Monday, December 27, 2010

Black Magpie Theory: The Time for Pretending Is Over

I'm writing fiction about nonfictional characters over at Black Magpie Theory.

Okay, maybe some of us wish those characters were fictional, but still......

What kind of trouble are you making for yourself today? What fictions are you creating? Am I going to need a lawyer?


  1. I hope you won't need a lawyer!

    I keep toying with an idea for a memoir. But I would have to pretend it was fiction otherwise my family would disown me.

    So while I wait for them to go senile or for me to grow a backbone, I am working on a thriller involving memory loss.

  2. Wow- very gripping! Amazing twists- I love the whole thing. Great work, Lisa!

    And funny about what Kay said. I just spent the morning writing something about driving in snow at Christmas that probably will never see the light of day for peace-in-the-family reasons. That's life, I guess.

  3. My "trouble" is getting out of a crappy job.
    I am starting early in late 2010 to find something decent in 2011, now that the family visiting & wedding hub bub is over.
    Too many years of the mediocre crapola...
    time to move on.

  4. No trouble here, yet.

    Well, unless you include the gorge-fest I've been undertaking of late. I've started packing on pounds again, and have zero interest in exercise or the gym. C says I need to get to the doctor, stat. Winter has a way of sucking the life (and the vitamin d) out of me.

    On the bright side, C may be up for a new job within the new year. It would send him to a new environment - for about triple his current pay. Fingers crossed that it actually happens! God knows he could use some good news. He sure deserves it.

  5. I hope you and your family have a healthy and happy New Year 2011. I'm working on a sequel to my YA novel (which hasn't sold yet but I'm being optimistic) and also hoping for that illusive employer who will actually call or email me for an interview! I sent my resume for a job I saw last week and got an email back asking me what YEAR I graduated high school...isn't it illegal for an employer to ask your age?

  6. I'm still over here trying to reinvent my painting style. I hope you're well :-)

  7. Happy Christmas
    and prosperous
    New Year,
    to you, also,
    LISA --
    thanks, for everything -- glad to know you, too!


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