Monday, June 27, 2011

Slap this on my bumper

I grew up not too far from Corydon, Indiana, which is where Butt Drugs is located. The last time I visited my family in Rising Sun, I planned to make the tiny detour to visit Butt Drugs so that I could take Sophie to a real soda fountain, but our plans got changed and the visit to Butt Drugs was canceled.

Enter amyg from Amy Wrote It. She lives not far from Corydon and somewhere along the line I mentioned that I want to visit Butt Drugs. Well, she couldn't send anything from the soda fountain (she considered it), but she did send me a bumper sticker that is causing quite a stir on Facebook.

Thank you, amyg. Every time I look at this sign, I smile.

For those of you not familiar with amyg and her fabulous writing on her blog and in syndicated columns, you should rectify that right now. Lord, I am such a child that I used the word rectify because it reminds me of the word rectum. Butt Drugs. Rectum. My inner twelve year old is rolling around on the floor laughing. My outer adult is about to send me to the corner.

While I take my punishment (not the good kind), you guys listen to this and try, just try, not to smile. (NSFW means not safe for work so put on your headphones, lovers.)

Thanks to someone special for turning me onto Lucille Bogan.


  1. I couldn't hear the song very well so I went and found the original lyrics. All young people tend to think they've invented sex and the world keeps spinning round.

  2. That bumper sticker is fabulous. And Amy is fabulous for sending it! I, too, love Butt Drugs. :)

  3. I couldn't help Googling Butt Drugs. I don't know which I love more, the name or the 35 cent cup of coffee still available. Amy rocks.

  4. "Every time I look at this sign, I smile."

    more like, "everytime i see butt drugs, i'll think of amy."

    ha ha!

    glad you liked it. can't wait until we get to talk about our writing at the counter drinking milkshakes. let me know when you're headed to rising sun.

  5. Lucille Bogan don't hold back none.
    Kinda like what you expect to hear in an old juke joint tucked away somewhere.

    Butt Drugs.

    What can be said really???

  6. I googled Butt Drugs too - their video is awesome and the tune will be playing in my head all day.

    "I can always count on Butt Drugs"

    "For all my health needs, I turn to Butt Drugs"

    "Free parking in the rear"


  7. This is on the short list for posts of the year, which means I think my twelve year old isn't an innie but an outie.


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