Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm at the wrong end of the looking glass

Happy New Years Day, gang.  I hope you enjoyed a safe and entertaining New Years Eve, if that's your thing.  After MathMan and the kids got me down off the roof and back into my clothes, we just hung around the house watching Sherlock Holmes on DVD, feeling slightly odd about Dick Clark's appearance on the countdown, toasting each other with sparkling grape juice and tossing around curmudgeonly quips about the general hoopla taking place on the television.

Do we know how to party or what?  Dear god we're such Hewitts.  Those of you who know my family know exactly what I mean by that.  For those of you who don't, well, just be glad.  The Hewitts are not fun people. Trust me.

And I don't know how we've turned MathMan into a Hewitt, but I guess living with me for twenty gabillion years has done just that.  I am so so sorry, MathMan.  I was really hoping the kids would look like you and that your whimsy would rub off on me  Alas, no.

If today is any indication, 2011 is going to be the year of dicking around for me so you people with your grand plans and schemes for being productive and disciplined and thin and zen and all that can just.......nevermind. You go on with your bad selves.  I'll be here cheering you on.  Because that is what I do.

I'm dragging around a case of I don't wannas.  I don't feel like doing anything.  Especially not anything productive or grown up and responsible.  I scooped the litter box and spent an hour and a half reworking this blog's design. Isn't that enough?

But that's how I am.  If there's a big job to do like taking down the holiday decorations, for example, I must dive in instead of thinking about it.  That's how I end up still wearing my flannel pajamas at 7p.m. while directing Nathan who is helping me move the television from one location to another because rearranging everything in the living room is the best way to guarantee that we'll begin the new year with a little less dust and detritus from 2010. What begins with me absentmindedly sipping coffee and taking a few of the ornaments off the tree at 8:30 a.m. snowballs into a day of cleaning and rearranging.  But things got done.

If I stop and think about what has to be done?  Forget it.

That's how I'm treating the urge to upend everything and become a shiny new person because it's January 1.  I know what I need to do, but I'm not going to overwhelm my delicate self by thinking about it.  I'm just going to dive in.  Tomorrow.  No wait.  Tomorrow is Sunday.  Monday.  No wait.  The kids don't go back to school until Tuesday.  Tuesday.  Definitely.  For sure. Tuesday.  For now I'm just this...

Oh yeah, I watched Valley Girl last week.
How did you guess?

May 2011 be whatever you wish it to be.


  1. I have general goals, like finishing that daggum screen play, finishing another 5K and losing a lot of weight. However, these have been goals all along, and were not made with today in mind.

    Other than that, continuing to bake a crap load of junk and give it away/mail it to people is at the top of my list.

  2. Oh man, you said detritus. That's one of my words that makes me feel all dank and dirty. ;-)

    I have lots of changes going on in my life, as of the last two weeks, so 2011 should be one helluva year. My words for the last two years were MOVE and EMBRACE, and now I must pick something that's a little more grounding. :-) Although, I'm now closer than I've ever been to my goal of full-time writing. Which also means I'm quite close to being homeless and already penniless. But, aside from that, life is good! I think this is my year! I'm pretty sure it's yours too.

  3. Loving the new look.

    Tuesday, huh? I've got another week before my interruptions head back to school...........

  4. None the less, I 'think' breathing is still a good idea. Now, go watch a cheery movie, something like The Grapes of Wrath.

  5. I don't know how we've turned MathMan into a Hewitt

    One of these things?

  6. Christmas got all packed up the day after here. but i still have a hankering to re arrange the living room....because it has been the same way for over a year now and i need to switch it up. unfortunately,the idea is unshared, so i might just have to do it hwen k is out :)
    happy 1-1-11 to you and the family. looking forward to tagging along for the ride!

  7. Happy New Year Lisa! The place looks good!

  8. Today may well be the laziest day I've allowed myself in over twenty years. Tomorrow I will deal with everything I neglected and the residual guilt. Hoping this isn't a pattern for the rest of the new year.

  9. I'll think about being an even nicer person than I was in 2010. I worked so damned hard and I still came up short on being the best I can be. So I try to be a good buddhist leaning left-wing, hippie radical and forgive myself for not being perfect. The weight loss plans and de-cluttering schemes are nothing but a losing battle. The only area I can attain perfection in beauty is on my blog and my entryway and the later is lookin' a little muddy from no one else giving a flying fuck what it looks like.

