Saturday, February 5, 2011

You talk about the junk you did

I've been digging around in the archives here and from the old blogs looking for posts as I work on a project. It's slow going, but hopefully worth it.

So here's a question I have for you. Especially those of you who've been around for a long time and have strong retention skills. Sadly, I don't which is why this project is going slower than it should. Anyway, if you can remember anything from a post that stood out for you, please leave a comment. Anything. The kernel of an idea you remember. A line that stood out. A title. The accompanying picture. The general topic. Anything. But there are two caveats for this project:

1. It has to be a post about relationships.
2. I'm looking for funny, humorous, wryly presented. I don't really do wry, do I? You know what I mean though.

This is awkward to ask. It feels so - - gross. As if you guys don't have anything better to do than remember posts from my goofy blogs. But before I hit the submit button, I want to make sure I've collected my best work.

Meanwhile, I'm working on something else and just as I prepared to sluice down the memory hole, this newish song by Lucinda Williams came on and I was all How perfect! I'm adding to my playlist for writing, for life. For drinking beer and lighting matches for the sulphur sting because that reminds me of something, too.

Thanks, gang, for indulging me. Enjoy the song, the rest of your weekend and your buttercup...


  1. I'm partial to the post of your daughter's hangover...and her walking in on you.

    I laughed from start to finish.

    I also love the story of your son giving to the homeless vet. That tore my heart up in the best way.

  2. It isn't funny because I'm not eating Mongolian Beef.

  3. I remember the one where you wrote about the cheating boyfriend and the ones where Sophia tries to disturb the deed and the one where you get the phone call and have to ask Mathman something over your shoulder. Seems as though you talked a bit about Miss Lemon/Poirot shipping as well, back in the day.

  4. The one about you, the bar near the navy base and the three sailors and bet made about who could jump over a bar stool while holding a beer and not spilling a drop. Can't recall who won because of the fist-fight, the police and the narrow escape out a bathroom window.

  5. First, let me say I feel guilty answering this because I have been away for a while. But I'm back now.

    I always loved the commute chats. They were always so much fun.

    Also, I really felt for you when I was reading the post from Tuesday. Having 2 children who are still in college at 30 and 25, I know very well what you went through by simply reading a Facebook post. I hope things are well with The Dancer.

  6. I don't remember the whole post, or even how long ago it actually was but it was a phrase about getting the wedge out.

    That seems to loop around inside my head evry no and again.

  7. I remember that grueling time you left for good - to NYC.

    I always remember the angst in everyone's life. I'm doomed. ;-)

  8. I haven't been around as long as all that, and I'm an erratic follower at best - BUT
    Loved the rubber in the back yard, and you said something once about trying to surf porn but your kids kept interrupting that had me hooked and coming back for more.

  9. The ones that stick in my memory are the ones about you meeting MathMan, and the several part series about that other relationship - the one that ends with you hitting him in the head with a soup can...

    And I thought immediately of the commute videos. I liked those a lot - slices of your relationship and conversation with MathMan.

  10. I loved the commute chats.
    I know it's so sensitive but I loved the post you wrote about your marital ups and downs etc.
    I know the posts about moving were also well done.

  11. I love, love, love your Just Kids post, being trapped indoors with your kids during this last snow storm, and the next day, when your chores tried to work their grimy little hands around your writing time. And, of course, the gout! No compilation would be complete without your gout.

  12. I think ALL of your posts are FABULOUS! I can't possibly chose just one!

  13. Not much help from me. Lots of little snippets of real life stuff. Life churns on & we all go through it.
    There are lots of things you just throw out there... zingers- like him pressing you to go exercise & you telling him no, but his still pressing on with it, Kind of like a Ralph Kramden/Alice schtick.
    Someone is pushing someone's buttons, but usually with good intentions.

    I'd have to go through the archives to hit on the ones I consider "best of", but right now I am immersed in getting estimates from electricians & roofing people. Effing reality bites!

    I should be taking a much needed vacation & replacing 20 plus year old furniture that has definitely seen better days.
    Instead, these trades people will be collecting hefty sums from us.

    Still I try to buck up & be glad to have a roof over our heads that we have to fix, right???
    It could always be worse.

    I love Lucinda Williams! Got to see her w Van Morrison & Bob Dylan. Some concert!

  14. Bwaahhhaaaahahaaa!


    OMG, what a choice with the contraception.

    Love ya dear.

    Ya just cracked my ass up.


    Of course, that would have been my first choice, I am a certified pervert.

  15. There was one where you took of your bra at Stop sign, much to the amusement of the driver next door...

    ...and lots of photos of power plant cooling towers. I miss those.

  16. I've always loved everything you've written in the Adventures in Real Parenting series. A particular favorite was the time you wrote about disliking your children. Sorry I can't recall when but it was very funny.

    Then there was the episode of the 'little plug'. I almost cried from laughing at that one.

  17. You guys are great! I appreciate these ideas so much. I see a couple of patterns. This really helps.

    Mountjoy, it's nice to see you! I'll have to take some new photos. They have some new scrubbing stacks at Plant Bowen.

    Thank you, again. All of you!

  18. I just read all the comments and realize that because I am old and senile, I have less retention than you do. I don't specifically remember ANY of those posts they talk about, but now I have a hankering to read them.

    What I remember is that we started reading each other's blogs after we bonded over how stupid that other blogger was, the douche bag who is really just a sad old man living in a broken down horse trailer, lusting after big breasted women (and getting off at the thought of lesbians doing it....which is why he started reading my blog and then got mad when I blasted him for being a racist,woman hating pee butt)...Now, WHAT the hell was that loser's name because I swear I can't remember him.

    Oh, and I thought your husband had a funny blog and when I commented, he told me that if I thought his blog was good, I should read yours....Nice guy you have there, btw.

  19. This is the project I think it is, isn't it?! *rubs hands together gleefully* I LOVE your voice for the humorous hardships of parenting/marriage/surviving as a family... ALL of them. I think your label cloud should do it though--you have a bunch of labels on family, parenting, marriage. I ALSO love when you draw your own past into looking at your kids' lives... sort of the... 'see how much worse it could be... they coulda been me' way of making the current irritations about them small.

  20. You've written so many doozy wonderful posts. But the first one that came to mind is one that struck a chord -- you wrote about hosting a daughter's party (or chaperoning) and discovering that the little heathens aren't so bad after all.

    Now get back to that page-turner ;) !

  21. I haven't read what everyone else put but my favorite is one I can't find. It was a made up story about either a politician or a religious figure who had a rendezvous with a hooker the night before or after a big event. If you see about 20 or so page visits over the last hour, that was me trying to find the name of it. I also liked the one you wrote that was inspired by a pic. You had to write a story where the girl had the professor backed against the wall. I hope that helps. Those were my favorite.

  22. i'm late to this one. i can't go far back, but i like the ones with you trying to write hot-n-heavy scenes while mathman tries to distract you.

    good luck with whatever assignment you're working on!

  23. Isn't your whole blog essentially about relationships? *smiles* There would be so many posts to choose from, I would think...

    My favorites that stand out for me were the recent post about your daughter's hangover (hee-larious!) and also the one about when you first moved to GA (I think) and left your garbage in your van in the rot and get maggots! Ewww.....your family's reactions and the way you told the story was just priceless...I loved it. :)


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