Thursday, February 16, 2012

The tiger dreams only of death

In a newish house far from Paris
Partially covered with vines
Lived five related people
Completely out of line.

Completely out of line
They broke their double fiber whole wheat bread
Brushed their teeth (with free toothpaste yay coupons!)
And went to bed. (Mom and Dad wrestling over the comforter, son with his phone, daughter with Netflix, other daughter away at college, alone. We hope.)

Oh screw that. You'll like this better anyway.

I'm asking pointed questions about contraception over at PoliTits. Pointed like a knitting needle. Come join the fun.

P.S. Something for the Downton Abbey fans among us.

P.S.S. What you want is an Adult Education.  Or dreams. Dreams are good.


  1. I do like yours . . . but Werner Herzog always gets me, right here.

    1. I loved the serendipity of finding that Herzog reading. His Mike Mulligan and His Steamshovel (MathMan's favorite childhood book) is a scream, too.

  2. In truth, children ARE close to sociopaths. Who IS that strange man vatching them? And what of the mask-you-line herr doktor.

    However, Madeline is way too young to be menstruating.

    I love this Herzogian version of Madeline!!!

    1. I love that line. They are nearly sociopaths. How can they not be? All that gray area between right and wrong. There's no way that Madeline was menstruating, on that he's way off base. I mean, no one who's had a period would tolerate the Bad Hat's antics.

  3. More importantly, what's up with those front steps??? Is that your subtle way of telling your parents and in-laws they're not welcome? Love it!

    1. Aren't those steps something? Here in GA, they don't really dig basements. We pretend our basement is safe during tornado warnings, but in most places it would be called a FIRST FLOOR.

      P.S. I count going up and down those steps to get the mail and fill the bird feeders as exercise. Some days, it's the only exertion I make.

  4. Steps are very important for exercise, I agree.

    I can feel myself getting skinnier every day!

  5. Where's Kinski? Did he break his hand trying to punch Werner?

    "What you want is an Adult Education" sounds like the tagline to a porn flick.

  6. I like your version much better ---- and of course your daughter is away at college, alone. I bet if you'd have rang her up she'd have said just that. ;-)

    And those are some serious front stairs. Yowza.

    1. me too. (like this one better.)
      our old house didn't have a stair, just a small concrete patio step the size of card table top and i fell off of it regularly. i wouldn't make a week trying to exit your place!


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