Monday, September 19, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge: From a low angle

I interpreted low to mean physically close to the ground rather than the emotional low. Who wants to see photos of me lying slack-jawed and staring into the distance in my disheveled bed? Fully clothed. In yesterday's clothes.

Instead, I took up my trusty point and shoot (the only camera I own) and got things like this.

I lay on the ground for this one and after taking a couple of shots, rolled onto my back and looked up at the trees from below. A green canopy filtered the light from the rising sun.
How nice it would be to just stay there enjoying the cool breezes.
Then a neighbor drove by and stared at me.
Getting up from that position required some serious negotiation with my knees.
I am reminded of the noises my mother makes upon standing.
Oy vey.

 These guys are waiting to be pressed into service. Lots of trees and all that.
I don't really share their enthusiasm.

 Of course cats would enter into this. I can't believe it took six days before this happened.

I realize looking at these photos that living in a split level means lots of stairs. I should be less curvy as a result which means only one thing. I'm going to have to lay off the salads.

Randal gives me a wee bit of vertigo and then redeems himself with a tender gesture.

Geoffrey explores point of view with some leaping results.

Summer gives us grief. And it's brilliant and beautiful and heartbreaking.


  1. Thanks for the linky, but I figure any of your regulars that mosey on over will run screaming in horror - shit, I forgot to put up a death metal video!

    I, too, though of 'low' as physically low to the ground instead of the much more exciting 'low' as in base, sweaty, let's live it up in the gutter ooh-yeah-baby.

    Damn you, getting old (knees are more noisy than they used to be, aren't they).

  2. Hurray for the cats! At first I was going to say you missed a great opportunity of having them stare down at you with superior expressions, but then I realized that their backs are turned, which is almost better. You have to hand it to a cat's sense of subtlety.

  3. Love the photos and may I just add the pictures on your wall are remarkably well aligned. Is this a fluke, did you adjust them just for the said shot, or is this another example of your OCD?

  4. Your garden tools remind me that my vacuum is waiting to be pressed into service.

  5. Funny, because I actually thought of doing a shot of "low", as in depressed, then figured it would be too abstruse. So, I settled for different perspectives than my usual, six-feet-off-the-ground. And, of course, cats managed to make their way in.

  6. That last one is terrific. I like the way the cat's head is framed between the, um, frames.

  7. It was too cold and rainy around here today for any lying under a tree looking up through the leaves but I'm glad you reminded me of one of my favorite activities of childhood. I never took pictures though; film was too expensive for one thing and how could one photograph bliss? When you're very young the neighbors just don't care so long as you're not lying in the road.

  8. This is the best group of shots so far. Really nicely framed.

  9. Of course your interpretation is the right one, Lisa. The low is physical to the ground, and isn't that much more interesting anyway? Love the photos.

    I'm also glad a kitty finally showed up. You know they're feeling left out, and you never never want to piss off the cats.

  10. "Then a neighbor drove by and stared at me.



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