Wednesday, October 5, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge - Faceless Self Portrait

If you look really closely, you'll see a binder clipped stack of papers under the table. No, that's not the President's job bill, it's the manuscript in its many iterations.

I'm on a self-imposed deadline to get this work in progress finished. October 11. It's going to be finished come hell or high levels of anxiety. Okay, so the high levels of anxiety are a given.

In the meantime, I'm falling in and out of love, fighting fleas that don't play bass, hanging laundry on the line and scheming to be part of Occupy Wall Street. I might have to settle for Occupy Stonebrook Drive. Fuck. Because I'd rather drive to Chicago or NYC than deal with the lunacy of Atlanta traffic, that's why.

What have you got up your sleeve?

Randal gives me nightmares.

UPDATED:  Geoffrey is defined like this.  

UPDATED MORE! Summer and the amazing ponyholder!


  1. Manuscript? Bullshit, those are your Fraud Logs from when you were mayor.

    You always ask the unanswerable.

  2. Faceless Self Portrait

    I have a tag called my left foot...(that's a sample, there's 9 posts, which means I forgot to tag some of them).

  3. I bet the manuscript is amazing.

    This is a brilliant spin on the photo challenge :)

  4. Randal, sir, you're messing with my secrets.

    Thunder - Now that's a self portrait! I can't wait to see all the places your left foot has been.

    Elisabeth - Thank you for that. Fingers crossed this story will find an audience.

    Susan - Thank you. I'm going to meet this deadline. I promise!

  5. Careful you don't suck those beautiful pages up in the Hoover!

    And what's wrong with driving to Chicago? It's a working vacation --- imagine all the brilliant ideas, first sentences, titles, etc... you'll come up with while on the road. And then there we'll all be at the coffee shop.

    I agree with Elisabeth above: I bet the m/s is amazing.

  6. That self portrait is brilliant. Now I want to see the one with pen in hand over that ms! And for motivation, screw the Little Engine That Could. Think Unstoppable.

  7. I have the same ms under my table. Love the photo. Very real/surreal. I can occupy Toronto's "Wall St" if I have the gumption. Might just do it...Come with!

  8. There's something very Southern, even Southern Gothic, about this. It would have been even more so if there a photo of a pie cooling on a windowsill, cats gathered around it.

    Brilliant, though. Flannery O'Connor would approve.

  9. Shit, my last comment failed to post. Google account fail. GRRRRRR

    Anyway, I said something lame about wanting to suck up your pages and that being a metaphor, but something NOT lame about you need to finish it so I can cheer you on when you read at Powell's on your book tour.

  10. Six days to finish a book? You can do it.

    and there's no need to go to New york (even though I know you want to) because 'Occupying Everywhere' is becoming de rigeur.

  11. I know that position...

    Go Lisa!

  12. second what suzy said.

    i uploaded my ms to FEDEX/KINKOS thinking a professional printing of my latest revs would re-energize me to get my final revs done and the check-out price was $167.

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? (said in my stewie voice)

    i'm looking for anew idea to re-energize today.

    write write write write write

  13. Good luck with the deadline!
    And that a Dyson?

  14. Your manuscript is being threatened by the Hoover. A picture really does say a thousand words.

  15. Somehow a photo of you vacuuming just seems right--it is one of your odd guilty pleasures, no?


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