Saturday, September 3, 2011

Did I tell you about the place called Doo Wah Diddy?

Another sultry day in the middle of nowhere...

I'm going to go do some sweating and swatting at flies while I peruse the books at the library's used book sale. I've got my church fan and tote bag and I'm ready to go

Later, I'll be committing acts of the domestic kind. There's a big ole watermelon to cut up and a layer cakey to bake. I'm reading Grand Duchy by Kevin Edwards and I hope to have it finished this weekend, too. And naps. I foresee naps. Dr. Who is on tonight and that's our family night activity. A bucket of popcorn and Dr. Who. Jump back, we're a wild bunch.

I used to mourn the end of summer, but these days I welcome it. The dog days aren't over here, but there's just the tiniest hint of change in the air. The light slants a little and by the late afternoon it's like you're tangoing in a tide, but cooler days are coming. I'm ready for it. I am itchin to be itchin in a wool sweater.

Wishing you a wonderful long weekend. What are your plans?

Take it away, Curly....

For blog commenter Denise. Oh, how I love Phil Harris. My favorite Jack Benny programs are the ones featuring Phil, Dennis Day, Don Wilson, Rochester and Mary Livingston.


  1. Happy Labor Day! It's not as hot here, but I hate heat so much I am longing for cooler weather, shorter days. My people are nordic :-).

  2. We have no seasons over here, only the slightest of twinges in the air, but it makes one all the more perceptive of the slight changes.

    You make me want to visit Georgia.

  3. My plans are about as exciting as yours. Reading Charlotte and Emily by Jude Morgan and will watch Casino Jack (the Jack Abramoff story). Sometimes it feels delicious to have no plans that involve showering and leaving the house.

  4. You'd never guess 79 could be hot until you've experienced it with 97% humidity. I hope to acclimatize by next year because this summer I've been unwell. September holds no horrors for me.

  5. I miss Labour Day...having three days to adjust to back to school and to mourn the end of summer England the "bank holiday" is on the last Monday in August - just a smidge too early. No more long weekends til Christmas.

    Googled that book - it looks good. I'm reading A Gate at the Stairs right now.

    Happy Labour Day Weekend.

  6. I love this video. Phil Harris was the man. Ditto on the Jack Benny Shows. The clip with Dean Martin is one of my favorite Phil Harris' moments. And now for the weather. It was 102 degrees here today in lovely Floyds Knobs, across the river from Louahville. Two record setting days in a row. But it wasn't muggy. Not "Africa hot," just dry hot. It is supposed to be 74 degrees by Tues. I can't wait. I will be working all weekend, but in an air-conditioned environment.

  7. I'm just the opposite. I used to be happy when summer ended. The scorching sun, the putrid odors of garbage left in gutters. But, I tell ya. This summer was glorious. I wish I could hold onto it for just a little longer.

    What's the occasion for the layer cakey or is that just how you roll?

  8. We're celebrating the long weekend by making/eating homemade pancakes and disinfecting the house.

    Nooze apparently had a viral infection that turned bacterial. I had no idea that was even possible, and thought it was allergies...

    Poor kid needs to learn a better way of celebrating three day weekends.

  9. My plans for today: go to the grocery store before it gets crowded. Better Run!


    Autumn's the best and should kick summer in the nuts.

  11. I'm off to a baby shower and then dinner with one of my most favorite persons in the world. One last blast of summer before the light starts to change. I love winter light.

  12. I blamed it on the post-moving-daughter-to-college blues, but I've been doing nothing but reading, watching movies and eating. Wow, feels kinda good!

  13. I spent yesterday in bed with a migraine, so I really, really think it is only fair that I take tuesday off in exchange.

    We are going out for dinner tonight to celebrate Bing's 52nd birthday. She picked a vegan place, so I will be crunching on the dreaded sprouts tonight. But, it's a rule around here: you get to pick whatever you want for your birthday dinner. I always pick a steak joint and she has to suffer whilst watching eat rare steak, so tit for tat, I s'pose.

  14. Today we are filling out @#$@$ paperwork for FMLA leave, for my pending knee surgery.
    These fricking forms go on for many pages, asking the same questions over & over again. I should have responded Please refer to answer in question #2.
    All this just to have unpaid time off & your job protected. Anyway we need a set for me & a set for the husband as caretaker of me.
    The knee doc said go ahead & ride bike (even though it hurts) to tone the leg muscles, rode 6 miles, & then the knee was in screaming pain the rest of the day. Livin' the dream....
    This week's tasks involve meeting w the Anesthesiologist & the Knee doc. How much fun can one person have???

  15. Wonderful weekend to you, too! It's beautiful right now in Ohio---chilly and wonderful (fall! fall! fall!).

    We're moving tomorrow, so the weekend has been about packing and preparing, but I'm very excited for our new place (just across town).

    Hope you had a relaxing and fun day...

  16. Lisa,

    I cannot wait for the kids to be old enough to join us for Dr. Who. A. is plenty old enough but the skittish sort, so by the time her brothers get up to speed she may be able to handle it.

    But those freakin' dolls in the dollhouse?? AAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH! They freaked my freak.

  17. Late to the party (again) ... not sure where the Doo Wah Diddy fits in (in the video that I can't access on my phone? ... I doubt it ... guess it's the summer song aspect). So here I go embarrassing myself again ... one my favorite bubblegum (?) tunes: There she goes just a'walkin' down the street, singin' Doo Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Door. Clappin' her Hands and Shufflin' her Feet singin' ...


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