    I think the forces of peri-menopause have finally taken hold. :-/

  10. I was thinking that I wanted to be kinder this year. Yup, I wanna be kinder :)

    The blog looks good. Happy New Year.

  11. Oh yes! My HUGE I don't wanna is this: I don't wanna go back to being a working person. How wacky is that? I have to face this whole new business thing and once April comes I'll be crazy busy cleaning vacation houses.

    I'm really digging this whole lot of nothing I got going on over here in France. If it makes you feel any better I can barely deal with a poinsettia palnt, my only holiday decoration...


  12. I'm in good company then. If I think about anything I have to do, I open a bag of chips and try to make the thinking stop. I need to dive in.

    They didn't really trot Dick Clark out again did they? Was he strapped to a dolly this time? I watched Kathy Griffin make Anderson Cooper giggle and drank my way into the new year.

  13. i had a mad frenzy moment yesterday morning and took every spot of christmas down before anyone woke up. now it's all in a corner awaiting to be taken to the basement and our tree sits naked on our front porch like it got stood up. (i stay in my pajamas til 7 p.m. whenever i can)

  14. I am adding the naughty bits to what started out as an innocent, PG romance. I feel like I'm orchestrating an orgy for a cast of bewildered characters who've inadvertently wandered onto the set of Debbie Does Dallas.

  15. We didn't even have a tree here, and ever since I returned from visiting the kids and meeting my new grand-daughter there hasn't been much need to get dressed at all. I spend a butt-load of time alone here in Alaska.

    I guess that's my one New Year's resolution; to friggin' rectify that little problem--tout de suite!

  16. My tree is still up with no detrimming in sight. Meanwhile, today it's raining, a good excuse not to get out of my jammies. Another perk of being single -- personal hygiene is not such an issue.

    Happy to be kicking 2010 to the curb and actually feeling optimistic about 2011. Or delusional. It's all good.

    For me it will be a year of paring down -- but that's for tomorrow's post.

    Happy New Year, Lisa!

  17. "I don't wanna" go back to work. I kinda like being home to cook and clean. I feel so much less frazzled when home is orderly.
    All remnants of Christmas came down today, and I'm enjoying the bare secular surroundings, all dusted and vac'd. Even the laundry is caught it. I'm sure it'll last about 24 hours.

  18. Yes, redesigning your blog IS enough for one day.

    I haven't felt an ounce of motivation either. I'm hopeful Monday will bring some much needed inspiration.

  19. I want to be less angry in 2011. And I want to engage in many more small acts of civil disobedience.
    Hope you and Mathman and the little Goldens have a peaceful, healthy, and happy New Year.

  20. Every year I resolve to not make resolutions and so far that's worked out okay for me. That way I'm always ready for whatever happens next in a chaotic world.

    Happy New Year, my friend.

  21. Happy New Year.

    I don't do resolutions, but do have some accomplishments that I want to get done. Most are carry overs from 2010 (and previous years, too). Really trying to change that for 2011 so I can add new accomplishments for 2012 and future years.

  22. My college age kid decided new year's day/weekend would be a good time to move back into the student co op. I got the sense he felt someone purposefully snuck in & made that weekend a holiday weekend & failed to notify him!
    Seriously Dude, you waited till 12:30 pm to start calling truck rental places on New Year's eve???
    It was comical & painful at the same time
    A friend w a pick up truck saved the day (his ass) & got him moved.
    At some point I said I hope you learned a lesson from all this.
    Be strong & persevere? He answered.

    No! Don't get yourself boxed into a corner.
    As he was shuffling his stuff out of our house, my friend looked me in the eye & said "It never ends you know".
    But later she said... well if they are asking for help & communicating, at least you know what they are up to.
    Yet another gem of wisdom from another friend... "Eventually they will figure it out".

    So I am resolving to try to back off more.
    Natural consequences are the best lessons, right?
    Too bad I can't connect that whirlwind dynamo kid (young man) to some apparatus that would take us off the electric power grid.
    One day at a time. Right now, I resolve to get a good night's sleep.



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