Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The pump don't work 'cause the vandals took the handle

Instead of listening to music this morning, I made the mistake of turning on Morning Joe on MSNBC. After about ten minutes, here's what I decided I'd like to see from the media:

Homeless people talking about homelessness.
The unemployed discussing unemployment.
People without pensions, large savings accounts, golden parachutes, trust funds, Roth IRAs or 401ks talking about Social Security.
Women of child-bearing age discussing reproductive policies.
Government workers setting the record straight about their salaries and benefits packages which are allegedly driving this nation to the brink of bankruptcy.
People without health insurance walking us through their experience with the American health care system.
Workers discussing business policies.
Family farmers talking about farming and food.
Small business people discussing about small business.
Students, teachers, administrators and parents talking about education.
People without access to opportunity describing what it's like for them.
Scientists talking about environmental policy.
Illegal immigrants describing what it's like to live in a place where you're part welcome, part not.
The uber rich, with a straight face, describing their lavish lifestyle to a group made up of the underclass and including, but not limited to, the elderly, children, veterans and anyone who lost their retirement funds to the swindlers of Wall Street.
People who hire undocumented workers explaining their motivations for doing so.
Lobbyists truth telling about how they influence the government.
Politicians admitting who they really answer to.
Pundits explaining that they're pretty much talking out their asses.

Now I have to go elbow my way through Publix awash in senior citizens so I can terrorize the checker with my Ziploc baggie of coupons and cart full of B1G1 items. It's the Mystery Penny Coupon Day, dontcha know.

What would you like from our media? 


  1. Agreed. All of it, agreed.

    Answer to your question: What I would like to see from the media is a mass disassembling of and an end to the 24 hour news cycle.

  2. The world we don't have...

    Is OK if I link this at the Dreamwidth page as well?

  3. Yes! Nothing to add - that list will do for now.

    Oh wait, one more thing I want from the media: NOT the Bachelor. Or Cookie or Sneeky or Snookie or whatever her name is.

  4. Last night I was watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because I was in the mood for more barfing - They asked the ladies - "You seem SOOO RICH. How has the economy affected you?" (e or a? I get them confused)
    The one who is by FAR the richest said that "It's not appropriate to fly private any longer." and that she flies "commercial".

    It made me want to laugh and cry. I don't think there is anything WRONG with her personally, she seems nice enough, but really? That was all she could come up with? How about donating MORE to a food bank, or hiring more employees???

  5. bwhahhaahahhahaa--don't hold yer breath, sister. me too, I'd like to see all that too. but that shit is upsetting, and won't sell any crap. but it will strike fear into the hearts of many...I may hafta link to this tho, cuz you nailed it.

  6. More sports ...

    In lieu of that, live coverage of duels, live feeds from traffic cameras, DIY segments on brain surgery, 24/7 coverage of child birth (one after another but not same woman), Sarah Palin just out of a shower (no, skip that one), interviews with sex offenders, interviews with mimes, interviews with the guy with the broom who follows behind circus elephants.

  7. I would like for all of those highly paid people to stop saying "in these tough economic times..." It ticks me off. So insincere and smug.

  8. What do I want from the media? In my journalism days, I wanted a good job. In my PR days, I wanted a good spin. In my current career incarnation, I just want a little attention.

  9. Sigh. Me? I am avoiding the media at moment.

  10. ... You and me both!!!! MJ really irritates me and yet I still turn it on. I guess that makes me insane... Have fun at Publix!

  11. How radical, talking to people that actually know things because they are living it!! For years now I've thought that the talking heads don't have a clue what real life is like. They all act like everyone has a white collar job making 6 or 7 figures a year. It hasn't been about journalism since the 24hr news cycle started, it's all about entertainment.

  12. Amen, Sista!

    Did you mention having students, parents, and teachers who attend or work in public schools talking about education and public schools? That's a big one for me right now.

    You hit every nail on it's head. As always, an excellent post!

  13. I actually thought of one more thing...

    We should shoot every economist who says there is no inflation right now or that it's not a problem.

    Have they been inside a grocery store in the last year? I bet their housekeepers, drivers, pool boys, and shoe shiners could tell them a thing or two about inflation.

  14. How about someone from the Defense Department admitting bluntly that we can't ever win in Afghanistan so we might as well get the fuck out now? And that the only reason most military officers won't say that is because combat = promotions? It's always been real hard to climb the career ladder in a peacetime army.

  15. I like to see more TV 'news' shows sponsored by social justice groups and labor unions.

  16. Very Nice approach!

    Is it so very, very radical - for say those who say that they are "Democrats" perhaps to insist upon a radical thing called "dialog" as in our president and congressional representatives certainly "listening" to The Chamber of Commerce and other "business interests" in a sense discussing the important relevant issues for more than sound bite length periods with actual people like workers, unemployed "Lisas" and other (evident) "low lifes".

    If efforts could be made to focus upon creating win/win strategies and dealing with actual issues through dialog - we might have our chances raised from .00001% to at least 2-3%.

    Where the "other side" wouldn't talk, that would say something and "our side" could speak - aren't I crazy??? Thanks!

