Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ear Worm Warning

This song will get stuck in your head. I sang it for the first time last week while playing Rock Band with someone embarrassingly alone and I've been humming it ever sense.

But I really like the lyrics to this one....

What's with that hair?


  1. Holy Cow Ruth Buzzy! Haven't seen her in a while! Nixon?!? Pat Boone!!??
    I love Weird Al - does that make me strange? I can recite all of White and Nerdy.

  2. Ha ha! Long time you heard from me-Sorry! Anyway, that was great! I love both of those versions! And you're right-those stick in your head!

  3. Low blood sugar? One could only wish! I only had a sliver of cake - honest!

    We must be kind of on the same wave length...time and takeout.

    Talk soon.

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  5. Heh that takes me back... I actually own both albums.... if that isn't a special sort of sad, not sure what is.


  6. Holy Ruth Buzzy. My favorite part! I might have turned into that Ruth Buzzy character.

    off topic-- Poor Cal. I'm horrible. And I can't cook. And I'm shallow.

  7. Well that one's definitely stuck fo a few days! AAAUUUGHHH!!! ;)

  8. Weird Al has always been one of my favorites. I even hooked my son and his friends on him.

    Anyone else remember the Dr. Demento Show on weekend radio where Weird Al made his start with bootleg tapes sent directly to Dr. Demento?

  9. Ruth Buzzy and Arte Johnson were great on Laugh-In. What happened to Weird Al's weird hair??

  10. Sadly, as today's post will explain, I am somewhat of an earworm expert.


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