Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And the winner is.... NO ONE?

No takers? What? You don't want a box full of hungry, surly kid? I'm shocked. SHOCKED I tell you.

Anyway, the answer to the Saturday question - what does She Laughs As She Runs mean?

It's what the name of our new town Euharlee means in a native American tongue. I like that very much. She laughs as she runs. It's got a gleeful quality to it that makes me smile.

Anyway, on a less cheerful note, I'm grumbling away at work feeling overworked, underpaid and just a wee bit under-appreciated. This absorbing someone else's job for a raise a fraction of what they were making sucks ass. Tiny violins, do I hear them? Well, the first person who offers a comment that I should be glad to still have a job gets the kid in a box, ya hear?

Besides, the last thing workers need to be doing is piping up with the corporate "be glad you've still got your job" line to each other. Fuckery, y'all, that's the kind of thinking that will lead to all kinds of worker abuse and erosion of rights. Chew on that.

Well now, didn't this post just take a nasty turn. See what happens when reality meets depression meets more reality meets haven't had a fucking vacation in three years meets Mr. Phentermine meets chocolate chip cookies for breakfast meets me?


Oh, and a song I've been humming to myself. Take it away, Bob.

Because I said so, that's why (she growled).

*About the photo - I could use the Quiet Room about now.


  1. Oh yeah? Well, the almost-Mrs.Graves and I walked six miles in the snow in our bare feet to our June wedding so many years ago and we still haven't had a honeymoon.

    Shit, I just won the kid in a box, didn't I.

    Alright, perhaps I can get a government grant to run a sociological webcast experiment on the kid in a box plus my two knuckleheaded offspring.

  2. Nothing like no one wanting to win the big prize!
    I appreciate you, though that's nice and all, it won't pay the bills........sorry Lisa!
    Tell whomever to get out of your light damn it!

  3. You're right! We should be lucky to be alive and well...not have a job. I am grateful for my job, but lucky? No...I worked damned hard to get it. Lucky...now that would be hitting the powerball and not having to work a job.

    I am blessed, grateful and happy, but have never felt lucky to have a job. That's for suckers.



  4. Now, I'm getting excited about the socialogical experiment with the "kid in a box" from Randal. Face it, you could use a break. :)

  5. Even better: "be glad you live in Georgia instead of one of those damn Yankee states."

  6. Every time Mr. Bee has to work at 5 in the morning and I have to take the kids to school myself, he says, "I'm lucky I have a job." This is true, but that phrase always accompanies more work on my part, so you'll not be hearing me say it.

    Where does one get the boxes in which kids are put? I could use an empty one or two. No full ones, please.

    I, frankly, am a big fan of, "Because I said so."

  7. Just cos you 've got a job doesn't mean you have to like it all the time. DH doesn't like his

    Love the name of your town

  8. I just realized you live near some friends of mine who live in Emerson, GA. They don't blog, but they are on Facebook, if you have an account there. I'll introduce you on Facebook if you like.

  9. Dear Freida Bee and anyone else who wants to know, you get the kid sized box anywhere stoves and fridges and those huge type appliances are sold. Don't ask me why I know this. And thank god UPS loses boxes that look like they might contain something larger than a stove and smaller than a fridge. Especially if you don't insure the kid sized box.

    I would never tell anyone who isn't supporting me that they are damn lucky to have your job and another person's job for the price of your job and change. I'd say this work environment will be fertile ground for a budding Norma Rae to foment enough worker discontent to start a union. Let's hear it now, all together now, WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE! Refuse to leave! Lock yourselves in and hold the boss hostage! It worked somewhere. Probably France.

  10. Thanks for that tune Lisa..I really like it and could use it today too. ;)

    Must go looking for this guy on the intertubes...

  11. You saw my work gripes with the sisters of education and their little travel club. I'm as grateful as you are in a philosophical sense but I'd be a little more gratified if a few of the goose's golden eggs rolled downhill to us ganders. ( The Superintendent actually called himself the Lead Geese a few years back in his opening day remarks... OWCH...)

  12. Ok then, where do you want to escape to? I choose Page, AZ on a houseboat floating on Lake Powell.

  13. Crap for sure.

    But there's plenty of worse crap out there right now.
    Embrace the good stuff and laugh at the crap.

  14. No vacation in fourteen months. One coming in another five weeks. If not, might be necessary to OD ever so slightly just to get the time off.

    Have a couple kids of my own, no need for you to be shipping yours, thanks ever so much.

    And, yes, I do feel lucky to have a job. I know too many people laid off, downsized, or otherwise not doing too well not to so feel. Whether or not you feel that way is your business.

    So there.

    By the way, "She Smiles When She Runs" is better than "She Farts In Her Sleep" or something like that.

  15. Somebody needs to get laid.

    (Probably well-laid)


  16. I emailed you the answer yesterday, but it bounced back. Did you 867-5309 us on the email address, or did I just read it wrong?

    Oh, well. Sorry you have to deal with fuckery and what all at work. Hope that you recover from the chocolate/speed combo in time to say "fuckery" some more because I think it's a funny word, but children read my blog (why?), so I can't cuss too much there.

  17. I hear ya.
    sometimes it just sucks
    and sometimes not
    (and hopefully that doesn't mean Randall gets to forward me the kid in the box I can't even take care of a cat I don't own)

  18. Having a job is something to be grateful for. But having TWO people's jobs for the pay of 1.25 people (or whatever they're paying you) is a different story.

  19. Hmm, I also emailed you the answer, and mine didn't bounce back. Where did it go? Maybe the kid-in-a-box got to it first and deleted it.

    Of course I didn't know that this was the name of your town as well as the river. That being the case, I couldn't accept the prize, really I couldn't! ;-)

    Doing two jobs for less than double pay sucks. It's not like they have to pay for double benefits, so they should be able to give you a good percentage of the saved salary. Foo on them.

  20. Poor Lisa.

    Peckish, ill-tempered, gorgeous, funny Lisa.

    Haul your overworked buttocks to my blog and listen to the song that's part of this post:

    Guaranteed to make you smile (or at least groove a little) or your money back.


  21. Geoffrey's comment made me laugh, made me think of the dance farting on the floor. Not cute at all. Laughing is much better. I will try to win the lottery for you. xoxo MM

  22. Oh, quit your bitchin'! LOL! Of course I'm kidding--I felt exactly like that recently, too--so I have, literally, felt your pain.

    Keep the faith--and keep eatin' those chocolate cookies. They help on days like this. :)

  23. I agree with you about that bullshit "be glad you have a job" meme. Know why you have a job? Because you are making the man money. Plain and simple. They wish they could enslave us and not pay a pittance, but they can't--yet--so they have to keep some of us around because they love money, and we produce it.

  24. In times of trouble the first thing a corporation does is start eating itself. Bastards.

  25. "you're lucky to have a job" is one of the phrases that is guaranteed to set off my fireworks displays! i hate it. it's demeaning, and subsurvient and infuriating... and all those f****rs getting rich off our labor better watch out, because one day, we "lucky" ones are gonna find a better way that making YOU rich!

    WHO decided life was supposed to be this way for us? and why did we let them?

    and, *i'm* in one of those "yankee states" thanks very much. better than slogging at the Big Boy, i guess.


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