Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Flashback - Hanging On

I once started a post at my old blog PoliTits with the following sentence: It's no coincidence that the same day I pay bills, I'm later seen vacuuming the garage.

So last night, after a busy day with an odd emotional twang to it, I found myself standing in the laundry closet holding several kid-sized hangers in my hands. I was sorting them by color. All the sudden, it was excruciatingly important that the pink go with the pink, the dark blue with the dark blue, the light blue with the light get the picture.

I won't go into how I also wiped down the washer and dryer because they'd accumulated a bit of dust and effluvium, but I will tell you that the cat who has been conducting the furtive pooping campaign around the basement was caught in the act. My bellowed accusation of "So it is you!!!!!" sent him skittering through the basement and clomping up the stairs. Now he'll probably shift his pooping to the backs of closets. Oh, well.

I wasn't particularly grateful for something else to clean since I'd just gotten the OCD out of my system. And cat poo is never my OCD medium of choice. My OCD is only self-diagnosed and it only seems to come out when things seem incredibly out of control. I do these stupid little things so I can feel like things aren't flying apart. It's not the funny light switch licking of David Sedaris, nor is it the twitchy habit of an old dorm mate who would sit in a sink in the community restroom and pluck her eye lashes out one by one. Although, I suppose I could see the fun in that.....

There's stuff to deal with. And I guess I'm going to have to stop rearranging hangers and get to it.

I'm away from my computer today, staffing a seminar in Macon. I know that some of you are just grinding your teeth with envy over my obviously glamorous, jet-setting life. Envy not - it's not all gold-threaded linen wrapped soaps and fancy chocolate covered strawberries. This is one is what do you mean you thought I was bringing the LCD projector? and Why isn't the print on my name badge the same point as his?

Hooooooo boy! (Since I'm putting this up to post early, let's just hope that I remember the projector. And my emergency Reddi-Wip, just in case I forget.)

For willis.

Oh, the other day I said ennuinnie - a combo of ennui and me just plain old being a weenie, whining about this and that, which is my signature sound lately.....

Wow, willis, being in Vietnam, dropping acid and listening to this music? I'm thinking you have some incredibly interesting stories to tell......I'm wondering if you've considered writing about your different experiences? Nag, nag, nag....

And, willis, this song is a good one. I watched the video twice and wished that I could have been one of those go go dancers. The song itself is perfect for right now.

An administrative note: I'm going to give myself a little vacation from the blog. A couple of days. I need a break. In the meantime, please check out the blog roll. Read some archives. Take a break yourself. I'm going to be lying around bemoaning the fact that I still don't have a staff to carry out the hard labor. Or I might don my superhero outfit and go fight some injustice. I might even take up the banjo. It's just going to be a couple of wild, free and easy days where I wake up in the morning and consider clothes? No clothes?

You know what they say, this blog may be monitored for quality control purposes, but in the end, it's meaningless. I've just outsourced it to some far flung place where the lovely person on the telephone only sounds like she understands English.

See you soon........for now, set me free, why don't you, babe.........


  1. That's an excellent idea; I'm going to find a freelance blogger in Bangalore who will take care of mine, too.

  2. They are doing? Even have this way of dancing. Oh. Some time, each person may only forced himself to do something, to make their own calm.

    Health is the Greatest Happiness & The World at The Present All rights reserved

  3. Enjoy the break.. we will be here when you get back.


  4. Self imposed breaks are good Lisa.........I'll be around for your return.

  5. Breaks are good - go sharpen your saw. Every time I say I'll take a little break, something wild or wonderful happens, or I have a deep thought while showering and I just HAVE to blog about it.

  6. You know, I don't think there's ever been a superhero whose weapon of choice was the banjo. The possibilities are endless.

  7. aaaaah,'ll look fabulous in your superhero garb, I'm sure. Did you decide to color your hair or do you just look so damn gorgeous, you don't even notice it? ;-)

    Honestly, you do look great and the blog header is great, too.


  8. Enjoy your time away from the blog. It's a healthy and necessary thing from time to time.

    By the way, your new banner with that picture of you is really, really good!

