Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Couldn't Remember the Name of the Show with Winnie Cooper

So I called MathMan from my sick bed. He was at his desk in the other room. I called him on the phone.

And thankfully, he had the answer because it would have driven my crazy if I didn't know, but I was too lazy and distracted to google it.

I don't know, but I ended up watching VH1's I Love the New Millennium. Because the history that just happened in 2005 has to be relived right now, that's why.

The following conversations were prompted by having this program on.....

Garbo: I think there should be a television show called "I Love (Garbo's real name)."
Me: No self esteem problems there.
MathMan: Are you kidding me? She's all self-esteem. There's nothing else there.
Garbo: What?!?!
MathMan: All that crying you were doing - you don't care who sees you cry.
Garbo: You're right. I don't.

Me: I'm taking steroids.
The Actor: What? Why?
Me: I'm taking parenting steroids. That's what makes me a great mom.
The Actor: That's what makes you so good at sitting around in bed.
Me: It's been nice knowing you. Enjoy the workhouse, yo.

Garbo: I want to be a vampire.
Me: Me, too.
Garbo: You can't be a vampire. You're a mom.
Me: That's true - only kids are blood suckers.
Garbo: I think my fangs are growing in.

MathMan: Actor, please stop growling like that.
The Actor: How do you want me to growl?
MathMan: I don't want you to growl? I want mom to growl.
Me: Rowrowrowrowrowrowr
The Actor: Gross, people. Just gross.

The Actor: Why wouldn't dad buy me a hotdog?
Me: Because he bought you a hamburger.
The Actor: Yeah, but I wanted a Big Mac and a hot dog.
Me: Nope. You got McDonalds. That's all.
The Actor (who can talk a blue streak): Actually I wanted a Big Mac and a cheeseburger with pickles. Then I saw a commercial for Taco Bell. But dad should have gotten me a hot dog, I have the eater's remorse.
(This conversation was punctuated by lots of coughing. Nasty.)

And now we commence our time of silence.

Before I go - a favor, please. Click this link, scroll down and vote for Nora O'Sullivan. You know who Nora is? She's Bubs daughter. If you don't, my cold will get worse, I'll cough up my other lung and it's quite possible that Garbo might lose a tiny fraction of her self-esteem.

You wouldn't want that on your conscience, would you?


  1. Geez, I am laughing my ass off in the other room and I heard most of these conversations already. They seem to be getting up here faster. Quick news cycle

  2. I voted. Getter better soon.

  3. Glad to see no matter how unwell you may be your sense of humor doesn't desert you. I hope you're feeling better since you really don't want to get packed into a wheelbarrow on moving day.

  4. I voted because I love Bubs and because you told me too. And nurses in uniform are kind of terrifying. Get better quick.

  5. Get well, would ya?

    And you need to tell me what y'all drink so that next time you head north we can treat you to some beverages.

    Thank you!

  6. garbo seems like she's just like you! is that my imagination? xoxox

  7. I would not want you to cough up another lung! Hope you are feeling better. I am off to vote.

  8. Rowrowrowrowrowrowr?
    That's not growling, that's the sound of a hungry puppy talking with her mouth full.

  9. "Eater's remorse?" That is hilarious. And now you know that the classic curse bestowed on grown children by their aging mothers has come true. You have one who is just like you.

  10. OK, I voted for Nora. Not that I care about your lungs, but Garbo losing any self-esteem would just not be right.

  11. This rainy weather is not good for colds. Take care of yourself.

  12. Coughing without phlegm is for wimps. Was there phlegm?

    Reality shows are a pox upon society, but I might actually watch your guys'.

    I'm going to go vote for Nora again. We can have some semi-professional yokel representing the brain-eating segment of society.

  13. I call my husband in the other room from bed all the time to ask mundane questions or report something I've seen the neighbors do. He always asks, 'Where are you '? Hell-to-the-O! In the bedroom! Like, duh!

  14. I love that picture of Garbo and Mathman -- so cute. (Does her personality come from him too?)

    I meant to award you -- not just meme you. I want to clarify that . . . because I do think you are fabulous, woman of thousand multi-tasking skills! Peace out.

  15. Because I care so very much for your health, I cast my vote for Nora. I think I'd have to do it 700 more times to get her to the top, though. I dunno . . . I want you to get better . . . but . . .

  16. Vote cast, and worthily so.

    You need Garbo to dress in vampire nurse garb and feed you chicken noodle soup. Tell her that's what vampires do.

  17. I voted! Are you better yet?

  18. Nora O'Sullivan was my grandmother-in-law's maiden name. How could I not vote for her?

    Sorry you're still sick. What's the doc saying?

  19. "That's true - only kids are blood suckers."

    Hee hee!

  20. God, your kids are hilarious, too! I guess the apples really don't fall that far from the trees! :)


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