Sunday, September 25, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge - Sunset

The scattered tea goes with the leaves and every day a sunset dies.
 - William Faulkner (source

Sunset, May 4, 2010

Geoffrey and the Prairie Sunset captured by C3PO.
Randal delights us with blue prose. I mean prose about the color bleu.With bonus poetry.

Last night I sat on the deck and watched the sunset turn the sky a baby chick yellow until it faded to a pale buttery light behind the backdrop of the tall pines that stand guard over our back lawn. Somewhere in that moment I thought I should take a photo for the day when sunset is the subject for this 30 Day Photography project. I took another look, closed my eyes to capture the imprint then picked up the book I'm reading - The Egg and I  by Betty MacDonald - and continued to read and guffaw until I snorted red wine through my nose.

Silly me. Today the subject is sunset. Thank goodness for all the photos I have stored over the years (years now?) at Facebook (Flickr won't let me have all my old photos until I pay up my pro fee). There's a cautionary tale here about how we make decisions about our intellectual and artistic property and content vis a vis technology, but damned if I can suss it out. It's Sunday, I'm still feeling like muck and just want to get back to that book. Betty MacDonald is hysterically funny in an Aunt Betty kind of way. And if you're related to me, you know what that means. And maybe you do even if you aren't.

Not that I don't love you for being here. You know I do.


  1. Frustrating about flickr. (flick-grrr).

    Have a good, relaxing Sunday!

  2. The pale buttery light, the pine trees standing guard. . . Beautiful.

    I don't know Aunt Betty, and yet I do.

  3. Sunrise and sunset are daily proof we're spinning round at 900mph. It's nice we can sit back to enjoy it and not run screaming to hide under the bed.

  4. I had bleu cheese on my hamburger this afternoon. I almost went with Swiss, but figured I salute you and Randal.

  5. Love the quote.

    And I so want to hear more about Aunt Betty...

  6. Sunsets connect us.
    I miss snorting red wine out of my nose and so you have inspired me to search this Betty woman out.

  7. Hannah - Thanks! Yeah, I'll pay that bill and THEN I'll have 200 sunset photos at my fingertips again.

    Averil - Thank you. I'll bet you have an Aunt Betty in your family, too.

    susan - You crack me up. I said it in my email and I'm saying it again. (typed from under my bed)

    Thunder - I'm so glad to hear I'm a good influence for a change.

    Lyra - Thanks. I had to do some fancy googling to find appropriate quotes. Did you know that when you google "sunset quotes" you get a lot of stuff about Sunset Blvd. and not necessarily the movie.

    MSB - Do seek out this book. She's hilarious and as another woman whose making a home, you'll find her especially funny. I mean, I hope you do.

    And here's my dream. One day people will say first there was Betty MacDonald. Then there was Erma Bombeck. And then there was Lisa Golden.

  8. Wait, you can't have back the photos you took without paying up? Flickr's as shady as the music industry.

    Don't think I've ever taken a decent sunset, so honestly, I might just steal this one.

  9. How the light changes from hour to hour -- and from location to location -- is one of my favorite ponderings...



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