Friday, August 5, 2011

Or we can just tweet about punching people in the ...

I wrote the other day about how my son Nate has taken to booing things that cause him displeasure. While I do not relish being the target of said booing on a routine basis (which means I must be doing something right as a parent, yes?), I appreciate the concept. I think we should bring back the idea. Perhaps it's time to begin a campaign of civil booing. Let's express our displeasure with the time-tested sound of unhappiness, disapproval and disdain.

We're going to need a list, People of the Internets. Will you help?

For example, I believe that Rupert Murdoch deserves a huge, long, rowdy booing. Rather like the boos you hear coming from the House of Commons during one of their more raucous sessions.

Murdoch deserves the booing for what he's done to our political system, our media and our national discourse. He's the guy sporting the engineer's cap on the Crazy Train. If you don't think a big part of the reason this nation, nay this world, is in the mess it's in, comes courtesy of the Right Wing media monopoly in so many places without a strong opposition message, then you need to come visit me.

In a place like this, perfectly normal people would argue that the grass is blue and the sky is green if Fox News and the red-faced rich guys who spray spit all over their radio studio microphones, decided to pump out that falsehood for half a week. 24/7 messaging is powerful stuff, Girlfrand.

So yes, Murdoch, you get booed. I don't care if you're old. I don't even care if you're down. Imma gonna boo you.

Booing cuts both ways. I'd like to boo my son Nate. He said he'd bring me the Netflix Forrest Gump movie so we could mail it back and where is that damn DVD? Not in the red envelope. I'm a busy woman. I need people to hold up their end of the deal.

My list of boo targets is enormous, but I don't want to appear greedy. It's Friday according to fourteen million unimaginative people on Facebook so let's loose. Time for cleansing vent so we can get on with the weekend fun.

Mind you, this exercise is pure venting. It's not going to change a thing. When it comes to change, I'm offering up radical ideas on my other blog. Here, at That's Why, I'm all about the vent today. So have at it.

Who would you boo? The target can be micro and/or macro. Think big. Think that guy at the office who chews with his mouth open. Don't limit yourself. Who would you boo?


  1. Barack O-boo-ma. For being a filthy stinking Rethuglican in disguise.

  2. Well I already tweeted about having my ex-husband extracted from the state like a bad tooth and wondering if Delta Dental would cover any of that... I wonder if that would count and could I re-boo it and also now that I think about it that tweet was a barely disguised punch in the general direction of said ex-husband's face. Cause I felt like it. I'll have to come up with something better than that although it sure did make me feel better at the time.

  3. Alcyone - I saw that on Twitter and cracked up at it. I think yes re-boo.

  4. I'd like to boo the job creators. I wish they would take some responsibility.

  5. well me and Tia are booing the Condems (make Maggie look positively mild)

  6. While I agree that Murdoch needs a big boo, the real culprit of Fox News lies and misdemeanors is Roger Ailes. He just needs a punch in the nutsack (assuming he has a set.)

    Also, a big round of boos to one some of my relatives. They are acting like the assholes that I knew they were.

  7. How about a big loud boo to American voters? The last time they got it right was when they bitch slapped Barry Goldwater's attempt for the presidency. Since then they've voted in a train load of wacko right wingers ... and then they've the gall to do nothing but piss and moan.

  8. Boooo.... Congress, bite me. Biden had it right when he called the tea baggers economic terrorists--that's exactly what they are.

    Boooo.... Barack, I can't believe you're on my shit list, but you clearly lack negotiating skills. Maybe I should have campaigned for Hillary instead.

  9. Eliminate the twitter middle man, punch people in the face, directly!

    Boo to everyone but Lemmy.

  10. I'd like to send a general boo out to my parent company, for continuing the downward spiral and not offering outs.

    Boo to those in charge for not taking pay cuts, and expecting the employees to cover three jobs each without overtime. That should explain both the existence of the "Bite Me Bar" fish AND the "Drop DEAD" bug spray sitting in my cubicle.

  11. Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes deserve not just a public booing but also some time in the stocks - complete with rotten vegetable throwing.

  12. Boo, GOP! It would be easy enough to boo just the teabaggers, but why spare the other Republicans who didn't push them aside when they had the chance.

