Sunday, September 18, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge - From a high angle

Rapunzel dangles her silver pony tail out the window
Tentatively into the quiet.
She was a brunette, a blond, a red head
Now she contemplates this prison
And wonders how much magic it would take
To get her life back.

And when is someone going to put that fucking dead rose bush on the compost?

Randal Graves goes green.
And cloudy. Don't know about his chance for meatballs.

I need wings. 

UPDATED:  Geoffrey takes the high view.


  1. Going green and getting high? I see where this is leading.


  2. Also - your link? So good it gives me vertigo.

  3. Even the most mundane things look different sometimes. Even the most comfortable places can look threatening.

  4. Now there's a place to hide one's stash, much better camouflage than in dead rose bushes.

  5. Damn. You scared me. I thought this one was shot from the roof.

  6. "And wonders how much magic it would take
    To get her life back."

    How much did I love that statement...yep. That much.

  7. Oh gawd, I hate it when you make me think!

  8. Forget fairy tales. All this quiet is leading you into the poetry section.

  9. I like the way the reflected vertical lines in this shot accentuate the height!


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