Monday, May 24, 2010

There Must Be a Simple Explanation for It

Today was the first day of summer break for all the kids in the house and 'hood.  So far I've been asked the following:

For a puppy 
For $2.00 for a Kona Ice 
To move out of the way because I was blocking someone's view of Millionaire Matchmaker
Did I need any more strawberries?
To please explain exactly what does "Adult Album Rock" mean

The following answers applied (in random order)

Thanks, but we're good
You just want me to change the channel, don't you?  (that's the bonus answering a question with a question)
Bite me
Not just no, but hell no to the infinite power
Ask Chloe

In addition, I wrote about 1,500 words (yeah, I know what I said), read some, watched some, cooked some, fed some, laundered some and laughed some.  And those kids better not think that just because I made French Toast for them this morning that there will be special breakfasts every damn morning.  They can eat PopTarts and other sort of foods brimming with high fructose corn syrup just like every other kid in the U.S.  I mean, we live next door to a coal ash mountain.  You think I'm going to worry about their diet?

All in all a good start to their vacation, wouldn't you say?  

And how was your day, honey?

P.S. I found a pair of unexplained underpants somewhere in the house.  They don't belong to any of the gents here.  That I know of.  Care to claim them, any of you darlings?

P.S.S.  I have developed some kind of strange super power.  Every time I hold my book in my hand and walk toward the door leading to the deck, I make it thunder.  An interesting super power, I assure you, but not really lucrative or helpful.


  1. So that's where my underwear ended up. I'll be danged. Go ahead and toss them for me please. Thanks.

  2. So glad I don't have a house full of kids all summer...I feel for you.

  3. Wow, do you guys get out early. But as I recall, you go back early too. We're rocketing toward the end of the school year and I just realized how much I need to get finished in the next week or so. Hey, I posted something just for you over at FB. :-)

  4. Adult: something to do with porn I suppose.

    Album: those round flat things that play music when a needle rotates upon them.

    Rock: loud music.

    Yeah, I guess that works. Stay cool and enjoy your summer.

  5. Summer has arrived in your neighborhood, Lisa! Indeed!

  6. I remember reading about a famous author who lived in New York. Every morning he prepared to go to work just like all the other men in his apartment building. After breakfast he'd kiss the wife and children good-bye, pick up his briefcase and take the elevator downstairs to the basement where he could write in peace. You may have to consider this strategy.

  7. Dr. MVM - I thought you'd look good in blue. Thanks for solving the mystery. I'll just wash them and use them to dust with, if that's okay with you.

    Susan - Thank you. Yeah, it's going to be an interesting balance.

    Suzy - They go back August 6th. And guess what! Nate is going to school where MathMan teaches. That should be interesting. Thanks for the song. Love it! And I hope you have a great break yourself.

    Liberality - I am going to give your explanation of what Adult Album Rock means. Thank you. That should buy me some time before the next question.

    Cynthia - Yes, thank goodness. I'm glad to be out of the school routine for a bit. No more signing agendas EVER!

    susan - There is some brilliance to that method. The laundry room, dubbed the quiet room, is looking more appealing all the time.

  8. As superpowers go, yeah, pretty lame. At least if you could make your eyeballs rotate 180° you could freak the hell out of everyone.

  9. Our summer break starts next week, and your preview sounds familiar. Oh, that's right, same kind of stuff at casa Kruse-Safford last summer!

    The underwear conundrum certainly should provide story fodder, don't you think?

    Finally, every time you approach your deck with your book in hand, it thunders and rains here. So stop it. Long distance mojo like that makes me nervous.

  10. Randal - Lame is the word. And nope, I tried with the eyes. Got nothin'

    Geoffrey - I hope you guys have a good break. By definition, summer is a winner. As for those underpants, I'm thinking of including them in a little flash fiction I'm working on. And I'll stop making it thunder and rain there as soon as I can figure out how to work this new power. Maybe I could use it to make the neighbors' dogs stop barking at 1a.m.

  11. (woooo words!)

    I mean...happy summer vacation!


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