Monday, April 19, 2010

Not Quite Connecting

I like to call this one coffee with angst creamer.
I'm totally slacking from writing today.  The fact that I keep misspelling writing by typing righting should be a clue that today is a day where I should leave the writing to someone else.  I think the little synapse thing that connects my fingers to my brain is participating in a protest.  I abused my hands this weekend by raking and bagging 42 bags of leaves that then had to be hauled off to the recycling center today (5 trips!) today.  We seriously need a truck.

Since you've bothered to stop by (I typed brothered to stop by at first), let me show you some pictures that I've recently saved from the internets.  Oh, I don't mean saved as in rescued.  They weren't in any danger or anything.  I mean, I don't think they were.  And as far as I know, they're soulless so they don't have to worry about being saved for eternity either.  Come to think of it, since they're here on the internet, they are saved for eternity.  Or posterity.  Or at least until the idiot humans blow themselves and their world to smithereens.

Anyway, there's one up at the top of the post and then there's this bizarre bit of business....

This could be our subdivision.  See the cotton fields and the smokestacks?  Yep.  Just like that.  

Except the one MILFish mom in the neighborhood wears a tubetop and flipflops instead of the awesome halter dress with matching pumps.

Oh wait!  I get it!  It's a cotton factory!  In the U.S.A?
Textiles made in the U.S.  Whoa.  Talk about vintage.

 I know, not your usual money's worth.....apologies to you and yours.  Look - I'm typing a letter of apology now.  It will be full of typos, but my intentions are good.

Not really me.  My typewriter is pink.

So how has your Monday been?


  1. about like that. get better

  2. If it helps, I've had to look up how to spell "weird" three times this week. No matter how I spell it, it just never looks right.

    I'm choosing to think that I had a small stroke which has impared me- feel free to do the same, if you'd like.

  3. Let's see. . .

    Allergies to tree and other pollens causing me to want to rip out the lining in my nose and sinuses? Check.

    Finding stupid stuff on the internet to complain about?

    Not wanting to go to work tonight, but sleep the night away?

    So, all in all, it's pretty typical.

    Why do you wear a tube top and flip-flops?

  4. I totally identify. This is a day that gives Mondays a bad name. So you're totally forgiven. Besides, I love those old pics.

  5. I worked in the office at a textile mfg plant in Tennessee. It was so Norma Rae-ish. It was so sad to see them all go to other countries. Even Levi Strauss. I say bring back all our companies and all those jobs.

    I'm beginning to think vacation Mondays are the only way to go. If only I had 52 days of vacation.

  6. It was a Monday. Tuesday will be better. Thursday better yet. And then, of course, there's Friday.

  7. ha! Ive been having 'righting' issues myself!

  8. I always know it's time to stop writing when I find myself staring at the word 'blue'. How could that possibly be the correct way of spelling something that conjures the sky on a sunny day or a robin's egg in its nest or the perfect shade of a baby's eyes? Sometimes it's just time to go for a walk or sit quietly in a comfy spot. Sometimes less really is more.

  9. but you're lucky - English is your native language! Imagine how it is to struggle with words, which one to chose when I want to express my feelings/thoughts in English, not my native language. And grammar!
    When to use on, in, a, the...
    Nowadays I don't care - I just write!
    If my message is a mess it means I'm lost in English! :)

    ps. one day you'll get the factories back, don't worry!
    Globally we start to respect quality and to have production going on nationally too - not like today, everything imported from China...


  10. Forty-two bags of leaves you had they're? Their's an annoying business, yours, mine or there's.


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