Saturday, October 1, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge - Shoes

I would love to tell you that I mince around the house in beautiful, soft leather pumps while I scoop the litter boxes and make the coffee. That I mince when I'm not tottering around the grocery store feeling up the melons while my feet are shod in the most awesome four inch heeled black ankle boots ever made by human hands. And I mince and totter when I'm not throwing my come fuck me heels over MathMan's shoulders.

Except that would be one big fat lie. Case in point:

And what's worse - I have small feet. Size five or five and a half. That size is hard to find in the women's shoes section so I often resort to shopping in the kids section. You'd never guess, right?

Well, I don't know if you know this, but it's difficult to find stripper shoes in the kids' section. Sperry can't be convinced to add five inch acrylic heels to any of their fashions no matter how many pleas I send them.

So it's pretty much canvas for me. But you can rest assured, the sensible shoes conceal some randy nail colors. Flip flops excepted, of course.

But even shoes need a break so I mostly go barefoot until I can't. And then I put on slippers. And I'm not showing you my slippers. Those feathers and sequins are my little secret.

I'm out of here for today. It's family weekend at Brenau and I'm going to go hang with my Chloe who I miss more than I realized.

Don't forget to visit Geoffrey, Randal and Summer, y'all. I'm going to take tomorrow off and pick up on Monday with the color orange. Which rhymes with -------------



What are your favorite pair of shoes?


  1. ...tottering around the grocery store feeling up the melons while my feet are shod in the most awesome four inch heeled black ankle boots ever made by human hands

    This is a surprising popular activity in Columbus, Ohio.

  2. My favorites used to be my stripper shoes, but the heels broke & since I never earned any money because duh, I had to resort to fixing them with duct tape & then I got fired because they would leave sticky all over the floor.

  3. I like your shoes. Comfort is what I am all about! Have a great time with your daughter. :)

  4. I don't think I've ever minced in my life, with the exception of in an acting class once. I would fall over, I'm sure.

    You have Cinderella tiny feet. Maybe someone will stop by with a gold slipper. Knock him out with it and use the gold to pay bills and take a vacay with the family.

    Have a fun weekend off!

  5. What?
    No steel toed boots in your repertoir Mommy Dearest?


  6. ah my sweet, i wear practically nothing at all on my feet but when i must, it's certainly not heels but romantically sexy could i be? xox and have lots of magic with your lovely daughter. stay safe too ;)

  7. Holy crap! We have the same size feet! On a GOOD DAY, I can MAYBE wear a size six, in a "stripper shoe", but ONLY if it straps on.

    So… much like you - I live in canvas / slippers!

  8. I must be old since I remember shoe stores that never had soft leather high heel pumps in their windows larger than size 4 or 5 at the most. I always felt my size 7 feet were huge.

    I hope you're having a good weekend with Chloe. Is she still dancing?

  9. The next time you come to NYC you should totally shop for shoes. The kids section definitely have "stripper" styles. I usually have to pry them from my girl's hands before we leave a store. They were born to prance.

  10. Well back in my day we only had two pairs of shoes, one pair of dress shoes and another pair of worn out dress shoes that were used for play.

  11. It looks like we might have similar taste in shoes. Unfortunately for me, my feet run to the bigger sizes. I can't even imagine wearing a 5.5! My feet would look like godzillas next to yours.

    My favorite pair *was* this cheapo pair of red/oxblood synthetic (oh, let's just say it: "plastic") mary jane flats. They were fun. I still have them but they're kind of worn out, and since they had no substance in the first place b/c they are so cheap, they are basically the equivalent of walking outside barefoot.

    I wearing love flip flips and even have plenty of "fancy" ones for special occasions -- anything to avoid real shoes -- so I'm not too happy about the weather turning.

  12. Oh, you will so love this.
    I have a 10.5 narrow, and for those in the know women's shoes for the most part come in 10 and 11's. Generally in those sizes, white and velcro are standards.
    One day I popped into this store and was amazed that they had such an enormous selection of large-footed women's sizes. All sorts of colors and heels. My head exploded.
    I didn't pay much attention as I was trying them on, until I left. I was shopping in Boys Town, and it turned out that was where the local drag queens shopped.
    Me and the ladies in awesome shoes. That was also when it hit me that I didn't walk nearly as well as the ladies did in my shoes.
    Back to velcro.

  13. Such fun shoes and pictures :) I have an old pair of flip flops that I love because they have three inch heels LOL!

  14. I dislike the wearing of all shoes. (as did my mother and grandmother, so it comes naturally I guess) I wish I could just run around barefoot all year! My favorites are my sandals, the barest of shoes. I might need to invest in some stripper shoes, though my husband would wonder if I had a boyfriend....


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