  9. I think we're all a little OCD these days. I have only one excuse for mine--I haven't vacuumed since Cal came over. Don't check it will only horrify you. Same thing with the clean sheets. So today is my day to clean everything, and run one last errend this week. Usually I only leave home one day a week. But this week seems to need all kinds of errands. Oy.

    I have only two colors of hangers, but three types of two colors--the kind with clips for skirts and pants and the type with rubber on the tips to keep wide necked things from falling off the hanger and then just the regular type. But I do occasionally sort them. Oh yes I do.

    Do you have a pussy that needs to become an outside pussy? Just asking.

  10. Time to, as you said in an earlier post, "chilax."

    You certainly deserve it!

    We'll be waiting for you when you return.


  11. This is my favorite version evah of this song.

    I remember dropping acid and listening to this song too. ;)

    Did I just date myself? Shit...

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Anon - you were deleted because you were off topic and you didn't sign a name. Anon commenters are accepted if (1) they sign a name and (2) stay on topic. I guess I better make the clear in the comment pop up window.

    And honestly? I've pretty much stopped writing about politics so take your bitter comments somewhere else. Thanks.

  14. don't let your OCDness take over your lifeness,
    have a nice few days out
    we'll still love ya when you're back

  15. "ennuinnie" what a lovely word. And it explains so much. Enjoy the sabattical - sometimes it does one good to "vacate" and get your mind on other things.

  16. Hey, your plate is always full. Take your time. We will be here when you get back.

  17. You deserve a break from your blog--but that's not to say that we won't miss you!! :)

    Oh, and also, I clean when I'm anxious, too. Sometimes it does help me--at least a little. :)

  18. well, gee, I was just settling in to read the couple of posts I haven't had time to read because MY post took me so damned long to post, like two days or something, I haven't read any favorite blogs....ok ok, whining will cease now and you can go back to sorting and cleaning poop and eating and drinking and doing strangely perverse sexual things ~ taking a blog break is very in right now, I might add, so go for it....I know I'll be here when you come back from the life of a movie star.

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxox (just in case you forget)

  19. Sometimes I just let my alter ego do the blog writing thing. She is funnier than I am and isn't as obsessed with commas.

  20. I wish my form of OCD involved cleaning. It does not. It just means I check the light switch, coffee pot, locks on doors, etc., more than once when I leave in the morning, none of which sorts socks or matches clothing or removes dust.

    Good luck accomplishing what you need to do.

  21. There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want.

    Calvin and Hobbes

  22. It took me so long to get the comment page up I can't remember what I was going to write. Seriously bad internet issues.

    Despite that, I'll do anything to read your blog :)

  23. I is blog to comment for to say the blogger of Lisa is how not I clean of use nervous. Why not I so too? Only floor area not dirt but wood part of kitchen clean I. With sourcing from without homeland also for my commenting to perform. Exasperate me.

  24. I've got cleaning OCD, too, and it's always at its height when I have a deadline. Those are the days that I suddenly find myself scrubbing down the innards of the fridge.

    Rest up, do what you need to with the banjo and lying around and other life stuff. I'll enjoy the archives until then.


  25. wow i've got a table in my laundry room (read basement) thats just like the one in the picture!

    hope you and yours have a loverly weekend. mine will be spent.......(wait for it) PLAYING GOLF!!!!!!!!

    I'll hit a few balls in the lake for you and pick up an extra six pack after the round in your honor

  26. I'm flattered and humbled at being mentioned, linked and tagged on "That's Why"...twice! Thanks so much dear girl, now take a break!
    Very cool video. I'm thinking at least the bassist was on acid as well during this performance!

    Pronunciation: \ˌän-ˈwē\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: French, from Old French enui annoyance, from enuier to vex, from Late Latin inodiare to make loathsome — more at "annoy"

    .....I'm still affraid to use it in a sentence!

  27. I (and many others, I'm sure) will be missing your daily posts until you return.

  28. Egads, I actually went to a Vanilla Fudge concert when that song was high on the charts.
    I suspect I may have dropped acid for the event, but who remembers that kind of fussy detail?
    The band was okay, but they were trying to be like Three Dog Night. Alas, they couldn't quite master that elusive fourth chord.


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