Friday, February 25, 2011

I hope for you to get through this rain (or snow)

It looks like slacking.
But it's more like......


Have to drive across the foothills to get my girl who's on spring break this coming week. For those of you battling horrible weather, I apologize. Greatly. Intensely. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. No, wait. Don't hate me because it's pretty here.

What are your weekend plans? Who's going to a protest FOR the middle and working classes? I might if I can figure out how to use the MARTA system because I am NOT reliving a repeat of the circus traffic fiasco. Not even for the middle and working classes.


  1. My daughter and I opened the sun-roof yesterday . . . it was sunny and almost 60 degrees! Since it was literally the FIRST sunny day we've had in weeks I didn't/don't feel the slightest bit guilty about gloating.

    I swear that blast of sun was like some ideal combination of adrenalin/prozac for me.

  2. has the answers you seek. Or at least some of them.

  3. There's a huge, noisy wind and rainstorm blowing outside. The radiant heat floors are so efficient we've had to keep the storms cracked open all winter. Sometimes we even open the inner ones and listen to the howling beast of mid-winter. That it's rain tonight is a good sign.

  4. we're covered in wet cold rain, but i'm staying in my office reading you so it's good.

  5. The sun's coming back, isn't it. Dammit.

    Plans? Protesting against the middle and working classes, duh.

    --"David Koch"

  6. It's been raining all week, and the high today is 46. Though the sun has finally come out, it's breeze and cool. I say "cool" but all of my neighbors say "freezing" -- the Californians freeze when temps dip below 58. The poor normally-sunshine-laden folks here don their North Face gear and rush in from the outdoors because they are FREEZING!! It's very sweet.

    Oh, what am I doing? I am reading and making myself take a short jog everyday. I'm desperate to lose some lb's before my daughter's wedding this summer!!

  7. All week the news was in a full blown frenzy-- The flakes are coming! The flakes are coming!!!
    Here in western Oregon we rarely get snow... so when it comes people get their panties in a knot about it.
    Schools close. Drivers drive like idiots. The news people make fools of themselves.
    After predictions of a possible 4 inches on the valley floor, we got a light dusting. Maybe an inch. It;s pretty for sure, I meant to snap a few photos, but it was melted & mostly gone by noon.
    Just a small bit of leftover snow in north facing places.
    I grew up in Illinois. Schools did not shut down unless it was 4 feet & in drifts.
    Makes these places seem so weird about the inkling of snowflakes.
    Plus they put sand/grit on the roads for traction. Just makes a gritty mess, it does not give traction like salt to melt the ice.

    It's a nippy 16 degrees here this morning, but no snow!

    I am staying in my nightgown most of the day. If I get ambitious, I will mop a few floors & clean the bathroom, but no promises.
    Long naps are my priority this weekend.

    The corporate crapola world really sucks the lifeblood/energy out of me.

  8. We got six inches of snow yesterday in Ohio. What the hell's wrong with the logic of these colleges deciding the last week of February should be "spring" break? At least the sun peeked through today... Hope having your daughter home brightens your week!

  9. It snowed all day here yesterday so I spent the morning shovelling and coincidentally listening to Amos Lee so it's all good.

    My further plans involve watching the Oscars in my finest pyjamas.

    Susan, I have your profile picture hanging halfway up the stairs in my house. Just saying.

  10. 85F here this morning at 6am, forecast to hit at least 98F every day this week for the third week straight.

    I could deal with that except it has not dropped below 72F at night since the first week in February.

    Needless to say, the great unwashed on our public transport are well on the nose...

  11. What are your weekend plans?

    Sleeping, eating, and loving Oscar Night

  12. We've had gorgeous weather, my midwest friends hate me...LOL.
    Spring Break already...dang!
    MARTA....I've done was ok...I didn't get lost.


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