-read lists ...

    Re: the Queen's English ... Years ago I found a hilarious, satirical "guide" that included instructions on how to speak *propahly* without moving your jaw. Wish I'd bought it ...

    We've had one or two hard frosts up here. Brrr!

  2. I thought of you today when UPS rang my doorbell. It was a chick. Not the same fantasy AT ALL.

  3. I love LOVE watching all the BBC series (I stream them in from Netflix)...their Dickens' Bleak House is freaking tremendous; the acting sublime and creeptastic.
    I too have THE worst fake British accent...but I just love saying "pianoforte".

    Have a delightful weekend, Lisa.

  4. Sounds like,"Busy Day, Busy People," about my kinda book there.

    We're expecting heavy rain tonight and tomorrow, ending with wet snow as the daytime "high" plummets to 40 and the winds get their howl on.

    Enjoy your ball game! ;)

  5. You'll love Forest for the Trees. I've read it three times through the years! Looking forward to new insights in this edition.

    Tell them all to leave you alone so you can sit and read. Ha! I'm a single empty-nester. Easy for me to say.

  6. Jaliya - I'll let you know. My friend glasseye (see below) has a great post about it on her blog).

    Glasseye - I'm in your head? Score! Sorry the reality didn't live up to my overactive imagination.

    Lola - Bleak House is great although I found myself holding my mouth in that Gillian Anderson pucker throughout many of the scenes. I hope you have a great weekend. I'm going to get busy reading and editing as soon as I finish commenting here.

    CR - You win. Brrrrrr.

    Hi, Sherry. Thanks! I love Betsy's blog and what I've read so far (carried the book to the ballgame last night), is great.

    Lucky you with the empty nest! Most days it's just me and the cats. If I don't finish this book over the weekend, I'll be done with it by Monday afternoon.

  7. Forgive me for butting in, but I don't think any of the characters in East Enders would use the term "Queen's English". If they heard a woman talking like Her Majesty, they would probably say "she dunnarf talk posh!" and leave it at that.

  8. *giggles* I say you go for the technical foul and see what he does when he has to bench you.

    Fall break already? NUTS. I don't think we GOT a fall break except Thanksgiving. Have fun with your first born.

    I'm havinga couple days of marathon swim meets, got a sick kid and have not come up from editing hell for air...

  9. Bloody 'ell sixts a right June 'eat wave it is or I'm th'earl of Gloucester!

  10. That Betsy Learner book is fantastic - I recommend it to my students every single semseter. She gives all kinds of wonderful and practical advice - both on the writing process, and on publishing. You'll be glad you got it Lisa.

  11. Happy editing Lisa. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Finally. Instead he'll be calling me for traveling and for being all elbowy under the basket. Nuts.

    When you re using those elbows, I hope the last word isn't the target. ;-)

  13. My favorite dialect is Indian:

    The man who asked his employer for leave by saying, 'The hand that rocked the cradle has kicked the bucket'.

    Or how about using this line at your next job interview? 'I am bubbling with zeal and enthusiasm to serve as a research assistant.'

    Better still, 'We are happy to inform you that your request has been rejected.'

    As far as weather is concerned we're having our first sample of a nor'easter - except it isn't cold yet.

  14. Great minds think alike. I ordered that book. I love Betsy's blog. She is funny and smart and a delight to read.

  15. NEVER mention the dentist's office.

  16. Three fucking blankets and the cat won't get near me.

  17. I'm spending the weekend reading my book and we are now driving to the Husker game where I want us to smash those longhorns so hard that they never want to think about cornhuskers again.

    Because this is Nebraska and football is pretty much our life.

    And yes, we are all in our red sweatshirts. 60 degrees is nice and warm. Don't be such a pansy.

  18. Argh, try facing the incoming Canadian winter. No, it's not all dog sleds and igloos up here, but come December, it's all cold, all the time. Ick.


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