    It seems like d

  17. Rock on.

    I'm not the religious type but I'd pray at your pulpit any day of the week.

    What do I want from the media? Exactly what you said. To give suffering people the opportunity to speak for themselves. If we can't give them jobs/insurance/childcare/food, the least we can do is give them the chance to be heard.

  18. In the morning I wake up and watch the previous evening's broadcast of The Daily Show (the BEST show on television!) Of course, when they have reruns, I'm screwed so I channel flip between Mike and Mike (ESPN2) and Morning Joe. Now I don't know why I watch it. Maybe I'm a masochist. Mika is kinda hot, but why she lets Joe get away with the crap he does I'll never know. Of course when Pat (I love Sarah Palin) Buchanan is on, my blood really gets moving good. Now, as for what I'd like to see more of on television....good old fashioned SEX!

  19. and what kind of name is steny anyway? is that code for rich-white-male-politico?

  20. Yes. To all of what you AND the other commmenters said. Well, except Bill.

    Sorry, guy. I can NOT get behind televised mimes. They're like clowns, only silent.

  21. Agreed, and AMEN.

    PS: The title of this post is one of my VERY favorite Dylan songs.

  22. Wind us up and watch us go! I forgot to mention the poor talking about what it's like to be poor in one of the wealthiest nations in the world.

    Thanks for all these great comments.

    D - you're welcome to link. Thanks for doing it!

  23. I'd like to see us liberals give up on trying to convince conservatives to care about the greater good. They don't. They won't.

    I'd like to hear the debate about global warming turn from discussions of science to the financial and national security advantages of converting to renewable energy. Rednecks don't care about polar bears, but are scared as hell about brown people. Use the argument that works.

  24. I'd watch that kind of t.v.

    Oh, wait, we got rid of our set. Because neither of us could stomach the propaganda anymore.

  25. Not only does the msm preach to the lowest common denominator, they also hire them.

    I'm so proud of you ♡

  26. Johnny's in the basement
    mixin' up the medicine
    I'm on the pavement
    Thinkin' about the government
    excellent proposal
    Write it in a letter to President Obama.

  27. I just posted about this yesterday.

    I liked yours a lot and I agree.

  28. Lisa, this is pure gold. Brilliant. Can't think of a thing to add, but I am going to spread it all over the Internet. One of my favorite posts ever!

  29. I'm right there with you - let's have some real info on real situations from REAL people REALLY dealing with it. The media is so fake and so insulated from the realities you are describing. And much of the audience is, too.

    Like the Indigo Girls' lyrics in "Shame on You."

    I go down to Chicano city park /
    'Cause it makes me feel so fine /
    When the weeds go down you can see up close /
    In the dead of the winter time /
    But when the summer comes everything's in bloom /
    And you wouldn't know it's there /
    And the white folks like to pretend it's not /
    But their music's in the air...

    And you can hear 'em singing, la la la, they say shame on you /
    And you can feel them dancing, la la la, they say shame on you...

  30. That's a great list, Lisa! It well covers a lot of viewpoints, and would make for interesting teevee watching! I think we'd all appreciate some real, and I don't mean reality teevee!

  31. Man, what I wouldn't give to have ONLY the people affected creating the dialog on pretty much everything. I took a journalism and public opinion in my undergrad and we did a big section on publicity and tax levy outcomes... the example: school funding.

    The conclusion was that there are 5 kinds of voters:

    * Teachers (who all vote for and know from the beginning)
    * Parents with kids in school (who mostly vote for and find out next)
    * Young adults, pre-kids, who think stuff oughta run for free and ALL vote against.

    The conclusion: the fewer people who hear about the vote, the better the chance of it passing.
    * Parents of WRONG-aged kids (mostly older) who vote in a mix, but far less supportive because they are 'done with it'
    * Older people who largely vote against

  32. HA! oh, and the question... REGULATION of news! Dammit, I want actual NEWS, not the filtered crap that is strained through the commercial interests of the TV station and the advertisers. Give me NPR!

  33. You forgot unicorns & leprechauns. I know they're extinct, but still.

  34. Ooh very good list. You should be president...


  35. Your list makes perfect sense. Too bad, that means it won't happen.

  36. So true. I sit next to that station 9 plus hours a day, blaring in my ear, and after awhile I begin to think it's me.
    I would link to it, but I don't know how, anyway one of the best days was when Jon Stewart tore apart the predictions on MSNBC, by so many of their "journalists". I think I cheered.

  37. So, while you're waiting to become a household word on the literary scene, I suggest you apply for work as News Director for an outfit like Air America.

    We'll feed you plenty of leads if you hit a wall, which I think unlikely.

  38. I, personally, am fed up with reality shows.

  39. Ok-- then this will give ya a laugh...

  40. So they don't talk about any of those things, even though they have 24 hours a day? Wow. Glad I haven't given in to the child's begging for TV channels.

    Great list, Lisa.

  41. Someone on my local Patch wrote a 3 part series on homelessness which opened with an actual conversation with an actual homeless guy.

    Some people didn't like it.

  42. But, we wouldn't need tv, then, because we could just talk to actual people.

  43. If this were Facebook I'd click on a big fat LIKE for this post. So true!


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