Saturday, September 24, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge - Blue

Peacock. Indigo. Cerulean. Light. Sky. Prussian. Sapphire. Azure. Federal. Baby. Columbia. Cobalt. Falcon. Electric. Powder. Cornflower. Egyptian. Royal. Ultramarine. Oxford.Turquoise. Brandeis. Steel. Persian. Eton. Teal. Navy. Cyan. Tiffany. Teal. Denim. Air Force. Maya. And true.

These beauties.

They are so gorgeous and delicate. Thank you, Cindy!

Geoffrey asks the question....

and I answer his question with a question.

Or this because I cannot decide which version I like better.

What do you think, what do you feel when you see blue?


  1. Er. Two of your links aren't there.

    Enjoying this response to challenge. I tend to flake out after a week.

  2. Usually your questions tend to elicit a snarky response, but I'm finding myself actually pondering this one.

    What the hell is wrong with you? The internets is for cheap jokes & porn & that's it, dammit.

  3. Most all of my pictures lately have green, brown, orange, and red in them.

    But there was this.

  4. So many great words for blue.

    The earrings are gorgeous!

  5. No more need be said but that blue is the color of the sky. In Tibetan Buddhism blue represents vision and spiritual insight.

    It's also a color that suits everyone as your lovely earrings will surely prove.

  6. Teal. My favorite color in the Universe.

  7. I am blue, but I like to think cerulean blue. :)


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