Saturday, September 17, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge: Green


Lunatique. My friend Cindy is so talented. Go look.
I love seeing her and her husband Ken. And Michele. I'm so lucky to have such delightful people in my life.

So cool. Made from recycled bottles. Especially wine bottles. I should donate my empties to them.

The grounds of Rose Lawn are so lush and beautiful.

The birdhouses are a labor of love, each a memorial to a son gone too soon. They're built to last, the man who creates this told me. The idea came about after the death of the couple's son. He used to love to come and sit with his mama in the backyard and watch the birds. Then one day three years ago, this man in his forties was on a business trip and died, just dropped dead in the bathroom of the B&B where he was staying. Tears came to his mother's eyes as she shared the story.

After he died, she'd go and sit in the backyard and remember. She'd talk to God. She asked for a sign and while she sat there in the porch swing, a flock of birds descended onto the lawn until it was covered up in them hopping around and making a quiet racket.

Birdhouses. Built to last.

 It's not a festival without food, y'all.

Alan Young can paint. This is just a sampling because I was sticking the green for this post, but when you see his website, you'll see the rainbow. Congratulations, Alan, on your upcoming exhibit at Fernbank!

Steampunk. The stuff some of my favorite dreams are made of. 
And the young woman who makes these rocked her goggles and corset.

 My favorite drive home.

 Geoffrey has his own take on green. Universal and true.


  1. Green is a very tricky color to use in a painting but it's one of my favorites in all its shades. I once had a dream that I was walking up a sloping path and I heard a voice say, 'The color of Heaven is green'. Maybe it was subconscious wishful thinking but it seemed so right I decided to believe it.

    The links were very nice up to Alan's which goes to a car dealer and Geoffrey's was a 404 error (I found him).

  2. I'm in a place where I can't do the challenge right now, but I'll have fun observing you play.
    I'm seeing red right now as my sup @ work wants me to get a Doctor's permission slip so I don't get marked down for time to pee.
    I was more liberated as a kindergartener.
    Nothing a busy doctor loves more than to write a bathroom permission slip for a 50-something year old adult.
    Is it wrong to wish they would all get bladder infections & have to pee like crazy???
    Sorry, just had to rant.

  3. Um, you're making us that are only throwing up a single shot look bad. And here I thought you southerners via the Big Ten were aw shucks.

    Go getter.

    I hope they didn't make turtle soup.

  4. Green! My favorite color, the color of life.

    Having a great time watching this challenge play out, Lisa. I should have started with you and played along.

  5. Those green glasses are perfect. I want them.

  6. Whatever those things are in the second photo ... are they having sex? Very Kama Sutra.

  7. those recycled bottle glasses are wicked cool!

  8. Love this photography challenge, still catching up. Need to catch up at Randal's and Geoffrey's places too. The story about the birdhouses...very sad and inspiring. The bird flock landing gave me goosebumps.


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