Thursday, September 8, 2011

Queen of Fakes and Imitators

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Shoooeeeee. You guys. I went to Craigslist searching for a job working on a phone sex line and ended up applying for several freelance writing jobs. Yeah, I can see how the two are related. We'll see what happens with that. At this point my job search is pretty much in the spaghetti category. Fling it against the wall and hope something sticks.

Everything else gets scooped up and covered in sauce.

Anyway. Today's a day for some other kinds of research and for fulfilling promises made. Before I go, I must ask - Did you watch the comedy on MSNBC last night? Such a hot mess. More hair! Less brains! Execution applause lines!  Fuck y'all. What have we devolved back into? I didn't even watch the debate. MathMan was watching the Phillies play somebody and I was reading my Twitter feed and screaming with laughter. At one point Nate popped into the room to make sure I was okay.

And tonight? I'm fully prepared to be underwhelmed. It seems we're a nation incapable of big ideas, bold plans. Unless, of course, big ideas and bold plans include blowing the holy fuck out of brown people. Then we're aces.

Maybe if the phone sex thing doesn't work out, I'll consider the military. Specifically and more lucrative, a job with a military contractor. They need housekeepers, yes?

Oy, let's shift gears. The real world brings me down. Today is a day for art. You know, when everything else seems like it's sliding into the fuckpile (mmm fuckpile), at least we still have art. Thank somebody's god for that saving grace.

Right then. Here's where I will be when I'm not working on my own manuscript.

Book by Kevin Edwards
Poetry by Hafiz
Visuals for inspiration

This song by Gillian Welch (hell, her whole discography if I'm being straight with you) with David Rawlings who appears to be an  underappreciated guitar god. I know. I'm late to this one. Yow - Za.

You're welcome.

Where are you escaping to these days?


  1. I've decided I will work at Disneyland. I want to wear a Goofy costume or I will randomly re-configure the ropes and chains used for crowd management. Lots of unexpected dead-ends in hot sunny places.

  2. You can pioneer a new genre, the Women In A Central Asian Military Base flick.

    I refuse to answer your questions honestly.

  3. Hell, I don't even turn on the telly any more. I can't stand the stupid any longer!

    I'll be reading "Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman!" as soon as it arrives. He's smart AND entertaining. How did I not know about this man until now?

  4. "Where are you escaping to these days?"

    Damn near everything!

  5. ?Well, you can watch the Packers/Saints game....

  6. I think you'd be a great phone sex worker!

    I have been escaping to my temporarily (I hope) non-internet-accessible cabin a lot lately, hence my absence. And I want to keep escaping. I don't want to have to listen to political ads for the next 14 months!

  7. I am now reading "The Peculiar Memories of Thomas Penham". Uh, WOW. I decided to read it because it's Simon Pegg's favorite book. Gotta follow the directives of my Meaty-Headed Loves (He's on The List).

    I also escape by reading lists, writing and hanging out with my friends.

    I wish you lived closer; My Other Town (The Other Side of the Great Woods) is having an Art Walk tomorrow night. I'm excited about it, and am dragging my family there with me.

  8. Oh! I'm also listening to Concrete Blonde's "Vampire Song" (Bloodletting) in French...over and over and over again.

    My father would be thrilled to know that he purchased the 20th anniversary celebration CD for my birthday.

  9. There is no escape. They are all around us, they have taken over the air-waves and will soon destroy us all.

  10. Psychic phone friend also sounds quite promising...

  11. Did you know you have to pay for a subscription to look at the Onion these days? Thank goodness I still have Regretsy when I need to get away.

  12. I pretty much stick with SpongeBob Squarepants to avoid any thoughts of fire-bombing the next Republican Presidential Debate. ;)

  13. I am trying to shift my escapism away from food - so far food is winning. I read a lot since I work at night and miss all the tv.

    I have gone through every section of the craigslist jobs, too, just to see what other jobs I could try to convince someone I could do.

    So wuld you do phone sex from a cublicle in an office building somewhere? I guess it would take care of those potential domestic interruptions...

  14. I've been escaping into, well... art. Actually, for me, the art/real-world thing is like waking/dreaming. Which is the "real" one? Which one is escaping?

  15. Baby talking this new puppy and making her chase me around my tiny yard has been quite the stress reliever.... I can do awesome things with squeaky toys.

  16. I hope you find a writing job and not a phone sex job.

  17. I hope you find a writing job and not a phone sex job.

  18. I could, and I might, write an entire book about that photo of you at fourteen laying in bed writing a horror novel. I'm not kidding. Or at least a novella.

  19. So, this phone sex gig... a memoir in the making?


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