Monday, October 3, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge - Orange

It's the wide bottom of candy corn. The part I eat first as I dissect each piece - bottom, middle, tiny white top - in an attempt to make the sweet moment last. To toss a handful into my mouth would be an effrontery to the season. Treats such as this are to be savored, relished, sugar melting on your tongue. Then there are the games. One piece, white side down, carefully centered between upper lip and teeth. He calls it egg tooth. Some of us prefer two transforming us into vampires, fangs courtesy of Brach's.

I went looking for the photo of him doing egg tooth, but couldn't find it. I did find this and he's wearing orange.

Doug and Nathan Liner Notes with Label

Now that boy is taller than both of us.

It's the color of my brother's striped shirt when he was a little kid. The Bengals football helmet he wore as he rode his Big Wheel in a hail storm a few hours before tornadoes shimmied across the hills, dangerous sisters they were.

It's the color of the plastic whale we played with in the bathtub.

Oranges and GuitarsIt's marigolds and citrus stuck with rock and roll earrings. It's my high school boyfriend's Trans Am and the Harvest Moon hung over the Ohio. It rhymes with nothing, but it sounds like basketballs bouncing on the wooden gym floor. It's autumn leaves and packages of Reeses', crepe paper streamers twined with black. It's tigerlillies, zinnias and carrots yanked from the ground. It's the Monarch fluttering by. It's the color of a sunset. It's Blogger and Dunkin Donuts and seasonal frosting on your cupcake. Concentrate it and it becomes focus and energy.

It's sectioned and quartered, squeezed and peeled. It's pies and breads, spreads and cookies. It's spiced and carved and Jack o'Lantered with a candle flickering inside. A beacon.

Fiddlesticks. I just made myself hungry.

Geoffrey goes black and white about orange. Randal is radioactive and Poe dark. Alas.

UPDATED: Summer and the effects of orange.


  1. Beautiful, Lisa, 'tho Eminem would most definitely argue the rhyming capabilities of the word orange. ", four-inch, door hinge in storage, porridge with Geo-rge.”

  2. An orange Trans Am? Dammit, now I wish I had a shot of the Great Pumpkin, our old Chevette.

    Thumbs up to candy corn, but do they still make the mixed bag of that plus pumpkins plus orangey-brown-yellowish corn stalks and there was another dark brown one (bale of hay?) but can't remember.

  3. Love this!
    Orange, my favorite color and the color of my wedding dress.

  4. Guess you never lived in Syracuse NY. I suggest a visit ... on a game day.

  5. That line, "It rhymes with nothing, but it sounds like basketballs bouncing on the wooden gym floor." was the best description I've ever read of the color orange, and just brilliant writing!

  6. What Phoenix Berries said. Plus orange always evokes the scent of orange blossoms in my psyche, and I am instantly taken back to my desert home, where irrigation kept all the groves thriving.


  7. Your kids faces are such an amazing combination of your and Doug's faces. Good genes :).

  8. I've been so so busy, haven't had much time to stroll through here (or anywhere). So much fun catching up with you! Love how your themes have manifested in completely unexpected (to me) ways. Must take photo of corn tooth.

  9. Nice list but you missed one: Orange is the color of a permanently tanned politician.

  10. As soon as I read the word "Orange" I had to pop over here. I LOVE this. Each picture raises so many questions, feelings and memories :)

  11. Candy corn! I like the three-bite approach, from tip to yellow end. You can take the yellow ends and make caps for your front teeth.

  12. It's my son's favorite colour!


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