Sunday, July 31, 2011

From the road

Thank you all for the well wishes. The cat hand-off went perfectly except I could have used much more time hanging out with Lyra. I'm so happy for this cat. He's in a wonderful home where he's going to be loved to pieces by everyone except Pearl, the fifteen year old cat. And who can blame Pearl? Who wants to be intruded upon by a younger, more energetic hottie?

I'm pleased to report that no family member has killed anyone else thus far. There have been quite a few funny lines delivered, but I'm reluctant to repeat them here because then you'd have further evidence of what savages we are.

The trip so far has been wonderful. MathMan's sister and her husband have put us up in her suite of rooms which is lovely and newly remodeled. We've seen friends and family and driven around the old haunts.

Have I mentioned how homesick I am for this place?

There will have to be more later. There are still bagels and hot dogs to eat and can you believe we haven't even had a single slice of pizza? There's also a potential meet up with one of my long time blogger friends and a trip to the beach.

Did I mention how homesick I am for this place?

Until then, I miss you guys.


  1. Hang on - I go away for a few weeks and come back to find out you've met Lyra? Hot diggity dawg! Enjoy the rest of the road trip.

  2. Pork Chop is the luckiest (and probably happiest) little kitty in the U.S. of A. this week. How cool that you met Lyra. I'm convinced she's my long lost twin! I'm so jealous, and thrilled you got to meet up!

    Happy travels for the rest of your family adventure.

  3. Such a pleasure, I can't even tell you.
    Now if we can just get you to move back to Illinois...

  4. Side note: Pearl and Porkchop have been having a standoff on either side of the french doors.
    Pearl goes from sitting and hissing through the window, and The Porkster goes from a soft mewing to retiring to the upper tier of her post. As of this typing, they are having a stare-down.


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