  13. I would boo the Chinese government who decided to bury the high speed trains that crashed last week rather than figure out what happened.

    I would boo the Japanese government who are telling people everything is fine in Fukushima now.

    I would boo the NRC for changing the rules about what constitutes dangerous levels of radiation.

    I would boo the Ben Bernanke for acting on his misguided belief that the best way to make money is to run the printing press overtime.

    I would boo the wealthy people who decided to raid the piggy bank at the stock market yesterday.

    I would boo Dick Cheney for instituting massive levels of domestic spying.

    I would boo George Bush for starting illegal, immoral, and unnecessary wars (although that's probably down to Cheney too).

    I would boo Obama for continuing all of the above.

    I would boo myself for helping his campaign.

    Now that we've booed when do we hoo?

  14. Boo to me. I got not one effin productive thing done all week. Everyone should loathe me for my worthlessness as much as I do. And if you do so, that's the sole accomplishment I can mark off my list.

  15. Honey don't get me started....


  16. Boo to my kitchen, dripping in grease from a week's worth of cooking. I hate you.

  17. Boo to the geniuses at Kroger who put orchids on sale but upped the price of milk.

  18. I am ALL FOR bringing back booing. Who would I like to boo....Hm..... "Faux" News. That's who.

  19. I'm booing my employer, who half assed trained us on a fricking dinosaur of a computer program that is so DOS like, I want to hurl.
    And boo to handing us a handy/convenient 31 page reference guide to shuffle through while on live calls.

    One more boo to Obama for blaming the credit rating on a "miscalculation".
    I'm calling bullshit!
    We are $14.5 trillion in debt & he wants to argue that the credit score people got it wrong

  20. All of my boos come from my job as a 911 dispatcher/EMT. All of them are things that actually happened.

    Third strike DUI with a suspended license. FORGET THE LICENSE. TAKE THE DAMN CAR.

    Husband and wife DUI with four kids in the car, none of which were belted. Both parents were drunk.

    Boo to all these people who keep using 'bath salt' drugs and then leave us to deal with their raving paranoid asses. You are idiots.

    Boo to rude nursing home staff. I know you are underpaid. But when I show up in an ambulance at 3am I'm doing it for FREE. So lay off.

    Boo to the natural gas drilling in North Central PA, which is ruining this area. And a perhaps controversial Yaay to the disgruntled resident who took a crowbar to the Shell Appalachia office and broke EVERY SINGLE WINDOW. You only did what we fantasize about doing, brother. (And Shell dropped the charges. Wonder why.)

    I have to stop now because I'm starting to feel all Howard Beale.

  21. Boo to Rupert Murdoch and double boo to Rebekah Brooks.

    Yay to Nate for revitalizing booing.

  22. Right now, I'm booing that jerk sitting outside my building in his car, honking his horn. At what, or who, I don't know.

    Booing louder at the angry guy who is approaching him menacingly shouting "SHUT UP WITH THE FUCKING HORN!"

  23. Right now, I'm booing that jerk sitting outside my building in his car, honking his horn. At what, or who, I don't know.

    Booing louder at the angry guy who is approaching him menacingly shouting "SHUT UP WITH THE FUCKING HORN!"

  24. My list would be so damned long I might never stop typing. I was watching David Feherty interview Charles Barkley last night. Charles said, (and I'm trying to quote): America is fucked up. All it's become is rich people screwing poor people.

    Sir Charles, that bastion of introspection, also said about athletes: You can give 20 compliments to athletes today, but you say one negative thing and that's all they remember. They're just multi-millionaire whiners.

    I boo Tiger Woods: I hope he never comes back to playing well enough to win.

    I boo Anthony Weiner: Yes, he's out of the news but he's still boo-able.

    I boo Angelina Jolie: Could she get any thinner or whiter? She looks like death, and she's got all those kids counting on her.

    I boo the entire United States government. All of them. Looking back, the only person I truly admired was Paul Wellstone in Minnesota, and his life was cut too short.

    I boo weak coffee, tomatoes that won't vine, my brother who had his baby c-sectioned so it would not arrive on my birthday.

    I boo. Therefore, I am.

  25. This is kind of pathetic, but right now I can only think of booing myself. I'm consumed by various petty problems at the moment, and it appears that they are mostly my own doing.


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