Friday, October 7, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge - Sunflare

This could have been the day I finally went meh, I'm over this project because I didn't feel like aiming my camera at the sky.

I'm otherwise occupied and distracted and there's this to watch and this rabbithole to tumble into and a request that I listen to something that is going to make me sigh with longing, and those horrible fleas are nipping at my feet so that I have to sit all tucked up on my chair until my feet fall asleep and the light breeze on a sunny day and Betty's eggs and good strong, black coffee and the ongoing manuscript edits and brain numbing job search and the new webcam and the tweeting of birds without hashtags and a bag of Halloween candy that will never hear its first Trick or Treat.

I owe you a photo, don't I?

Randal reminds us of what's coming. And then there's this.

UPDATED: Summer finds the meaning.

What's got your attention? What are you humming when you stare at the sun?



  1. Fuck, now I'm blind. I always thought it would be because of the masturbation.

    Do they run a website for non-creative people?

    Gold star for the neverending sentence I love those.

    Attention? Magic 8-ball says maybe.
    Humming? The I Need A Highball Now Blues.

  2. You can aim your camera at the sky when it's dark and raining or snowing.

    Or even bestest, when there's a wild animal looking back at you.

    Dontcha See?

  3. Uh oh. Webcam.. Leave it to you to take your new phone career endeavors to the next level...

  4. Is that an inferior or superior position to be in ... camera-wise, that is.

  5. It's so easy to get distracted and stay that way for a while. Whattayamean it's another day and time for another post? I'm still not finished catching up with yesterday.

  6. "Blinded by the light/Revved up like a deuce/Another runner in the night"

    Bruce Springsteen can fit in anywhere.

  7. I love how you accompany these photos with such awesome posts! You make me want to pull out my camera.

  8. Ah! Another one of my favorite comedians.

    I could just imagine being in the same room with her and David at the same time.


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