Thursday, November 18, 2010

We Discuss Current Events

Thank you all for your encouraging comments yesterday when I shared with you the email I sent to my Senators asking them to vote for an extension of unemployment insurance.  Thanks to those who've blogged about it, linked and tweeted it, as well.

Predictably, both responded with form letters thanking me for contacting them, expressing sympathy for those of us out of work and explaining that they could only support the extension if it is budget neutral and does not add to the deficit.

I'm still trying to craft an appropriate response.  I thought about calling my mother, The Big R, for advice, but I already know what she would say.  While it's apparently fine for her to say politically incorrect things about Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell and his lipless, chinless, marionette-lined face and his cat who swallowed the canary smile, it is not okay for me to embarrass The Big R by shouting in an email written in all caps.

According to her, it's fine to treat politics like sports when one is safely walled off from prying eyes and ears, cocooned in front of the TV inside one's domicile, shouting "Get your head out of your ass!" at Chris Matthews when he fails to ask some obfuscating political operative an obvious follow up question.

However, opening your response to a Senator who essentially told you (once again) to get stuffed with "You've got to be fucking kidding me!" is not okay.

So I'm thinking over my response to both Senators - one a hard right conservative and the other more moderate - who support the ongoing massive spending on warfare and making permanent tax cuts for the wealthiest two percent of Americans, a move that is projected to increase the budget deficit by $700 billion plus and has not created a single net job in ten years, but want to draw a line in the spending sand when it comes to putting money into the hands of people who need it and who will put it into the economy immediately by spending it on essentials.  Let's just say keeping a measured and respectful tone is going to take some real effort.

Come to think of it, in the course of any given day, I do some really stupid stuff.  Trying to apply logic to politics and how our government "works" is probably some of the stupidest stuff I do.

Setting:  MathMan and I are sort of watching Countdown with Keef Overman's segment on the airport "security" full body scanners and TSA latex-gloved diddlings.

Me:  I get the whole privacy/effectiveness thing, but really?  I've got more pressing worries at the moment.
MathMan:  Yeah, well look at the unit on that guy.
Me:  What? Shit! I missed it! Worth a rewind?
MathMan:  Yeah, go ahead.  Rewind.
Me:  Wow. That guy on the right is hung.
MathMan:  That wouldn't have, by any chance....
Me:  My darling, I'm exhibiting symptoms of a severe upper respiratory infection and have had a fever off and on all day.  It would take a whole lot more than an x-ray showing the outline of some guy's low-slung manhood to arouse me.

Except I didn't say it quite like that.

Do you do stupid stuff?  How much would you love a government that really works for the people?  Do you think maybe I could get a job with the TSA feeling people up?  I'd be gentle.  I'll even rub my hands together first to warm them up.  Can we just toss the whole thing out and start over?  Which whole thing?  You decide.


  1. Cool story, bro!
    Following your blog

  2. Bro?

    Anyway, um, yeah, I believe I'm the reigning queen of doing stupid stuff on impulse.

    Men. Hope springs eternal that something might turn us on and they might get some. Talk about stupid ;) They're so cute.

  3. Maybe you should go sit in their office until they actually talk to you. Don't yell or scream. Just sit and wait with a thermos of coffee and a polite smile.

    Or not.

    What do I know.

  4. I don't think I'd even recognize a government for the people in this country.

    It's a government of the wealthy, by the wealthy and for the wealthy. That's it, that's all.

  5. "Trying to apply logic to politics and how our government "works"...."

    Will drive you literally INSANE!

  6. I agree with glasseye. I also think Mommy Lisa has something there, if you want to waste a day. Bring a video camera and record their response. Put it on youtube. Turn up the heat. If they serve only the wealthy, at least make them sweat!

  7. Politicians simply do not like the sound of one person talking to them, especially if the conversation is a complaint with no offered solution. They are not programmed to deal with that scenario. In fact, a single voice is what they avoid.

    However, if they are approached by a large group offering solutions to a problem, they tend to make some effort of cooperation.

    That's why lobbyists (even the good kind) are successful. They offer solutions and their support.

    Bottom line - Politicians are bull shit machines and it takes real clout to get change. Wacko religions, oil companies, insurance companies, etc. know this and work overtime feeding the bull shit makers. Thus, there's our representative government.

  8. Oh, please do get a job with the TSA feeling people up. It would make traveling ever so much more bearable to have an expert at the wheel.

  9. You guys are the voice of reason and you crack me up.

    I don't know if you've seen it, but Republicans and a few Blue Dog Democrats in the House voted against extending unemployment insurance. For now I'm not going to lose my shit. Maybe the Senate will pick it up. It will likely become a bargaining tool in the fight over the Bush Tax Cut extensions. That's a depressing thought. I really need the assistance, but I don't want it at the expense of adding to the economic inequities and to the tune of $700 billion plus added to the deficit.

    A job. A steady paycheck. That would be ideal. A steady stream of side jobs would be okay, too.

    Thanks for hanging in here with us during these interesting times.

    And by interesting, I mean I fucking hope there's some alcohol in this house somewhere.

  10. They're literally bankrupting the country paying for two wars and continual bank bailouts and you're worried that having your unemployment benefits extended might contribute to the deficit? Say it ain't so.

    On the other issue, I find it kind of amusing that the x-rays and groping at the airports only became an issue when the upper middle class got 'screened'.

  11. Oh Lisa ... I love how this post ends by cracking me up. I've never before heard the term "unit." For some reason it's got me snickering and giggling like a ten-year-old ...

    YES! --> get a job with TSA ... AND WRITE ABOUT IT


    I'm there with you re: the essentials. Come to think of it, just about everybody among my close relations is living close to the bone these days ...

    As for your senators? -- They lost me at "budget neutral". What a meaningless term for real life, eh? As for that certain senator you mention ... your imagery is perfect!! He always looks to me like he is pouting and plotting ...

    On the other hand ... nix the job with TSA. It'd become terribly *ick* in no time. Write about it anyway ... You have such a verdant imagination and Lord, you make us laugh xoxo


  12. Do you do stupid stuff? Never.

    How much would you love a government that really works for the people? As much as I'd love other imaginary things like leprechauns and interstellar spacecraft.

    Do you think maybe I could get a job with the TSA feeling people up? Boomchickawowowow.

    Can we just toss the whole thing out and start over? Yes.

    Which whole thing? The burnt casserole.

  13. Politicians won't take us seriously until they fear us. and they don't. they fear corporate executives, Wall Street bastards and rich rightwing assholes. We need to make them fear us before we can start to turn this big hot mess around. Now we have to figure out how do we do that within the confines of the laws--which, after all, apply to us but not the upper 1%.


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