Friday, July 29, 2011

And we can listen to XRT!

It's going to be a busy weekend. We're leaving today to take Pork Chop to his new home in Illinois with Lyra and her family and while we're there, we're going to visit family and friends and eat. So far our list of food musts includes:

Super Dawg
Lou Malnati's
Adreani's Pizza
Marie's Pizza
Bagel Country
And one of any number of coffee shops like Kappy's on Dempster.
We'll also be bringing home a sack of Kaufman's bagels, I tell you what.

When we come home, I'm going to weigh 20 lbs. more, I tell you what. And yes, I realize that our list lacks a certain variety, but we'll probably squeeze in another hot dog joint or two, if we can. There's a fiscal method to this madness. After this trip, we won't have to buy groceries for the remainder of the month. We'll live off our fat.

We're also stopping at the halfway point and I hope I get see amyg show is celebrating her birthday today so you might want to go wish her the best.

I am really looking forward to this. I've been so homesick for Chicago, I can't even tell you. So on Monday, if you hear of an incident involving a silver-haired woman who had to be forced to stop clinging to the Welcome to Illinois sign while she cried that she wanted to staaaaaay! you'll know who's been at it again.

Here's our route. Fascinating, I know.

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See you on Monday or Tuesday. Until, peace and all the rest.

P.S. CSPAN''s Washington Journal read one of my tweets this morning. It was both cool and odd to see my face on TV. Good thing I stopped using that avatar where I'm mooning the camera.

 P.S.S. In case you're worried about my reckless broadcasting that our house will be standing empty, please note that the house is under tight security. You've heard the stories about my crazy ass neighbors, right? Well, they're keeping an eye. And the five Pussies for Peace will remain at home where they are in very bad moods about being left behind. They have a few stern words for Rahm and are pissed to be missing the opportunity to meet with him in person instead of via Skype the way they usually conduct their bullying advocacy. Be warned.


  1. Say hello to Indiana for me as you breeze through. Have a great trip and I hope it is not too hot.

  2. I wouldn't worry about your house. It's probably too damn hot even for would-be thievery.

  3. Aaaack! I'm so excited I can't stand it.

    Safe journey, my friend.

  4. I'm so jealous that you'll be meeting Lyra! And eating REAL pizza. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  5. Enjoy!!! Your list has made me hungry!!

  6. Any chance of a slight detour to Alaska? :)

  7. This food list deserves an award. I'm totally with you. Wave hello to Carmel, Indiana as you drive by. What a great town name! (my husband from Evansville agrees)

  8. Your route looks a bit like the profile of my sagging breasts. Feh.

    Have a wonderful trip. Give Lyra a big ol' squeeze for me.

  9. Enjoy that delicious carb-fest.
    I am all about what I eat on vacations. In some ways, it's probably more fun visiting a place that you already know that you love!

  10. Hope you have a great trip and MathMan enjoys his last days of freedom before returning to prison, uh, I mean work.

    I've been a total slack ass for a while since i went back to work part time and have really missed reading your blog.

    Hoping to get back into the bloggy swing of things.

  11. Wow! That is some dedication to deliver the kit-tay all that distance.
    Although I never ate @ SuperDawg, I wondered if that is the place w the giant hot dog/"people" on top-- so I Googled it. Sure enough!
    Funny story about that-- I was in Chi town helping my Mom & it was May & there was a freak snowstorm I was inching my way along in traffic & I see the 2 giant hot dogs, partially covered in snow-- thinking what a surreal situation this is, snapped a photo.
    Have also partaken in Lou Malnati's pizza.
    Mmmmm to die for!
    Atza some pizza Eh?

  12. It's not at all witty but I hope you have a safe journey and all good things.

  13. The Lou thin crust is my favorite. Have fun!


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