Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You give a little, You get a little

Stuff going on.

I'm writing poetry, grinding my teeth over the nightmare circus that is our political process, writing and reading, committing meditative ironing, forgetting to pack school lunches, and generally causing mayhem. Cats are involved. So are corn dogs, a box of ballet shoes and a peculiar dream about Marcus Bachmann giving an interview about eating pussy.

I know, I know.

Let's just forget I told you that and visit Newswordy. And don't forget to check out those archives. If I'm going to suck your intelligence out of your ears here, then at least I can direct you to a place where you can refill your brainpan.

Onward, ho, my subversives.

What are your favorite words?


  1. That Marcus Bachman image is going to keep me happy all day.

    Fave word to say out loud: Spackle.

  2. Poetry is for homersexual commies.

    I love all words equally. (gotta get the campaign ready for silly season)

  3. P.S. Rick Perry. What is it about that fake Texas swagger that makes Americans swoon? I'm so fucking over it.

  4. Remember the 'bell shaped' curve? There's a lot of people gathered along the lower curve flanks ... but there's a really huge number of people where the curve balloons in shape.

    That small group on the flanks is us and the huge balloon group are the folks who's elect Nixon-Reagan-Bush1-Bush 2. They vote and we get the America they deserve. Minorities always have to live with majority rule.

    In other words, the minorities of liberals, progressives and moderates are screwed.

  5. Favorite words: serendipity, serendipitous, serenity. Notice a trend here?

  6. I need to know more about this "meditative ironing" you speak of!

  7. Favorite word: quash

    I don't know if that's technically true by an empirical scale or if it just popped into my head and I like the way it feels to say it. It also looks weird in print.

    Item #2 I realize I haven't been around here for a while (been reading through the rss with no prettiness) but THANK GOODNESS you're finally getting a couple of nickels out of this deal and on the BlogHer advertising wagon! You're doing this blog thing right and should at least get the kind of money out of it I do with my lack of traffic. Hopefully it will buy a couple of bags of cat food, anyway!

    rock on, sister.

  8. I, myself, have always loved the word goggle.

  9. Something about the word "Snafu" it is a military phrase acronym for "Situation normal all f@#ked up."
    It seems to cover so many things on so many levels these days, plus it has such a normal word sound to it, but of course it is sarcastic, which is probably why I love it. You can get away with using it in regular conversations.

    Then of course there is the companion phrase
    "Fubar"- f@#ked up beyond all recognition.
    Somehow they may need to work that word into our national anthem???

    Since you mentioned political wankiness (I keep hoping some announcer comes on & says Ha ha! We had you going. These are not REAL candidates for the presidency-- you've been punked! This was all an elaborate hoax!!)

    But for real we have a circus act for the presidential contenders. I put up a post today re:

    Things you won't hear Perry bragging about Texas in his election campaign:
    • 49th in teacher pay
    • 1st in the percentage of people over 25 without a high school diploma
    • 41st in high school graduation rate
    • 46th in SAT scores
    • 1st in percentage of uninsured children
    • 1st in percentage of population uninsured ...
    • 4,056,130 on food stamps
    • 985,720 unemployed
    • Revenue $144,739,916,500
    • Spending $184,938, 100,500
    • Debt per citizen $8387

    I so want this to be an elaborate hoax!!!

    Another phrase I am liking "elaborate hoax".

  10. tangerine, Ethiopia, turquoise, baguette, flagrant

    all good words

  11. I've always liked the words vanilla and...punk.

  12. I had a co-worker who loved the word "beverage," particularly if it was prefixed with "adult." Yep, adult beverage, his favorite phrase. I've been overusing mook recently (using its fifth or sixth meaning, i.e., asshole), but I can't think of any favorites off hand. I hate utilize (use use, dammit) and plethora, even if used correctly. Oh, and mishmash, which too many people pronounce with a quasi-British accent (i.e., as mishmosh).

  13. Oh, and the only way Marcus Bachmann eats pussy is as Cheney does....with ketchup.

  14. Maybe you should write poems about Marcus Bachmann.

    I love words - words like elongate, caramel, mead, velvet, autumn, ethereal, etc.

  15. Luscious, periwinkle, lusty, twilight, somerset, dusty, flummoxed and wuthering.

  16. Awesome on the writing.

    The Marcus eating pussy is more of a dream than anything, or so I've read. ;-)

    Words... many words mean a lot to me. The words I write mean the most, but there's a select list of phrases, mostly from song lyrics, that hit me just right.


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