Monday, November 8, 2010

Does Anyone Else Hear That?

I am so sorry about the double post yesterday.  As if that post wasn't hot mess enough with all the typos and mistakes, I had to hit you with it twice?  I opted to not delete either post since both had comments so here they will stay forever and ever until some race of superbeings' children discover the internets in a dusty box tucked away in someone's galactic attic.  Once found, the internets will become a momentary interest before being lost again - this time for all eternity - after little BY5677 or whatever he's called, is chased by GR7689 across the attic.  He's carrying the internets in his six appendages, but since he's only .98 nanoseconds old, he's not so sure-footed.  Naturally, he trips and drops the internets and they go rolling into a black hole in the corner and (              )!!! Everything we've written here is gone in the blink of an eye. Or Six eyes, if you're little BY5677.

(       ) = the sound no one hears you make when you scream in space


I should probably stop drinking what's left of those Billy Beers I found in the crawl space.

What are you sorry for today?  And could someone do something about that low rumbling sound I hear?  Thanks.


  1. "What are you sorry for today?"

    Hm.... Im sorry I had to drag my father with me to have my blood work done this morning, but I am terrified of needles and tend to faint!

  2. Exactly, in the blink of the eye our schemes and worries aren't much. And yet we still think we're the galatic center of All Things Important.

    What am I sorry for today? ... Living in a neighborhood filled with Republicans, That I can't find that coffee can buried in the yard which contains a pound of Krugerrands, That I didn't stay on the ship, and That I didn't say "No".

  3. I am eating a tiny box of Milk Duds right now. Cheers.

    I'm not that sorry that I ate them.

  4. Billy Beer? Does it taste like the Carter Administration?

    Today I'm sorry that I didn't get some early enough to make cookies like I said I would.

  5. I'm really sorry that Lindsay Graham, John McCain, Condoleeza Rice, Stephen Hadley and others of that sorry bunch found their way to Halifax on the weekend to discuss plans for nuking Iran. Obviously I didn't go far enough but at least I'm close enough to complain.

  6. So that's how you write that sound (in space). Not like the sound Star Trek ships make when they go to warp (also in space - always wondered about that, too).

  7. I'm sorry that so many of My Fellow Americans are willfully ignorant, self-serving asshats. I'm sorry that donating my balls and spine to My Little President would do neither of us any good, as I'd be dead and he'd piss them away.

    And I'm sorry to have subsisted mostly on burritos for the past few days - now my damned pants are gone tight on me!

  8. I'm sorry I bought those peanut butter wafers and lil debbie's fudge brownies...and I'm even sorrier that they are almost finished! :(

  9. I'm sorry we're still in Lake City, Florida, The Land That Liberals Forgot.


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