Monday, November 7, 2011

Let the bowerbird do it

He won't be satisfied until he has everything just so.
susan on little distractions. Distractions abound. Large and small. susan's distraction sucked me in. I stayed awhile.

I was having a bit of a moan about the tiresome lack of compliance the other inhabitants of this house have for my tiny requests that they help out by doing things like rinsing their dishes and putting them into the dishwasher and keeping doors closed so the cats won't nest in the clean laundry. Okay, maybe it was more than a bit of a moan. I'm fed up with their lack of respect for my time. Just because I'm here and able doesn't mean they shouldn't do the things they're capable of, the things they should do just because.

In other words, I'm not their fucking maid.

I'd probably have less anger about it if I were making record profits and getting government bailouts. I wouldn't even give two hoots if they moved their accounts to the smaller, friendlier, lived here all her life  housefrau down the street as long as I can continue to use my sweet piles of cash to buy legislative baubles.

I slumped into a chair and drew my bowl of fat free plain Greek yogurt* toward me. Nature was on PBS. The subject? Animal housekeeping.  As much as I wanted to be sour about it, I couldn't. The program is fascinating. Even if the honey badger doesn't make a cameo.

Watch The Animal House on PBS. See more from Nature.

*As if


  1. Will you clean my house? The pay sucks and the hours are long.

  2. Don't get me started on at least running some water on plates and such especially when it's fucking eggs 'cause that shit is Krazy Glue if it sits for more than 18 seconds and don't leave pens in your pockets either.

    So, what was in the bowl? You can tell me.

  3. I see that I'm overdue to say it: You're Consistently Fabulous Lisa and I'm in love with the idea of you. Death to all who stand in your housecleaning way.

  4. My husband finds it a turn-on when I get mad enough to yell. Maybe Mathman is undermining you on purpose.

  5. Last summer I posted a picture of a gun on my "office" door. DON'T DISTURB THE WRITER it said. They never even noticed it--just kept barging in as usual. Then there's all the requests for my time from the outside world who has me confused with a member of the stay-at-home-mom tribe. And don't get me started on the "are you ever going to get off of your computer" laments. Makes me want to stop everything I'm doing and pursue grants and residencies where I can haul my ass off to an enclave somewhere and let the crust on the dishes get crustier.

  6. I will gladly wash clothes, cook dinner, educate the child, and generally run the house. That's the job I chose. If they expect me to wipe up their spills, pick up their socks, locate their missing items, and crack their ice cube trays, shit starts to get real real fast.

  7. It's so hard not being appreciated. I've recently been getting after my kids. They need to help out too--especially if they made the mess :)

  8. Oh Lisa,

    As sick as this may be, I *LOVE* to clean. And if I lived closer to you, I'd come over and make your house sparkle!


  9. 1) Suzy needs a real gun.
    2) I need Meleah to love me.
    3) Plain Greek yogurt?

  10. Is it just me, or does that make other people want to go steal the cool stuff their neighbors have when they aren't home?

    Yeah, I get tired of my thankless spawn, too... rinsing would be HEAVEN. Right now I can't even get the younger one to bring the damn dishes back upstairs when he's done. And great masses of things have disappeared into the daughters room, never to be seen again.

  11. Obviously you haven't discovered the joys of using a taser as a motivator. Usually one or two applications and a lazy family will be happy - grateful - to do chores.

  12. My spawn grew up & moved out. But I insisted if they can make a mess, they can clean a mess- people need that wisdom to go out & conquer the world.
    You rant because you care!

  13. Some people really don't see messes. I have the privilege of observing some close members of my acquaintance nonchalantly leave all manner of things in all manner of places. Contrast with my children who seem to enjoy cleaning and putting things away, for reasons beyond me. Good on you for taking care of them despite themselves!

    That video was fascinating. I had no idea there was a bird who made home decorating hosts look straight.

  14. Sometimes life feels like we're the one destined to follow the circus parade with a shovel. Er.. does anyone remember a circus parade?

  15. The Bower Bird. How I love him. I would consider going inter-species if I could get something to hop around me making sure the decor was just right...


  16. "the tiresome lack of compliance the other inhabitants of this house have for my tiny requests that they help out"

    Lisa!! Why didn't you tell me you were trespassing in my house this morning?


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